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Uploading cursors from RealWorld Cursor Editor

Cursors can be uploaded to the gallery either through web or directly from the RW cursor editor. To upload from the editor, open a cursor and go to Cursor->Add to online library in the main menu.

rsrc/upload-cursor-login.png image

In order to upload a cursor, an account on this web site is needed. The account then must be linked with the editor in the above screen in. Once the account is linked, all uploaded cursors will be added to the linked account.

rsrc/upload-cursor-main.png image

Once logged in, the above window appears. Fill in the description and click the Upload button to upload the cursor.

Recent comments

user icon Bagladyndog registered user on January 26th 2015

Looking for skull cursors Butterflies to upload to cursor,mouse account

user icon ManDonkey registered user on March 26th 2015

It says "Unable to connect to cursor library. Please make sure that your internet connection is up or try again later." Can anybody help?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on March 26th 2015

So, are you logged in within the application? Or is something blocking the internet connection?

user icon NomiShy&Meh300 registered user on August 2nd 2015

i'm using windows 8

user icon ladia registered user on December 5th 2015

it working |-) 8-)

user icon Pierre registered user on February 26th 2017

how can i make a cursor pack?

user icon ZronArtz registered user on January 6th 2018

how can i use cursor i made one but it says ani but it does nothing? help?

user icon Brayden Pyles registered user on February 22nd 2019

I Can't Do It Because I don't Know What The "Libary Password" Is. :-(

user icon Vlasta site administrator on February 23rd 2019

the same password you use to log into this web site

user icon Anonymous on January 14th

it wont let me

user icon Anonymous
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?