Erik's Art - sets #1-25

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Icon and cursor sets by Erik

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Freehand Drawn Animals TeaserFreehand Drawn Animals Icons
by Erik167Animals drawn from freehand
A Lot of Letters TeaserA Lot of Letters Icons
by Erik2627All letters in the alphabet.
Transparent TeaserTransparent Cursors
by Erik990Cursors with 50% transparent
Linux TeaserLinux Icons
by Erik1744Linux icons
Vista by Kudesnick TeaserVista by Kudesnick Icons
by Erik693Icons created from Vista by Kudesnick icon parts with Windows Vista f...
Transparent TeaserTransparent Icons
by Erik821Transparent icons
Herbert TeaserHerbert Icons
by Erik266Well, a "Herbert" is a funny abstract icon.
Smiley TeaserSmiley Icons
by Erik623Funny smileys
Square TeaserSquare Icons
by Erik933They´re square
Mopsfidel TeaserMopsfidel Icons
by Erik3666 funny "Mopsfidel"
Fruits TeaserFruits Icons
by Erik443some Fruits
TransparentSquare TeaserTransparentSquare Icons
by Erik443a transparent square
LED TeaserLED Icons
by Erik513LEDs from the icon junkyard with good quality.
Basic Shapes TeaserBasic Shapes Icons
by Erik921The basic shapes of RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.
Abstract TeaserAbstract Icons
by Erik1002Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Pink... These are the colors of my new abst...
Simple TeaserSimple Icons
by Erik806These are my first icons. Don't worry about them. You can find some o...
Blue Letters TeaserBlue Letters Icons
by Erik1737You can use them in forums or comments to write a text.
Abstract 2 TeaserAbstract 2 Icons
by Erik729My next abstract icon set. For the first set look Here. And again it ...
Bevel TeaserBevel Icons
by Erik482Bevel icons for the month of bevel. I tried to include much arts of b...
Metallic Text TeaserMetallic Text Icons
by Erik1151Thats my new icon set, it is finished for a while, but more icons are...
Abstract TeaserAbstract Cursors
by Erik416An icon set from my two abstract icon sets. Donwload, rate and comment.
Oxygen-White TeaserOxygen-White Cursors
by Erik3771These are the original Oxygen-White cursors of KDE4 used in openSUSE....
Oxygen Zion TeaserOxygen Zion Cursors
by Erik4052The zion style of the white oxegen icons. For the white cursors look ...
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