vykcasual's Art - sets #1-10

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Icon and cursor sets by vykcasual

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Netted Trash Bins TeaserNetted Trash Bins Icons
by vykcasual467Color Variety of Recycling Bins.
Magical Unicorns TeaserMagical Unicorns Cursors
by vykcasual107I would probably use these for pointer, working in background, or bus...
Sky Things TeaserSky Things Cursors
by vykcasual532A collection of things in the sky. (May be updated in the future.)
Rings are Ringing TeaserRings are Ringing Cursors
by vykcasual125Rings with various effects. May be used as working in background (pre...
Busy Light Sign TeaserBusy Light Sign Cursors
by vykcasual348Fashing Busy Sign of varying colors. Though the white edges make the ...
Windows 7 Variety Recycling Bins TeaserWindows 7 Variety Recycling Bins Icons
by vykcasual900Empty and Full recycle bins of various colors.
Battle Pack TeaserBattle Pack Cursors
by vykcasual931This idea was really a spur of the moment, and I wanted to mess aroun...
Zodiacs and Gems TeaserZodiacs and Gems Cursors
by vykcasual330Here is a collection of zodiac signs with gems (or more so colors) th...
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