The Icongineer's Art - sets #1-16

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Icon and cursor sets by The Icongineer

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Ordinary Letters and Numbers TeaserOrdinary Letters and Numbers Icons
by The Icongineer76My first icon set! These are all quick icons I made in RealWorld Icon...
Candy Jewel TeaserCandy Jewel Icons
by The Icongineer97I've got 7 candies for you. Disclaimer: These icons were not made by ...
Space Jewels TeaserSpace Jewels Icons
by The Icongineer175Here are 7 jewels from space! These were also ripped from an old Andr...
Dice TeaserDice Icons
by The Icongineer40Here's a quick dice set I made in ibisPaint X on mobile.
Colored Cube TeaserColored Cube Icons
by The Icongineer8110 cube icons for you! design by Wazumbi
Smiley TeaserSmiley Icons
by The Icongineer204Here are 12 colorful smiley icons! Go download them! I got the base i...
Pool Ball TeaserPool Ball Icons
by The Icongineer162Here's a set of 17 pool ball icons. Now comes in EXTRA LARGE 256x256!
Number Buttons TeaserNumber Buttons Icons
by The Icongineer75A set of 9 number buttons. Useful in programs that require selecting ...
Hand-Drawn Jewel TeaserHand-Drawn Jewel Icons
by The Icongineer377 more jewels for you! Yet another android apk rip.
Floating Numbers TeaserFloating Numbers Icons
by The Icongineer6110 floating numbers for all of you to enjoy!
Smiley 2 TeaserSmiley 2 Icons
by The Icongineer212Here's another set created with an internet smiley image, this time w...
Smiley 3 TeaserSmiley 3 Icons
by The Icongineer262Another smiley iconset, for you! Contains 12 icons
Hexagonal Jewels TeaserHexagonal Jewels Icons
by The Icongineer153A set of 7 hexagonal jewels, all ripped from an old Android game.
Math Symbol TeaserMath Symbol Icons
by The Icongineer124Here are 8 math symbol icons for you to use in your projects. Origina...
Happy Squares TeaserHappy Squares Icons
by The Icongineer13510 happy square icons, for you! design by Wazumbi
Glowing Jewels TeaserGlowing Jewels Icons
by The Icongineer1647 glowing jewels, in 7 different colors. Source: Ripped directly from...
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