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Did you cry with Banana fish?

sawarasenai kimi, wa shojo na no? boku wa yarichin bicchi no osu da yo

Doña Nelly supremacy 8-)

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by a_simp_for_you_baby90the cursors are exploting!
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Recent comments

user icon Phantom registered user on October 18th 2021

Nice icon!

user icon a_simp_for_you_baby registered user on October 19th 2021

thanks, your icon is great too :-)

user icon Anonymos registered user on November 20th 2021

your cursors are amazing! :-D

i can't really use them though :-(

user icon a_simp_for_you_baby registered user on November 26th 2021

well, you can install the app of the web and you go to "customize". You need to download the cursors you want, if you do it like a pack you need to export it from Winrar. Ok, you are in customize, open cursor file, which is below each type of cursor and look for the cursor file you want. Then you pick apply all and you have the cursors.

If you don't use then because your mother doesn''t like thise type of cursors, I'm sorry. :-(

user icon Anonymous on December 9th 2021

i love this icon :-) ;-)

user icon a_simp_for_you_baby registered user on December 13th 2021

oh thanks :-)

user icon Anonymous
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