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Alternate email:r5ne (discord username)

max0r refrence
photo (reimu hakurei) and icon is POORLY hand drawn but i cant and am not bothered to change it now so oh well gotta look at this garbage whenever im on my profle
-literally licenced the goofy face --> 'w'
under 1984 different copyright laws.

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funny happy video game fella Icons (8 icons)

Released on December 3rd 2023 by curs0r

these little happy fellas---
will probably serve no use to you cuz u don't play the same games as me :P

however i proudly present my top 8 games in their goofy icon form. you can search up the originals if you want to see what they look like un-goofed.

here's a list of the name of every game and a brief description on why I like them!

ah well this is a nostalgic game for many but i don't actually enjoy the main game as much. my love for this game mainly comes from huuuge technical modpacks or online servers

Dead cells:
this is such an addictive 2d rougelike and the fact that you can parry basically anything makes mastering this game super satisfying with a tall skill ceiling. every death feels fair and i never feel like the game is too hard or easy

Genshin impact:
ha this is controvertial. its a gacha anime game which i started playing when my friends at school wanted me to play. it kinda stuck with me and i like it most for the music, (later) story, art, exploration, the music again... and every update im rooting for the game hoping it will get better which is prob why im still playing after all these years

Geometry dash:
this was my first game i ever played, in like 2014. its a 2d sidescrolling rhythm platformer and while mostly everyone moved on, i have never quit the game forever. i always come back to improve skill or make levels to some music i like. whenever i have a song i like the first thing i do is make a layout using it. feels real nice

Hollow knight:
wow. This is a metroidvania with one of the best stories, atmosphere, presentation, art, music... while the games i play tend to be replayable, this is the only one on the list that is meant for only a couple playthroughs, and ive stopped playing as i completed all the game's content. however it is so good its stuck in my list of fav games since.

well this is a purely skill based game. a rhythm game based on aim and tapping. rhythm games are sick and this one too. u need to keep ur motivation on ur own cuz this game doesnt help. only reason to play this game is made by you yourself which i like. oh and props to the devs for making sick weekly update vids they are so good the polish and customisability on this game is nuts

2d real time action combat game, that, similar to minecraft i like the mods more than the game, tho they also got nice developers. calamity mod has sick music but thats not to discount all the other cool mods.

beat saber:
well the only vr game i like. its another rhythm game but ur hands get a workout cuz its in vr. also like geometry dash the music feels more epic when its mapped in a rhythm game

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user icon curs0r registered user on May 26th 2023

thanks! :-)

user icon Anonymous on June 9th 2023

i want you daddy

user icon curs0r registered user on June 17th 2023

w rizz

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user icon Anonymous on September 27th 2023

stop trying to scare people bruh

user icon ☬Tenzue BG☬ registered user on December 11th 2023

bro what..

user icon Anonymous on February 13th

i love my mouse fellas

user icon curs0r registered user on March 8th

yes staying true to myself i actually still use my own cursors they just grew on me that much
its gonna be a year since their release wow :-o

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