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Name:Huey Gurt

I love travelling in Europe. I am a sucker for pretty flowers (and girls), and when it comes to cake decorating, you have your guy. Motto: "Huey Gurt to the rescue!" (69 is my age as of yesterday!)

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user icon koolman69 registered user on March 24th 2015

Day 6 of membership:
I would like to start off by apologizing for not keeping you up to date with my experiences. You were probably thinking "Huey its been 6 days, and i haven't got an update on your personal experiences! whats going on!" Well i am so sorry. I have been on the site everyday just didn't care to update my blog, well after much wait here it is:
I have made 5 cursors and one set! I am happy to say Reverse Frog By Huey™ has received a whopping 7 downloads (not including me!)! Thank you 7 strangers! I hope you are enjoying them!
That's all for today and I promise I will try to keep you up to date every day!
~Huey Gurt to the rescue!~ 8-)

user icon koolman69 registered user on March 26th 2015

Day 8 of membership:
Its been a week and a day!
I'M BACK!!! Hello internet! Recently I have scared you all with my most recent set! Hopefully in a good way though! Reverse Frog™ got 8 downloads now! This makes me eggstreamally happy! Am a celebrity or what?!
~Huey Gurt to the rescue~ 8-)
PS- the misspelling of extremely was indeed on purpose!

user icon koolman69 registered user on April 13th 2015

Day something of membership:
Its been too long folks, but i've been caught up in my new "I hate Vlasta" campaign. Anyone can join. Just to make myself clear, this has nothing to do with the website, I love this website way more than the next guy, it's all about the creator. Like a wise man once said, "Don't hate the game, hate the player." Thats my new motto. Out with huey gurt to the rescue in with don't hate the game hate the player. (Vlasta is the player this wbsite is the game). Sorry for the long rant but I'm just so darn angry. See I'm even swearing! DARN DARN DIDDLIE DARN! Again I'm sorry.
~Don't hate the game, hate the player~

user icon Anonymous on April 16th 2015

im heuy gurt and i love vlasta

user icon koolman69 registered user on April 16th 2015

I'm proud to say that the campaign is going way better than expected! THE MINECRAFT PIECE OF $#!% CURSOR HAS OVER 1000 DOWNLOADS! SUCK MY &!(% VLASTA! (thats the one with the shirt that says i <3 men on it and its a picture of Vlasta!) And horse beast has 300 downloads!
~Don't hate the game, Hate the player!~

user icon Anonymous on May 11th 2015

Im really loving your cursors, i agree with you that vlasta can be a stick in the mud sometimes, haha. Keep up the good work! 8-)

user icon amaleerocks13 registered user on July 3rd 2015

stop hating vlasta dude :-(

user icon cdl contributing user on August 24th 2015

Begging your pardon, but I just don't get the Vlasta hatred.
You are such a new member and I wonder what Vlasta could have done to deserve such emotion from you. icon-image/8307-32x32x32.png image

user icon YahyaM1000 registered user on December 4th 2020

rsrc/bonusiconnonconformist.png image
Stop the hate

user icon Dark_Samus registered user on January 23rd 2021

Your cursor's are trash...

Shitty Racist. |-)

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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