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Name:Park Sungha (박성하)

I'm Korean Game Science School Student

My Cursors are all Hand drawn!
I Draw Pixels One by one with my mouse ;-)
Hope you like my art!

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Coffee Cursors (16 cursors)

Released on October 22nd 2018 by MintPepper

Sometimes, you need to relax and drink some coffee.
brew some coffee before using a computer.
If you cannot brew a cup of coffee, this is what you need.

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Coffee TeaserCoffee Cursors
by MintPepper2237Sometimes, you need to relax and drink some coffee. brew some coffee ...
Pac-Man TeaserPac-Man Cursors
by MintPepper379original pixel pac-man cursor play pac-man with your cursor!
Pizza TeaserPizza Cursors
by MintPepper435Delicious cursor for your computer! These cursors will make you hungr...
by MintPepper119The Thing you are pointing at is on the RW NEWS!
UNDERTALE Souls TeaserUNDERTALE Souls Cursors
by MintPepper1571UNDERTALE SOUL CURSOR I tried to make it look as same as possible. (A...
Mintpepper's etc TeaserMintpepper's etc Cursors
by MintPepper431My Cursors that isn't member of set is going here
Swiss Army Knife TeaserSwiss Army Knife Cursors
by MintPepper1716This is Swiss Army Knife! Do whatever you want with this cursor! *Thi...
Futuristic TeaserFuturistic Cursors
by MintPepper6923ALL CURSORS ARE FULLY ANIMATED!!! After you download this, your compu...
Crosshair TeaserCrosshair Cursors
by MintPepper3638Always play FPS Game! While Using Computer!
Mathematics TeaserMathematics Cursors
by MintPepper959For people who likes Math.(Definitely not me!)

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user icon Anonymous on November 5th 2016

8-) 8-) 8-) so cool

user icon Anonymous on November 28th 2016

So kewl 8===D :-D

user icon Anonymous on December 12th 2016

I LOVE your glitchy coursour :-D

user icon Anonymous on February 18th 2020

This is very good! :-D

user icon Anonymous on January 6th 2021

Awesome!! 8-) :-)


user icon Anonymous on January 7th 2021

what does that mean

user icon Anonymous on March 2nd 2021

Checked out ur page and found out we have lots in common! Intereseted in the same things with the same age range with pixel art link AWESOME

user icon Anonymous on April 27th 2021
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -)

8-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-)

-) </td><td>-)

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-( :-( :-D ;-) ;-) :-o 8-) 8-) :-D :-D

user icon Anonymous on October 7th 2021


user icon Anonymous on January 7th

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooood

user icon Anonymous
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