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I love drawing, singing, dancing and making new friends.
My favourite colour is purple.
I am a member in RW designer because i love to share my pixel drawings and it makes me very happy when i see that you like them.

    - Thank you for liking my cursors!: -D -

Latest art

16 Cute cats Teaser16 Cute cats Cursors
by Cutie girl1234118616 cute cats cursors: It is my second pack of cursors wich i told you...
Cute and anime girls TeaserCute and anime girls Cursors
by Cutie girl12341705They took me less than 2 days but they are very cute! it\'s my first ...

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user icon ツ Mimi Destino ♡ registered user on April 30th 2019

Welcome to RW Designer icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

user icon Cutie girl1234 registered user on May 3rd 2019

thanks but how do you knew i'm new?

user icon ツ Mimi Destino ♡ registered user on May 4th 2019

i really don't know ><

user icon Cutie girl1234 registered user on May 7th 2019


user icon ツ Mimi Destino ♡ registered user on May 10th 2019

:-D xD

user icon Anonymous on November 22nd 2019

Wait, that image in your description is a totally shit man. What the fuck is that cursor you made D:

Im going to have dizziness, shit...

All wrong, boy.

All your stuff are images of anime girls, nothing more else.


= And...

What the hell with that cat set of cursors?? Why these are images too?? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THAT BOY???

Someone is gonna kill your profile man

I think your so similar to icon-8781 just because yes

And probably you are a icon-8 lol.

You didnt eated nothing. Ur face is icon-14623.

And the people probably is reading this commentary with this face icon-14594, saying "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING, FUCKING ANONYMOUS??" oh buty i forgot that im extremely odbgosbogobsfgbfsogboifsbgourwugs.

And probably im 9999999+ kilometres of you, bcz your so stupid and JESUSCHRIST already took you to the sky ;)

You never will come to see this commentary again C;

People right now, is seeing me with this icon-14639 face, so calm down buddy. I will not hit anybody. Ur just freaking mad lol. Go to die little shit C:

== Im going to finish this, with something that will be make you extremely mad, that is...==

Go to the fucking shit you nigga of shit, your little cursors and your little images are going to lose between the hell and the purgatory. U extremely mad people, go to the hell like your mom is man and your dad is gay nigga. You are adopted little kiddo, reading this COOL message when you can be doing anything else like kill yourself.

GO TO THE SHIT icon-16685

AND SUCK MY FUCKING PENIS icon-16685 icon-16685

PD:You can if someone is new going to that user timeline

Oh, and dont go extremely freaking mad at the point to morph into this icon-16677.

user icon Anonymous on November 22nd 2019

calm down anonymous

u drinked a lot of drugs or what?

user icon Anonymous on November 30th 2019

he used high grade meth

user icon Anonymous
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