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> Guys this account is dead, no longer will be updated, sorry!


Nah, I think axolotls are the best.


What? You actually expect me to write a long description? Pfft...

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Black The Stickman Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on March 12th 2022 by Axolotlsarecute

This is Black, and he's a tiny stickman. He likes to be around cursors and mess around with them.

Enjoy your stickman cursor set!

Note: Every cursor is animated.

Sorry for taking so long to make a set!

Latest art

WTF TeaserWTF Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute417WTF HOW DID THIS SET APPEAR HERE Thanks for not downloading!
Black The Stickman TeaserBlack The Stickman Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute2688This is Black, and he's a tiny stickman. He likes to be around cursor...
8-Bit Teaser8-Bit Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute217Hello! I am back again (hehe it is been a long time). These are a new...
Element TeaserElement Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute3138This is a set of cursors based on the elements of nature. Sorry I did...
Random TeaserRandom Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute69Note: This was used for giving me ideas for a cursor. It already expi...
Electric TeaserElectric Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute4269This is a set of electric cursors. They have electric currents around...
Gun TeaserGun Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute1859This is a set of gun cursors. There are 8 of them. Let me know in the...
Cyan TeaserCyan Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute1858This is a recreation of my neon green cursors, but cyan color. I made...
Techno TeaserTechno Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute3091This cursor set contains cursors that look like technology. Well, pro...
Colored TeaserColored Cursors
by Axolotlsarecute1171This a set of colored cursors. There is a wide variety of colors to c...

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user icon Axolotlsarecute registered user on May 11th 2021

what should I make next ?

user icon Anonymous on May 13th 2021

my nuts

user icon Artist registered user on May 23rd 2021


user icon Snicshavo registered user on June 6th 2021

chroma or some that kind

user icon OwenFJ registered user on June 8th 2021


user icon Anonymous on June 9th 2021

anything Anime

user icon OwenFJ registered user on June 9th 2021

anime yes, do anime

user icon Anonymous on July 7th 2021

1 month later...

user icon Anonymous on July 23rd 2021

can you make all elements cycle in one cursor?

user icon Axolotlsarecute registered user on March 12th 2022

New stickman cursor set!1!1!

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
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