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I like cursors

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Dim NitroGreen Premium TeaserDim NitroGreen Premium Cursors
by Yuri3358Dim NitroGreen Premium This is the last cursor of the premium set and...
Dim Infra Red Premium TeaserDim Infra Red Premium Cursors
by Yuri3742Somone told me to create this set so here it is guy who told me to cr...
Dim Technoblue Premium TeaserDim Technoblue Premium Cursors
by Yuri3530Ok This is now technoblue cursor but theres a little more cursors to ...
DIM Premium Primismatic TeaserDIM Premium Primismatic Cursors
by Yuri12kHuh_ i have the cursors complete and this cursor is from Biueguy and ...
Luxus Gold TeaserLuxus Gold Cursors
by Yuri1122Ok u can download this now
Mb Pheonix Blackseal TeaserMb Pheonix Blackseal Cursors
by Yuri680Mb Pheonix Blackseal Twin Of Mb pheonix Classic from jacksmafia
Mb Pheonix TeaserMb Pheonix Cursors
by Yuri449Mb Pheonix Cursor from jacksmafia
Dim Nitro Green TeaserDim Nitro Green Cursors
by Yuri2972This cursor is from biueguy
Oxy Neon TeaserOxy Neon Cursors
by Yuri1372This cursor was made by monsterhero1 deviantart
Blue And White TeaserBlue And White Cursors
by Yuri257Second Time i Tried My best

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user icon Anonymous on April 30th 2021

Can you please make an Oxy Set with Hex #33AD7A?

user icon Anonymous on May 3rd 2021

dim premium prismatic cursors are my favorite :-)

user icon Anonymous on May 7th 2021

Hey please, could you upload the DIM v4 full premium set? It will be great as I'm looking for v4 DIM everywhere and you seem the one who can help me.

user icon Anonymous on May 15th 2021

I like your cursors!!!

    8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Make more plssssssssssssssssssssssss

'Epicccccccccccc cursors 8-)

user icon Anonymous on May 16th 2021

Do you by any chance have the bonus cursors for DIM Primismatic? They are included in the V4 set.

user icon Anonymous on May 21st 2021

please make a black/white version

user icon Anonymous on September 28th 2022

hello, please don't steal any more blueguy cursors. It's okay to offer his regular cursors with credit (which you have), but the premium ones are paid and it is unethical to offer them for free.

user icon Anonymous on January 7th 2023

Thank you for keeping to offer premium ones on this greedy world we live in. Such a mess when they force you to pay for a couple of premium ones pixels. :-)

user icon Anonymous on March 16th 2023

yoooo me gutsa

user icon Anonymous yesterday

This is really good this is my 2nd favorite by the way my name is Hugo Sebastian B. Minoza

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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