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Doc (2008-11-23 00:00:00):

Any special requests for rare, hard-to-find or high definition car mfr. icons, let me know & I'll see what I can do.

Unknown author (2008-11-27 00:00:00):

hi dudes

Xfinder (2008-12-15 00:00:00):

nice set these are great

sixλxis (2009-01-03 00:00:00 / 4.5 stars):

do Audi

Doc (2009-01-04 00:00:00):

I have an Audi ready to upload as soon as the database is enlarged by the Administrator.

Doc (2009-01-06 00:00:00):

OK, Audi is now added.

starscream (2009-03-04 15:56:14):

I think you have a talent for this. This set is very impressive. I am working on a website and need/require a logo set for every car manufacturer. Yours are the best i have seen by MILES, and would be willing to pay for a complete set. Do you have a complete set, as if not, how long do you think it would take to create the rest?

Doc (2009-03-13 15:26:16):

If you want to include every car ever made, a complete set depends on how many logos can be found. You'd have to come up with a list. Once a logo is found, it doesn't take long.

Unknown author (2009-03-26 16:49:29):

I cant Find the FIAT one

starscream (2009-04-02 16:21:45):

Ok. Sounds good to me.
I have a list of manufacturers that i would like done.
How do u want to proceed?

Doc (2009-04-02 16:26:49):

You can put the list in here and I can work on it, unless u want to leave your website or your e-address if it's too involved.

starscream (2009-04-03 17:04:53):

i use hotmail, the DOTcom version.
lol, sorry about being so kryptic with it, but i dont really want site crawlers to start spamming the hell out of my account.
Send me an email and i will forward you the complete list!

crazcraz (2009-06-14 04:50:07):

Wheres Lexus?

Doc (2009-06-14 09:12:32):

Here is Lexus for you. It shows up better in gold, as an icon. If there are any other special requests, let me know.

Unknown author (2009-07-01 19:03:37):

a Delorean? HA! BTTF rules!

Unknown author (2009-07-21 11:55:21):

I see that there is a lot of car logos missing.I don't see a Proton.

Doc (2009-07-24 17:45:44):

There are literally HUNDREDS of car logos. Besides Proton, there are fascinating logos for Bristol, Artega, Think, and many others. I am working on a set of cool-looking minor car badges as a separate set. Otherwise this set could end up with 500 items.

Unknown author (2009-08-31 02:00:21):

no ford?

Doc (2009-09-14 00:59:16):

Ford is added now.

Unknown author (2009-11-17 02:46:04):

add mitsubishi

Doc (2009-12-21 03:47:53):

Mitsubishi is added now. I always try to accommodate any special requests.

Unknown author (2010-01-08 17:32:10):

Good Job! How about Jaguar? I have an S-Type. Thanks

Doc (2010-01-12 20:49:50):

Thanks for the compliment. Jaguar is added now.

Unknown author (2010-03-07 19:25:51):

Renault logo please

Unknown author (2010-03-09 18:39:52):

WoW Nice work! whats about suzuki i got a Swift

Unknown author (2010-03-20 14:54:39):

Much cars are missing! WHERE IS MERCEDES! Arghhhhh xD

Doc (2010-05-09 07:22:29):

Sorry I was away, but I have come back and added Mercedes, Renault and Suzuki. Thank you all for your support.

fredj6 (2010-05-11 05:39:30):

How about a MG Midget and Triumph Spitfire. I have both. Thanks

Doc (2010-05-18 04:34:35):

MG and Triumph have been added.

Unknown author (2010-06-29 16:42:56):

How About Harley Davidson?

Doc (2010-06-30 17:42:45):

I don't think Harley Davidson ever made a car, so it wouldn't go into this set. I can see about making it as a standalone icon, though.

Unknown author (2010-07-09 14:20:01):

what about gumpert and pagani?

Doc (2010-07-14 03:50:42):

It's always nice to accommodate those with esoteric taste...especially when racecars are involved. Gumpert and Pagani are now added.

Unknown author (2010-08-19 16:30:09):

BMW pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Unknown author (2010-09-27 09:43:35):

What no VOLVO

Unknown author (2010-10-06 20:26:52):

Chrysler, Kia, and Honda and my search will be over.

sixλxis (2010-10-07 15:40:02):

You had me at "For applications that are heavy, fast, and bulletproof." and "Here is the Proton logo as an icon, for applications that are very small, but always positive." :-)


Unknown author (2010-10-11 03:43:20):

put more holdens on ther :- :-( 8-) D 8- :-o |-) )

Doc (2010-11-07 15:59:57):

SixAxis: Thanks for getting the jokes...that's actually how it all got started..."Rolls Royce for expensive applications that run so smoothly that you can't even tell they're running."

Doc (2010-11-07 17:12:15):

Sorry for the delay in some of your requests, but I think they are all added now. Although Chrysler wasn't necessarily "famous" when this set was created, the fact that it is emerging from bankruptcy with some decent growth has enhanced its fame. The others all have their claim to fame, as well.

Unknown author (2010-12-14 05:34:01):

Why not Range Rover or Mclearn or even Ariel, Caterham or Citeron

Unknown author (2010-12-14 05:34:52):

What about Toyota or VW

Unknown author (2010-12-18 18:30:54):

Toyota?...Nissan?...c'mon some japanese cars too...Subaru?

Unknown author (2010-12-29 17:21:45):

tOYOTO, NISSAN? why not them?

Unknown author (2010-12-30 21:50:30):

nissan toyota subaru peel ariel caterham range rover vw mclearn citeron

Doc (2011-04-13 17:47:17):

I have added a couple of requests. Rover is already on there.

Unknown author (2011-04-27 15:43:20):

hey need for Japanese cars

Unknown author (2011-04-28 08:08:22):

what about nissan and other domestic ones

Unknown author (2011-04-28 13:30:49):

woooooooow nice logo icons thanks 8-)

Unknown author (2011-05-12 07:54:50):

i love cars very much.
i like these logos. :-)

Unknown author (2011-05-21 15:29:45):

8-) 8-) 8-) very nice logo :-)

Unknown author (2011-06-05 11:17:47):

any more logos to come soon?

Unknown author (2011-07-05 13:50:32):

Super Sache, weiter so :-) .

Unknown author (2011-07-23 04:38:45):


Unknown author (2011-07-28 23:02:37):


Unknown author (2011-08-07 17:40:06):

Many car logos missing :-(

Unknown author (2011-08-07 17:41:09):

Please add all the 120 manufacturers :-( http://www.ebestcars.co.uk

Unknown author (2011-08-27 21:19:56):

there r lot many more famous cars in the world..... vauxhall, nissan, suzuki, and many more is missing

Unknown author (2011-08-27 21:21:32):

sorry suzuki is there .. but where is all other...

Doc (2011-08-31 00:33:10):

Koenigsegg and Vauxhall are added. I would like to add every car logo in existence, past and present, but the set would become unwieldy. However, I am keeping track of the special requests, and if there are enough for a subset, say of British car badges, or whatever, then I will create other sets.

Doc (2011-08-31 00:48:40):

Somebody requested cars from the ebestcars.com.uk website, and I see that many are already in this set, except for Alpina, which is truly a hand-assembled luxury car with a cool logo, so I added it as well.

jojois74 (2011-09-06 23:47:03 / 5 stars):


These are great. GREAT detail.

Daniel W. (2011-09-19 00:47:49 / 5 stars):

Nice work on these Doc. If you get the time I'd love to see the Mustang logo. And again, NICE work!

Teddy (2011-09-27 09:35:51 / 5 stars):

this is awesome! thanks for this set! great work :-)

wow :O I just noticed that there are background details as a description to every single logo! Im impressed

Unknown author (2011-10-04 15:21:14):

I could really use a VW and Skoda icon in both 16x16 and 32x32 pixels.

Unknown author (2011-10-05 15:02:59):

I am pratik.,.,. n my word is this cars logos r very gogeus

gandiiiiiiiiiii car logos

Unknown author (2011-10-22 05:17:15):


Doc (2011-12-13 17:48:24):

I added Bristol, mainly because there is no other high-def image of its logo available anywhere, so I completely re-drew it.

Unknown author (2012-01-20 21:56:33):

Would it be possible to use these amazing icon set for a personal website that advertises my business? I know the license states non commercial but as it would be advertising rather then earning money directly from the website, I was wondering whether it would be possible with full accreditation? Thanks.

Doc (2012-03-01 02:02:59):

Since it's for a business, you would have to make an arrangement with me, the author, for commercial use. If you get me your e-mail, we can talk about it.

Matias0211 (2012-04-04 17:43:49 / 4 stars):

All OK, there are great!! but ... were are peugeot? :(i love peugeot .., i love peugeot 408 cc are awesome!! LOVE this car!!!

Nintendo (2012-04-07 23:04:15 / 5 stars):

AWSOME GRAPHICS cool logos they look real i compare real to yours there no diff

sixλxis (2012-04-11 12:21:27):

You should add Pontiac to the list. Great collection but they could do without the drop shadow imo.

Unknown author (2012-05-17 14:38:54):

it is fantastic :-D

it is good but downloading is very slow :-D

Unknown author (2012-05-24 21:32:29):

I rate dis bad man style website. DDOOOOONNNN 8-) |-) :-o :-( :-D :-) ;-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) :-o

Unknown author (2012-05-25 03:15:35):

i have a ford super snake

Unknown author (2012-06-23 22:34:30):

Wheres the VW Corrado icon? It can keep up or beat nearly all of these cars?

Unknown author (2012-06-26 16:53:49):

My Mother have Suzuki cars My house have mitsubishi Electric My Father have Toyota cars

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-07-25 03:59:37 / 5 stars):

All I can say is awsome. these are amazing, top quality. Good job. :-)


Unknown author (2012-08-18 06:06:14):

It's good.but you can collect more. thank you,

Unknown author (2012-09-04 13:13:40):

its good... i dont wanna command you anymore ;-)

kamal vs dhivya :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2012-09-04 20:34:59):

10 out of 10 :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2012-09-05 16:44:15):

hey cars are cool

Unknown author (2012-09-06 18:11:25):

8-)not all car

Unknown author (2012-10-10 17:48:56):

these are very good.. :-)

Unknown author (2012-11-04 10:32:17):

:-o Superb cars Man

Unknown author (2012-11-04 13:16:42):

what about indian cars dude??????

Unknown author (2012-11-21 00:52:31):

thank you brilliant job

Unknown author (2012-11-21 19:43:48):

I am having fun to get all the logo.

Unknown author (2012-11-22 08:39:05):

good, but not all cars, what about indian cars :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2012-11-22 11:06:11):

car are just amazing 8-) ;-)

Unknown author (2012-11-22 14:42:19):

Thanks a lot.

Unknown author (2012-11-25 21:09:15):

i like these all logos!

Unknown author (2012-11-30 13:13:17):

i m deeps i like ford

Unknown author (2012-11-30 18:42:35):

Many thanks for tis job! So great.

Unknown author (2012-12-08 16:20:22):

8-) :-D
super cool car logos,very amazing logos

Unknown author (2012-12-16 10:18:35):

very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 8-)

Unknown author (2012-12-21 22:42:36):

Boo :-( |-)

Unknown author (2012-12-25 11:34:22):

I'm guessing English wasn't any of you people's first language .....

Unknown author (2013-01-02 13:07:37):

very nice but not all cars :-) :-)

Unknown author (2013-01-08 09:43:53):


Unknown author (2013-01-10 10:01:30):

nice collections

Unknown author (2013-01-15 10:41:49):

very good :-D

Unknown author (2013-01-20 17:53:32):

veryyyyyyyyyy bad :-D :-D

Unknown author (2013-01-21 11:51:08):


Unknown author (2013-01-23 08:10:25):


Unknown author (2013-01-25 04:23:44):

i like alfa :-D

Unknown author (2013-01-27 10:12:19):


Unknown author (2013-01-31 21:48:47):

Ya give us more car legos. :-(

Unknown author (2013-02-02 12:11:39):

मला सर्वच कार आवडतात

Unknown author (2013-02-07 12:55:33):

i like all cars 8-)

Unknown author (2013-02-14 09:14:20):

thank u for giving the info its niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,,

Unknown author (2013-02-18 13:56:28):


Unknown author (2013-02-20 18:21:33):

yo peeps

yo peeps

Unknown author (2013-02-22 13:50:14):

is'to sexy ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2013-02-24 08:52:52):


Unknown author (2013-03-01 10:23:27):

why dont u offer me 1 :-o

Unknown author (2013-03-05 01:52:59):

very good

Unknown author (2013-03-06 12:26:58):

Need more car icons

Unknown author (2013-03-09 08:34:38):

oye paglo

Unknown author (2013-03-11 13:14:47):


Unknown author (2013-03-14 11:23:16):


Unknown author (2013-03-14 16:08:21):

very good and superb cars iogo :-)

Unknown author (2013-03-17 17:39:11):

ilove cars :-D

Unknown author (2013-03-18 13:21:59):


i love bolero

deadly bro (2013-03-18 14:14:22 / 4.5 stars):

of all of this and there isn't a Lamborghini c'mon man you can't be serious my favorite logo is the Lamborghini anyway 4.5

Unknown author (2013-03-19 06:03:36):

you also like

Jake (2013-03-23 23:28:03 / 5 stars):

very good! even off the icon-image/5907-16x16x32.png image !

sorry, i keep sending by accedent.

VehiclesWorld (2013-04-10 13:11:50):

Nice design. I need one for me.

Unknown author (2013-04-14 10:13:31):

Hey buddy. I don't know how come some famous logos are not here! You can add more logos like TOYOTA Peugeot and Ferrari.

Unknown author (2013-04-19 11:29:21):

nice icons i like its....

Pantherfan (2013-04-23 22:58:45 / 4.5 stars):


Unknown author (2013-05-16 13:04:40):

good logos

Unknown author (2013-05-22 11:07:40):

But I like Mercedes :-)

Unknown author (2013-05-22 12:44:20):

In all these cars BMW is famous and I like Bentley

Unknown author (2013-06-30 14:52:07):

nice layout could do with adding some more :-)

Unknown author (2013-07-13 22:03:15):

I looooooove cars!!!

Unknown author (2013-08-04 08:29:29):

love it

Unknown author (2013-09-29 21:55:54):


Unknown author (2013-10-05 15:20:20):

I like it

Unknown author (2013-10-08 16:46:11):

Many exotic and cool logos

Unknown author (2013-10-17 06:37:42):


Unknown author (2013-11-11 01:52:58):

This sucks

Unknown author (2013-11-12 17:55:32):

i am a rider i love cars and bike ( it's me JuSt K )

Unknown author (2013-12-04 12:12:52):

what's the blue one with the stars?

what about all the different ones with wings!

Paperboy (2013-12-05 18:22:22 / 5 stars):

very nice!! thanks

Unknown author (2014-01-30 16:22:13):

iam crazy about cars


Unknown author (2014-04-20 06:59:56):

car is my passion

Unknown author (2014-06-05 08:03:26):

I like drive car and car models

Unknown author (2014-10-28 02:38:25):

awesome car logos

Unknown author (2015-03-26 23:59:42):

wheres the nissan one?

Unknown author (2015-09-20 17:34:11):

No Mazda logo

Unknown author (2016-02-10 16:12:44):

VW is missing as well.
The BMW & Volvo are avesome

Unknown author (2017-01-30 10:44:17):

where is toyota :-o

Unknown author (2018-05-12 09:30:08):

where is mini cooper :-(

Unknown author (2018-06-25 06:53:29):

wheres tesla

wheres tesla

Unknown author (2018-09-13 03:40:17):

wheres hornet :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2018-11-07 20:53:47):

where is range rover :-(

Unknown author (2019-01-06 05:58:19):

Where is GAZ?

Unknown author (2019-07-18 20:06:25):

what about lexus

Unknown author (2019-07-27 10:44:58):

pls Mazda

Unknown author (2019-10-28 06:49:38):

wouldn't mind a HSV and FPV

Unknown author (2019-12-03 17:47:11):

McLaren logo .......plssssssssssss

Unknown author (2020-03-17 02:52:24):

what about Ferrari

Unknown author (2020-04-09 21:16:04):

What about Oldsmobile????

Unknown author (2020-05-22 18:07:11):

toyota isn't a famouse logo?????

Unknown author (2020-06-02 08:04:43):

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

what about lamborghini

Unknown author (2020-10-30 20:44:11):

PLS DODGE!!!!!!!!!

[Generic_name] (2021-08-01 17:56:14 / 4.5 stars):

Wow. So many car logos to choose from. Ford, Bugatti, Fiat, BMW... Good Job! :-D icon-4226

Unknown author (2021-09-15 15:39:40):


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