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Rigby5001 (2013-04-18 19:44:48):

Hola mei que lindos tus cursores

.:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. (2013-04-19 02:13:16):

Muchas Gracias :-) Lindo Día

Unknown author (2013-10-26 15:21:00):

Mei eres la mejor :-D

MaxXD (2013-11-28 17:57:01):

Mei, can you make club penguin cursors? :-)

Unknown author (2015-04-23 18:23:48):

;-) ;-) ;-) hi hello hola

so u speak Spanish huh

hola me gustan to creasiones y me gustaria que isieras mas tal vez algo de un cupcake o un cookie

Unknown author (2015-06-21 17:05:26):

Hola! Podrias hacer un puntero con la tematica del clash of clans?Es algo dificil pero podrias tomartelo como un reto ;-)

.:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. (2016-09-20 19:27:28):

Request in my facebook page or here:


Ink_Siddy (2016-10-08 01:16:56):

:-D You are very helpful. Always helpful to make people success at cursor making! :-D :-D

.:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. (2016-10-08 18:40:24):

Welcome To RW Designer and thanks you so much :-D

ZeloZelos (2016-10-09 23:12:53):

glad you like the Blank n White cursor set. Did you try adding your own custom color to them? you can use shadow or many of the basic image layer tricks/effects to make some pretty neat custom color variations.

Shantorian (2016-10-18 08:03:08):


.:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. (2016-10-20 02:15:58):

hola icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

KacaOkiM (2016-10-28 20:27:23):

:-) Like your design and I dare say...you are looking so pretty :-) :-) :-)

Undyne-StoryShift (2017-03-01 16:37:22):

The cursors are very detailed! I like your work on the cursors! :-D :-) :-D

.:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. (2017-04-06 00:38:14):

Thanks you so much icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2017-04-11 17:25:08):

hola podes hacer uno de miku plisss

.:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:. (2017-05-01 23:35:26):

Ya lo hize icon-image/9565-16x16x32.png image

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