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cdl (2015-10-28 04:42:36):

icon-image/10434-128x128x32.png image
Welcome to Real World Graphics!
We all hope you will have tons of fun here and create many wonderful works of art!

Please check out our monthly Theme of the Month contest with Mysterious Prizes!


This blog entry has a few useful links for information in RW:


icon-image/8400-32x32x32.png image

AJaxx (2016-03-17 04:44:07):

Yes, the image (X11 files) will need repaired. I convert them into animated PNG, RW Layered Image or RW Raster Image file and use RWPaint for repairs/rebuild, animations and/or effects, canvas/image re-sizing or new art, then save it to rli or rri format and then cursorfy it. It's not easy and takes time. They have programs that will render an animated image. But if you make it animated frame by frame, you're doing something. That's old school. hehe. Actually, I wish I was more proficient with, perhaps, a Blender program or the others. But I'm not.

I should post this on your board... I did.


StickyChannel92 (2016-03-28 18:45:56):


Galactic Nerds (2016-04-29 02:54:52):

Did you color the male-48 standard profile picture? You know I can make one for you. ;-)

StickyChannel92 (2016-05-20 17:16:23):

I have actually made my own.

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2016-09-16 22:20:23):

Hi :-D

Benderbee (2016-09-19 05:03:28):

I have some feeling I feel pretty awkward with. Let's say I leave a comment on one thing. And then four minutes later, I wanna leave another comment. RW-Designer might think, "No, he MUST be a spammer! Get him to the Doom-bringer!" Now I'm saying this probably not true, because I know for a FACT that the RW admins wouldn't do anything like that. But it's a feeling that's been lurking in my head. |-)

StickyChannel92 (2016-09-19 14:58:24):

Yep. Spammers are everywhere.

Sum Fun Dude (2016-09-21 22:01:43):

Just subscribed! icon-14469

StickyChannel92 (2016-09-21 23:53:48):


Sum Fun Dude (2016-10-02 01:43:29):

icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2016-10-06 15:21:10):

:-o lol u rok

StickyChannel92 (2016-10-09 16:00:09):


CommanderKeenGamer43 (2016-10-13 20:47:58):

Hey Nibbler, I want to know how to upload cursors zip file to RealWorld?
I really want to know!

StickyChannel92 (2016-10-14 14:56:17):

You can only upload one cursor at a time.

CommanderKeenGamer43 (2016-10-20 02:52:40):

Well okay

AJaxx (2016-10-20 20:12:11):

Hey spaceman, is that your face or your pants pulled down! Muahahahahaha

Stop spamming!

StickyChannel92 (2016-10-20 21:29:40):

LOL. Where did I spam? I don't even spam at all. And I changed my nickname to Nibbler.

AJaxx (2016-10-20 23:17:58):

Listen man, you spammed my page and cursor set(s) with your unwanted, juvenile comments. I'm sending a grievance to the admin. I don't bother you or your sets and expect the same. Anything less will result in a disciplinary complaint with repercussions. NOW, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

*I don't give two shits what your nickname is.

cdl (2016-10-21 07:44:42):

Whoa there Ajaxx.

I have checked your profile page and each of your 93 set's comment sections and I see no evidence of juvenile comments or spamming. Although you could have removed comments from your profile page I don't see why you would delete evidence of the offense if your intent was to inform the website administrator.

I have posted a comment on the Liberty cursors set page where Nibbler posted a couple of comments concerning the Digit cursor. I do hope you will not report my comment post as spamming, that surely was not my intent.

Your last two sentences in the comment above are highly inflammatory and antagonistic, and could be construed as unprovoked harassment in light of the lack of evidence to support your claim of juvenile comments or spamming.

Perhaps there were other comments from Nibbler and you felt a pressing need to retaliate in a hostile manner.
Two wrongs do not make a right.

In any event I am sure that Vlasta has the means to sort it all out despite the fact that he may not want to have to do so. Neither of you should behave in a manner that forces him to have to intervene.

icon-image/8311-32x32x32.png image

AJaxx (2016-10-21 12:45:38):


He posted six times on Liberty set, which you did find, after all. His projections of definition have nothing to do with my cursors. This I have stated before. Yes, I deleted the comments from my page, does that mean it never happened? Come now, ask him. I don't bother anyone on this site. I went out of my way to find and post a specific cursor set that he was looking for. I donate buttons to help others and really just don't want to be bothered with nonsense.

So, if you want to remove me and my sets then do what you must. But at least keep an open mind and review all the evidence, not just what is convenient.

StickyChannel92 (2016-10-21 19:03:21):

Posting six times on a cursor or icon set is not spamming, AJaxx.

cdl (2016-10-23 06:38:38):

@ Nibbler

Actually it depends on what is being posted.

Repetitive, unrelated, or copied and pasted material could be a form of spamming especially if it is repeatedly posted. Your comments were related to the cursor set and were not repetitive in nature or copied and pasted material repeatedly posted.

Also, you should read my reply to your last comment here.

@ Ajaxx

I believe that each of Nibbler's comments on your Liberty cursor set page were directly related to your cursor set. Yes he posted six comments, now seven as of yesterday, but even that is not an unusual number of comments as they were posted over the course of 8 months. His comments were not repetitive, unrelated, or copied and pasted material repeatedly posted.

You may not always agree with the comments posted on your set pages that is your prerogative. Comment posters may not always agree with you. Just because you do not agree is no reason to act with hostility or in a harassing manner.

You should be mature enough to overlook some comments especially if they are juvenile in nature and even more so when they are posted by a teenager. I would have liked to have had the opportunity to read the content of the comments posted on your profile page that you deleted. I believe that there were comments. I just do not know what those comment posts contained so it is rather difficult to speak to that matter.

I do believe that you are a nice guy generally that is willing to help others if it is within your means. I have never seen you act in a manner contrary to this. It is rather perplexing that you should now behave with such hostility and disdain toward a fellow member. I am more than merely curious as to what was posted that set you off. You refer to it as juvenile and nonsense, why then were you not able to regard it as such given the source of the posted comments is a child of 13?

We all have had moments when we just could no longer deal with things. We all know just how irritating children can be especially when they want to be.

No one wants to remove you or your sets just because you lost your cool for a bit. I am trying to keep an open mind and I have reviewed what evidence I have been able to locate. If there is more feel free to advise me of such. As for what is convenient, I would not call scrolling through 93 set pages convenient.

@ Nibbler

What did you post on Ajaxx's profile page?

icon-image/8347-32x32x32.png image

AJaxx (2016-10-23 13:18:17):


He's not a child. Nor does this excuse or exonerate him from accountability & responsibility. In fact, it makes it all the more necessary. My actions and comments are neither hostile or disdainful, those are your words. My words are clear and direct and are not sugar-coated or neatly wrapped as P.C. people would have it. There is no room for misconstruing or misinterpreting the message. If you read on the surface of his messages, you see no problem. It's the condescending undertones he implies and which I really have no use for. We know he steals sets from other authors, publishes and enters them into TOTM as his own, lies and says that he didn't and cheats by using different parts of multiple sets conjoining them into one and publishing as his original, authentic work. My parents raised me better than that and I choose to distance myself from this. If Real World is ok with it, that's fine. I don't need or want him TELLING me what my cursors mean or stand for. He is not the supreme authority on definitions and values. In fact, he's the furthest from it due to conduct and misbehaviors.

That being said, I've let it go. I will not comment or interact in anyway. Let things be as they are or as you (the site) decide them to be. Like I've said before, I don't bother anyone. I mind my own business and try to add something useful to the site. I help others if I can and generally get along with everyone. Please don't look for a 'trigger' or 'smoking gun' that set this in motion. It's been building through multiple comments, actions and time and, finally, I've concluded, it's best to just let him know that we should avoid each other. A mutual respect if you will. Let's see if he'll comply...

StickyChannel92 (2016-10-25 18:13:02):

I posted:

I like your profile icon!
cdl (2016-10-26 00:48:17):

Nibbler, perhaps you are not aware that the website administrator has the ability to check everything you post in RW.

In some cultures a teenager is not considered a child.
Your age is not an excuse. It merely explains why you act as you do.

Try looking up things you do not know the meaning of. Google it.

You could have commented without the “WTF“ and the angry smiley.
In any event, Ajaxx probably will not respond.
You must have not read his last response very well.
Try reading the last two lines again.

I am going to consider this matter closed and I advise you to refrain from initiating contact with Ajaxx in the future as he has expressed a desire that the two of you avoid each other.

icon-image/8347-32x32x32.png image

StickyChannel92 (2016-12-05 21:30:32):

But you asked me this:

@ Nibbler

What did you post on Ajaxx's profile page?
Lazer29 (2016-12-14 04:28:08):

Hello Nibbler. I first saw this site about 1-2 weeks ago, and made this user yesterday. Love your cursors btw. Thanks.
Also, I'm aware of any foul language, images, etc. and may give them and/od you advice.
Keep up the great work with the cursors!

I liked them fast.

StickyChannel92 (2016-12-14 16:43:13):

Thanks! :-D

Lazer29 (2016-12-16 03:33:37):

Your welcome. Also, I host the most recent cursor sets. You should try them, since I have over 200 downloads total. Excellent start I think. :-)

Benderbee (2017-01-25 02:23:09):

The RW "official" emoji set finished on Halloween... but you know, soon will be the (maybe) anti-Halloween, Valentine's Day. As they said on an advert last year, turn off your screen, turn on your love. icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image <3

Benderbee (2017-01-30 18:06:02):

Subscribed! icon-image/14489-16x16x32.png image

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-03 20:07:47):

Nice idea, torchicishot! Thanks for subscribing me!

Benderbee (2017-02-05 05:49:55):

Your welcome! icon-image/14475-16x16x32.png image

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-16 21:29:44):

مرحبا، اسمي القاضم
Bonjour, Mon nom est Nibbler
Ciao, Il mio nome è Nibbler
Hola mi nombre es Nibbler
Xin chào, tên tôi là Nibbler

Benderbee (2017-02-16 22:07:29):

Those languages, in order, are: Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-17 14:53:35):

You are correct! Nice job! icon-image/14476-16x16x32.png image

Benderbee (2017-02-17 16:07:43):

Thanks! :-)

Please be aware that I will no longer use your smileys. It is not in protest, but it is because I will be making my own set of smileys! They'll look similar to the original smileys ( ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-) ) But they have no shading or shadows. Because, you know, modern stuff.

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-17 19:04:59):

This is also an original: sml/mad.gif image
No seriously. Here is the shortcut: http://rw-designer.com/sml/mad.gif

Benderbee (2017-02-17 19:08:16):

Let me try with a keyword: >:-(
Let me try with an image address: sml/mad.gif image
Let me try again with a keyword: >:(

I think it's an unofficial original of RW Designer, and that is why it has no keyword.

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-17 19:21:25):

I did not know that.

Benderbee (2017-03-10 13:16:38):

We haven't spoken for almost a month... (and yes I have a new username)

StickyChannel92 (2017-03-18 22:19:50):

I love that username. Great job on the new profile icon!

Benderbee (2017-04-05 16:10:17):


Benderbee (2017-05-04 04:39:15):

Welcome back, Nibbler! :-D

Unknown author (2017-05-11 12:43:50):

how to install this ?

Goodbye (2017-06-19 16:58:17):

>:-( is icon with angry :-(

Benderbee (2017-06-20 18:12:27):

He hasn't been online for ages.

Goodbye (2017-06-22 17:16:34):

sml/mad.gif image


Benderbee (2017-06-23 21:43:38):

Yeah, you have to use the special address of the image to use that emoticon. You cannot use a keyword. But don't worry. Not much people get angry at this site anyway. ;-)

Benderbee (2017-07-04 04:56:51):

H O O R A Y N I B B L E R I S B A C K !

StickyChannel92 (2017-07-28 21:07:27):

I'm back online!

Benderbee (2017-07-28 23:27:34):


Hanif Nick (2017-07-30 02:08:06):

:-) hi!!!

Benderbee (2017-07-31 02:14:49):

@Hanif Nick

Goodbye (2017-07-31 22:00:29):

@Zkediate STOP GHANGE YOUR NICKNAME AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! and what is your nickname again with last time?

Benderbee (2017-08-02 19:39:26):

It was Ghent, a Belgian town. I seemed to never make up my mind on what username I wanted. But if you want, I will stop at Zykediate. Please do not yell at me. You can just say it and I get the message. Thank you very much.

Goodbye (2017-08-03 15:25:28):


StickyChannel92 (2017-08-03 20:47:25):

Sadly, I can't make cursors on my school-use chromebook. Is there software from here I can use for the chromebook?

Benderbee (2017-08-04 03:52:04):

It would not be possible unless you use the online cursor editor. However if you save cursors from there, Chrome OS will not recognize any .CUR files. You also will have no access to any advanced tools. I use Chromebooks for school uses, and I have not used any icon or cursor editors on my Chromebook, mainly for website navigation. And I'll mention something kind of funny: I am an elementary student entering 6th grade, my final year of elementary, and in my district there are website filters and on the elementary filter it blocks RW. However, I found a way to get around that because there is a website that also has its own web browser you can use, meaning it's kind of like a browser in a browser. And most sites on the "2nd order browser" actually LIFT the filter, allowing me to access RW, thus why I can secretly chat with you over RW and keep in touch while in school hours. Pretty neat, huh?

Benderbee (2017-08-06 18:01:17):

I've looked at your profile, and you just revealed you live in Alabama.
sml/sleep.gif image

Lazer29 (2017-09-08 03:03:44):

Over 23 months... you has a lot of downloads with ur cursors.
(I was there for about 7 of them months I think)
Also, HAI

cdl (2017-09-20 01:04:22):

Nibbler, I see you apparently have no intention of removing any of the remaining plagiarized sets you uploaded as your own work despite the fact that you said you would.
icon-image/15313-64x64x32.png image
Maybe you just forgot.


I am so disappointed in you.

Benderbee (2017-09-22 04:08:00):

Do you know exactly how many sets he has plagiarized?

My super amazing bar graph of plagiarism levels!

Sets plagiarizedTitle
0 to 2Minor
3 to 4Aware
5 to 8Concerned
9 to 11Major
12 to 14Take Action
15 to 17Are You In Jail?
18 +Take Account Action
cdl (2017-09-24 05:05:20):

No amount of plagiarism is alright.

RW Gallery guidelines - http://www.rw-designer.com/guidelines

"Important: if you are using images, icons, or cursors downloaded from the internet in your set, you must have permission of the author and you must reference the original author in the set description. If you repeatedly pretend that you are the author of someone's icons or cursors, your account will be disabled."

On the upload pages for icons and cursors respectively at the page top you will see this statement:
Please read: Only authors or copyright holders may add an icon to the library.
Please read: Only authors or copyright holders may add a cursor to the library.

This matter would not require revisiting if Nibbler were true to his word.
Nibbler said that he would delete the remaining sets that were not created by himself last year.
icon-image/8347-32x32x32.png image

Benderbee (2017-09-26 00:44:14):

I guess you have a point.
But I doubt Nibbler will be deleting his sets anytime soon. He has been offline for almost two months. Yet he had an entire year to delete the sets.
Well, we can't nudge him now. He provides no contact information, and we can't simply message him, because, like I said, he hasn't been online for two months.

Goodbye (2017-10-02 01:33:43):



icon-image/15313-256x256x32.png image

CRu1212 (2017-10-10 01:25:29):

your ramdom

JeffTheCreepyCreeper (2017-10-23 17:31:01):

:-D Hey, even though ur a kid, ur a good cursor maker!

adrenochromedream (2017-10-28 06:51:52):


StickyChannel92 (2017-10-31 14:37:35):

Thanks, JeffTheCreepyCreeper! :-D
Sorry about the delay, though my software is not compatible for my Chromebook. Right now, I using one, but to make cursors, I would need to use the online maker for the name cursor set.

Baby Mario Fan (2017-11-21 18:26:55):

You are cool Nibbler!

StickyChannel92 (2017-12-01 18:39:13):

Well, thanks! :-D
icon-image/14704-48x48x32.png image

Unknown author (2017-12-12 17:04:31):

I'm sure companies are bawling over a few .10 cent worth cursor icons from a little kid. NOT.

Benderbee (2017-12-16 05:37:59):

Omg he's online again (and I need to change my name to something acceptable)

CookiesAndMilkCat (2018-08-25 21:28:08):


StickyChannel92 (2018-12-11 19:50:40):

Hey there, Newbieme! Welcome to RealWorld Graphics. I hope you enjoy the time here. icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2018-12-19 21:39:47):


I love ur CURSORS

Unknown author (2019-01-10 16:28:38):

ur cusers are fire i love the got em hand ;-)

StickyChannel92 (2019-01-15 18:47:41):

Thanks! icon-image/14484-16x16x32.png image

Geometrybrah (2019-02-01 18:19:59):

nice to see you online more often now :-)

StickyChannel92 (2019-02-04 18:30:56):

Thanks! And to you, too. icon-image/14879-16x16x32.png image

StickyChannel92 (2019-02-06 18:30:26):

Just to let you know guys, I got a new avatar! :-)
It's all vectorized using RealWorld Paint, using the brush tool instead of the complex vector layer tool. My favourite shirt is a shirt with the words Ctrl V in it. And that was inspiring me to add it to my avatar.

StickyChannel92 (2019-02-08 21:39:15):

Black Transparent Cursor Set

Click a cursor to download it! Tell me if you like it!

With Tail
cursor-72573 cursor-72596 cursor-120711 cursor-120715 cursor-120719 cursor-120787 cursor-120712 cursor-120716 cursor-120725 cursor-120786 cursor-72586 cursor-72587 cursor-72588 cursor-120763 cursor-72591 cursor-72598 cursor-72592 cursor-72593 cursor-120717 cursor-72585 cursor-72594 cursor-120718
Without Tail
cursor-72574 cursor-72595 cursor-72578 cursor-120714 cursor-72586 cursor-72587 cursor-72588 cursor-120764 cursor-72591 cursor-72598 cursor-72592 cursor-72593 cursor-120717 cursor-72585 cursor-72594 cursor-120718
With Long Tail
cursor-120760 cursor-120759 cursor-120766 cursor-120788 cursor-120758 cursor-120789 cursor-72586 cursor-72587 cursor-120761 cursor-120765 cursor-72591 cursor-72598 cursor-72592 cursor-72593 cursor-120717 cursor-72585 cursor-72594 cursor-120718

KittyKata12 (2019-04-06 19:32:39):

"Do you know the muffin man?" "Yup, and he makes good cursors."

KittyKata12 (2019-04-07 00:29:58):

ping pong cursor-120719

more ping pong cursor-120725

KittyKata12 (2019-04-07 03:51:12):

Click the smiley for free emojis! cursor-124112

StickyChannel92 (2019-04-09 15:39:03):

Nice emoji! icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

Check out mine: http://www.rw-designer.com/icon-set/smiley-1

Unknown author (2019-04-10 06:50:36):

Hey, why did you change your username? :-(

I liked the user name The Muffin Man.

StickyChannel92 (2019-04-10 15:25:15):

I had my username StickyChannel92 set on many accounts, including xbox.

I liked the username The Muffin Man, but I wished to changed it to StickyChannel92.

eeveelover64 (2019-04-17 23:08:01):

oh that's cool but let's hope u don't get urself in a "sticky" situation! :-D ;-)

StickyChannel92 (2019-04-18 16:56:04):

Thanks! icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

Looker1728 (2019-04-30 15:43:26):

These are some really good cursors! Good work! :-D

StickyChannel92 (2019-04-30 17:27:35):

Thanks! icon-image/14879-16x16x32.png image

Hydrated (2019-05-02 18:17:29):

my friend!!!! message me back!!!!

Question Mark (2019-05-02 20:14:19):

hey thanks for the secret image help. ;-)

StickyChannel92 (2019-05-02 22:14:53):

@Hydrated who wrote:

my friend!!!! message me back!!!!

Welcome to RealWorld Graphics! icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

@? who wrote:

hey thanks for the secret image help. ;-)

No problem, bro.

Question Mark (2019-05-04 01:30:07):

ur icons and cursors must've took effort. great work and keep it up! :-D

StickyChannel92 (2019-05-06 15:51:45):

Thanks! ;-)

StickyChannel92 (2019-05-10 20:54:04):


cursor-125666 cursor-125667 cursor-125668 cursor-125669 cursor-125670 cursor-125671 cursor-125672 cursor-125673 cursor-125675 cursor-125676 cursor-125677 cursor-125678 cursor-125680 cursor-125681 cursor-125682 cursor-125683 cursor-125684 cursor-125686 cursor-125687 cursor-125688 cursor-125689 cursor-125791 cursor-125792 cursor-125793 cursor-125794 cursor-125795 cursor-125796 cursor-125797 cursor-125798 cursor-125799 cursor-125800 cursor-125801 cursor-125802 cursor-125803 cursor-125804 cursor-125805 cursor-125806 cursor-125807 cursor-125808 cursor-125809 cursor-125810

Unknown author (2019-05-16 00:41:36):

Windows Is Cool

StickyChannel92 (2019-05-16 15:30:37):

I know right? icon-image/14486-16x16x32.png image

KittyKata12 (2019-05-24 23:23:09):

<<<< Subscriber!!!

Abran (2019-07-31 15:56:24):

Crash Landed

StickyChannel92 (2019-08-22 17:57:43):

@KittyKata12 who wrote:

<<<< Subscriber!!!

Thanks! icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

Cyrater (2019-09-07 16:05:27):

Such a great art here!

StickyChannel92 (2019-09-26 19:53:59):

Hey, thanks, Cyrater! icon-image/14469-16x16x32.png image

AstronautVII (2019-09-28 16:38:35):

Very good things here!

Unknown author (2019-10-20 01:12:18):

This Is Art :-D

StickyChannel92 (2019-11-06 16:14:51):

Art is amazing. :-D icon-image/14492-16x16x32.png image

Cyrater (2019-11-08 00:26:11):

Yeah, it is! icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2019-11-08 17:08:44):

StickyChannel92, Are you still working on Name Cursors?

Cyrater (2019-11-12 23:32:44):


Unknown author (2019-12-03 17:51:37):

Hey Stickychannel me and my friends have some creations we want to share with you. Can we email them to you fabernackle@mail.com

TeraSoft (2019-12-13 20:26:12):

Are you online 1 day per month or you are just busy?

Benderbee (2019-12-24 05:50:19):

He's last been on the website December 16 (the date at the time at UTC +1), as shown in the People page, so I don't think he's completely invisible.

I, however, have been gone for quite a long period of time, just returning!

eeveelover64 (2020-02-15 16:32:53):


Unknown author (2020-03-09 20:24:16):

ah yes

Unknown author (2020-04-27 20:55:04):


NASA (2020-05-01 16:11:36):


eeveelover64 (2020-05-01 21:42:16):


Unknown author (2020-06-23 04:57:48):

good like you :-)

Unknown author (2020-07-18 11:01:42):

You're amazing! :DD

KittyKata12 (2020-07-22 20:33:12):

the kittykata12 awakens. im back on realworld. going to download realworld cursor editor on my new computer soon :-)

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