Batch icon from image creation

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Batch icon from image creation

When multiple prepared images need to be converted to icon, the batch converter is the preferred. If you have just one image to convert, the wizard offers a more standard use scenario. If the images need adjustments, consider using the manual conversion.

To convert multiple images (or multiple folders with images), select them in Windows Explorer and drag and drop them on the application windows switched to Batch Mode.

rsrc/batch-icon-creation.png image

Before dropping the files, configure the conversion operation for your specific needs rsrc/red-border.png image. Either pick one of the presets (small, XP, or Vista icon) and select effects to apply, or customize the created image formats and effects for each format using the configuration window of the Icon - From Image operation. Also, verify that the batch operation is actually set to image to icon conversion.

Created icons will be placed to a temporary folder rsrc/blue-border.png image. You can drag and drop files from there to a folder of your choice.

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