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What are Buttons?

item/button-2.png imageButton is a unit of a simple virtual currency that can be only used on the rw-designer web. A user must be logged in to earn and spend buttons.
item/button-bag.png imageEarned buttons are stored in bags of buttons in the users' workshops.

How to get buttons?

• The primary way to earn buttons is by reviewing icon and cursor sets in the gallery. There is a daily limit of six buttons per day and the difficulty of getting each successive button in a day increases. Buttons are only given to people, who follow the reviewing guidelines.
Must be able to rate cursor and icon sets

• A second way to obtain buttons is by playing Cosmic Journey. You'll get buttons the first time you beat a stage and each time you get in the top-ten table.

• A third way to obtain buttons is each time you get a high score on 15 Puzzle. you also get a button each time you solve the puzzle in less than 100 moves.
Must have 15 Puzzle in Workshop

• A fourth way to obtain buttons is you can pick buttons from a Potted Button Pom once every 24 to 48 hours. You must pick it manually though.
Must have a Potted Button Pom in Workshop

• A fifth and final way of obtaining buttons is by receiving them from other registered users usually as a gift or donation or even by participating in one of their contests.

What NOT to do

• Be aware that leaving low quality or always the same reviews will result in no buttons. Even if you manage to outwit the automated checks, buttons will be taken away by the administrators later. In that case, your account will be limited and you will not be able to receive any more buttons.

• Creating extra accounts for the sole purpose of obtaining more buttons per day is not allowed. Disregarding this rule will result in confiscation of all your workshop items, merging all your accounts and limiting them (see above).

How to spend your buttons?

item/button-trader.png imageButtons can be exchanged for virtual goods on the People tab at the Scunkie's wagon.

What can you buy with buttons?

Here is a list of goods you can buy and how many buttons will it cost.

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