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Unknown author (2010-11-19 02:38:21):


william1897 (2010-12-17 17:28:21):


Unknown author (2011-01-12 11:56:30):

wtf! it wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Quynie (2011-01-18 22:44:48):

Why it didn't let me too! :-(

Unknown author (2011-01-19 01:12:23):

When I try to create a cursor and click create, the window lags and displays part of the cursor type selection screen and wont let me make a cursor. Help!

Vlasta (2011-01-19 01:27:34):

What happens when you try to open an existing cursor?

lacyjayne (2011-01-19 19:10:11):

for some reason when I select or try to select the cursor I opened the selection box is off on another area of the screen than where I selected. When I draw a circle the circle doesn't track properly with my mouse. I need to make a highlighted cursor. I am working in Windows 7.

jose_ygg (2011-01-27 05:10:19):

i don't know if its a bug but when you put this shadow effect on a cursor when you drag files it shows a big circle-like shadow,that happens when you set the created/edited cursors as your cursor scheme. Can you help me please?

Vlasta (2011-01-27 11:01:02):

Probably a limitation in older Windows. It cannot modify smooth cursors properly (adding the [+]).

jose_ygg (2011-01-27 17:28:54):

how can i do that? sorry i'm new :-(

jose_ygg (2011-01-27 17:48:05):

i don't know it this is right but.. here's an image so you can see what i'm talking about ..

Vlasta (2011-01-27 18:02:21):

As I said, it is a Windows XP limitation. It cannot add the [+] sign to 32-bit cursors correctly. There is not much you can do except of getting Windows 7 or not using the shadow.

jose_ygg (2011-01-27 18:34:47):

oh..ok thx for the help :-D

Unknown author (2011-01-28 13:27:51):

I cannot erase. My eraser-tool is black and it just draws a black spot into my cursor. Help? ;_;

bjerkan999 (2011-01-29 00:10:29):

i cant use my cursor :-(

bjerkan999 (2011-01-29 00:10:38):


Unknown author (2011-02-02 22:34:03):

select the space and delete...

Unknown author (2011-02-05 20:26:30):

how do i turn it into my cursor :-( :-(

BernardoSaramago (2011-02-05 22:10:12):

I not can use cursor :S , my computer is win7 64 bit, i have any problem because is 64 bit?

Vlasta (2011-02-05 23:12:53):


cursor-creator-god (2011-02-11 21:28:52):

i can't make a cursor
because the program say that the images folder is empty but its full with images
can someone plz help ?

Unknown author (2011-03-01 23:27:04):

:pixle master: ok i need help with operation codes so i can (lets say a character)move left right up or down and any other way i need. i dont know java script so if you could put it in english that'll be fine

Unknown author (2011-03-19 18:28:27):

i don't know how to make new cursors can any one help?

Sonali23 (2011-03-22 08:51:04):

I get error saying you don't have enough space on your drive or you don't have enough access rights whenever i try to save a file that is cirsur i created do have enuogh space on mt drive checked it already i still get the same msg pls help me pls........ :-(

Vlasta (2011-03-22 09:32:09):

Save it into a folder, where you have write permissions, like your Documents, NOT into C:\Windows\cursors

Unknown author (2011-03-22 22:37:05):

how do i rotate just the image in the background , not the cursor aswell!?

Unknown author (2011-03-31 04:38:09):

y isnt the ellipse tool working??!

DaBigCD (2011-04-01 23:00:30):

:-( I can't make it my cursor, when I go to personalize and select the cursor I want it just keeps the current one. I am using Windows 7 64-bit

Also when I try to open a cursor file it says "not compatible with system blah blah blah you have 64-bit"

t_anders (2011-04-03 15:55:46):

DaBigCD: make sure that you hit apply, not just OK.

Unknown author (2011-04-08 17:00:13):

8-) lol own curs

Unknown author (2011-04-08 23:47:34):

how do you tern your cuosor back to the computer cuosor. :-(

Unknown author (2011-04-15 00:53:50):

i cant download cursors on my computer

Unknown author (2011-04-17 06:20:03):

Is there a way to make Mac cursors?

Unknown author (2011-04-19 18:27:28):

I can't turn the cursor back

Unknown author (2011-04-19 18:32:56):

I found out how to turn your cursor back. You go to customize go into 1 of the boxes, press the arrow and press apply 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

burning launcher 2xx1 (2011-04-22 07:57:40):

:-o i can't post a cursor

Rista (2011-04-29 14:36:56):

I cant save it

Vlasta (2011-04-29 14:43:39):

Did you read the error message?

Unknown author (2011-04-30 18:55:24):

this is confusing!will someone help :-( me?

Unknown author (2011-05-30 20:59:17):

how do i chagne my cursor?!?!?!! :-(

Unknown author (2011-05-30 21:26:39):

For me it just comes up the cursor i open up

miracle_neo1 (2011-05-31 22:27:27):

I can't upload my cursors >.< Help!

Unknown author (2011-06-07 08:49:42):

is there a way to add effects to the cursor when you click?

Unknown author (2011-06-23 19:50:03):

i can't use my cursor

Unknown author (2011-06-23 19:50:24):

how do you use them :-(

Zack_Leonhart (2011-06-24 22:01:10):

How can I edit "ALL" the frames? [example: a cursor .ani, how erase a part of all frames at the same time?]

Vlasta (2011-06-24 22:17:55):

That cannot be easily done. :-(

Unknown author (2011-06-28 17:01:23):

how do i fix the error message to where it will save my cursor:(
please help

Vlasta (2011-06-28 20:05:00):

Save to your Documents.

Unknown author (2011-06-29 14:41:22):

Yay! My cursor is AWESOMENESS!!! :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2011-07-17 11:15:21):

It works but I keep getting error messages every time I try to save it! :-(

Vlasta (2011-07-17 11:17:28):

Well, they are probably true -> save to your Documents folder.

Unknown author (2011-07-26 22:39:29):

i created a png image for each frame of my cursor, how do I insert each image into each frame?

Vlasta (2011-07-27 00:29:15):

for example by dragging and dropping the images to the canvas

Unknown author (2011-07-27 00:58:42):

i cant beleive i didnt try that!!! i was about to find a different program, good thing i came her first :-)

Unknown author (2011-07-27 00:58:59):


Unknown author (2011-08-01 05:59:14):

i keep getting error messages every time i try to aave it:( :-(

Unknown author (2011-08-03 12:08:36):

help pls... i start RW Cursor Editor, double click on new mouse cursor, and instead of the grid & stuff, its a 'memory of the previous window'


Unknown author (2011-08-03 12:09:27):

sry iv sorted it now... i just made a new frame

Unknown author (2011-08-11 02:22:09):

I Can't open the cursor changer does anyone knows the answer¿ :-o :-(

Unknown author (2011-08-16 08:40:13):

need help :-( how can i get the direct url link of my cursor? :-( it's ses ERROR UPLOADING.

Unknown author (2011-08-18 15:28:05):

How do u make the cursors Transparent? |-)

Unknown author (2011-08-26 11:02:15):

I Cant Made A Link Select :-(

Unknown author (2011-08-31 21:48:51):

how can i make § circles when i click ? § :-)

dudeofdar (2011-09-05 18:51:01):

when i click to download a cursor pack, how do i set it up?

Unknown author (2011-09-30 18:31:16):

i cant see my areo

Unknown author (2011-10-17 19:13:33):

excuse me how do i set the cursor created :-)

Unknown author (2011-11-01 22:03:36):

heip i cant donload it :-(

Unknown author (2011-11-02 16:42:52):

hi 8-)

Unknown author (2011-11-07 18:58:32):

How can i use the arrow? the cursor i maked? how do i use it???? :-( :-o

never mind i already know it

Unknown author (2011-11-13 17:26:36):

make cursor lot bigger

monster high (2011-11-16 03:26:16):


Unknown author (2011-11-16 04:02:31):

got em, but dont see the button for changing cursor or "mouse" please help thx :- :-(

Unknown author (2011-11-16 20:11:20):

how do you get the color bar at the side

Unknown author (2011-11-17 01:05:01):

How do I make the cursor background transparent?

balletgirl01 (2011-11-26 18:14:50):

i just want 2 make a cursor |-)

ishi (2011-11-29 14:03:15):

how can I replace the cursor I have made to the original cursor?

Unknown author (2011-12-09 00:23:03):

how do i make them ;-)

Unknown author (2011-12-13 05:30:45):

I don't see the option for inverted-color cursors. Where is it?

Unknown author (2011-12-13 22:03:40):

how do I make the layer and then paste it to my cursor ?

Unknown author (2011-12-18 05:35:21):

how do i install my new curser

Unknown author (2011-12-23 07:05:43):

it is showing learn more about at windows layout

Unknown author (2011-12-25 12:17:25):

It Works For Me :-D :-) 8-)



RWCEditor For RuneScape2006 (2011-12-26 03:37:57):

I made an Exploding Bomb Cursor ^.^ I used Real-World Cursor Editor. Download it here.

Unknown author (2011-12-29 05:42:48):

How can I change my cursor back to default? :-(

Unknown author (2012-01-01 23:42:15):

hey how do i anamate a curser

Unknown author (2012-01-08 06:01:46):

how do i change my cursor after i made one? :-(

Cameron (2012-01-16 18:19:47):

I can't download thiz effin courser help me NOW!!
Im getting mad
Im going to throw thiz computer out of the effin window

Unknown author (2012-01-20 12:42:44):

how do i mack a new cursor

Unknown author (2012-02-09 22:00:44):

How do you add more than one image?

Unknown author (2012-02-10 11:31:29):

How can you make the circle transparant?

anybody know?

SoaringEagle789 (2012-02-11 18:21:37):


Unknown author (2012-02-20 14:28:42):

How do I publish a cursor set?

Unknown author (2012-02-22 01:45:35):

I can't figure out how to implement my cursor to my computer! :-(

Unknown author (2012-02-23 04:33:08):

how do i change the cursor to the one i downloaded?

Unknown author (2012-02-25 01:58:20):

how do i get the html code for my cursor

Unknown author (2012-03-03 06:01:56):

First: To make one, go to create. And btw, you have to be administrator of your computer to download this. If you want to use the cursor you have made, Go to: Control Panel. Mouse. Find the file where you saved the cursor, and voila! You can use that cursor! :-D

Unknown author (2012-03-31 15:59:26):

how the hell do you make it your cusor?

it says its not found ... :-(

Unknown author (2012-04-03 19:45:29):

how do you make a loop animation with a small animation before the loop?

Vlasta (2012-04-03 19:54:05):

You cannot, the .ani format allows not looping options. It simply loops all the frames.

The Cursor Master (2012-04-06 04:46:07):

I try making an animated cursor,but when I insert and start to edit my second frame,the animation freezes!Any help?I'm about to publish it,watch this video to know what the cursors/set will be:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoQYw49saqc

Unknown author (2012-04-09 12:53:36):

why i can't download my cursor? :-(

nonatota (2012-04-15 23:10:38):

I want to know how to Apply the Cursor on the computer |-) ;-)

Vlasta (2012-04-15 23:14:21):

using cursors

Unknown author (2012-04-19 11:06:47):

Hello ..... I have a problem when you create a cursor and then I set the mouse settings ..... I turn off the PC and then turn on the cursor and you have applied? .... How do I do that I stayed there the cursor set time?

Unknown author (2012-05-01 20:29:00):

I just need to know how to finish off my cursor. I want to be able to use it, I made really cool flames.
I'm not very good at computers. |-)

Unknown author (2012-05-14 20:54:39):

When I CLICK on CREATE...and then CLICK on NEW MOUSE CURSOR..I get the following message...."No user inter-phase configuration is available for the current document type".
What does this mean? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks. Anthony.

Vlasta (2012-05-14 21:11:45):

try resetting configuration

Ghost (2012-05-16 03:08:56):

cuando quiero hacer un cursor me dice que venga :-( aqui alguien me dice que tengo que hacer | -) | -)

Thyme (2012-06-03 07:20:20):

How do you delete a cursor?

Unknown author (2012-06-19 23:17:00):

i dont get how you make the cursor with paint :-(

pacman fever (2012-06-23 06:17:35):

How do I make a set??? please reply :-D

Unknown author (2012-06-26 16:16:31):

how do u import and export gif.

Unknown author (2012-06-30 16:08:24):

i have made my cursor but it says i have to download a software first? i dont know how to download the soft ware. If i dont reply i will have to make one ona new website :-(

SoaringEagle789 (2012-06-30 20:13:35):

vlasta, like i said in virum64's wii cursor set, i need to upgrade my version of realworld cursor editor so i can make cursors out of gif images. is there a way to?

Vlasta (2012-06-30 20:16:26):

sure, get the latest installer or portable package from the cursor editor home page

Unknown author (2012-07-04 13:27:39):

how i make a cursor for my blog or website :-(

thanks in advance !

Unknown author (2012-07-11 05:56:17):

My computer will not save any cursors . I really like the program but can't use it please Help :-(

Unknown author (2012-07-24 00:53:03):


Unknown author (2012-07-25 01:18:49):

How do u make it ur cursor? I already saved it o.o :-(

Unknown author (2012-07-25 16:57:03):

Hello, I am using the line tool to draw edges in a new cursor and would like to edit an existing line once it has lost focus. For example, I draw a complex triangle lie shape for my outline, but I want to fine tune the corners after I have drawn the rough shape so they are mostly symmetrical. Is that possible? if not please accept this as a feature request ;-)


kaserei (2012-07-25 17:04:16):

ok that was me.. and here's the answer.. follow the tutorial above dumb****


Hyxel Pixel (2012-07-31 13:03:31):

This is fun, thanks!
I've made my first couple of cursors and want to create a set but when I turn my Windows7 machine off and on again I have to change from the default cursors back to my custom ones.
So, please....
Where can I find out how I can save a cursor set?
Where can I find out how can I get my machine to remember my cursors when I re-start it?

Unknown author (2012-08-09 02:24:44):

I mastered the glass model :-D


if I didn't I will be super rage 8-)


OK bye

litterbug (2012-08-20 08:43:56):

Ok im stumped here ...how do i make a curser from an image on my computer ...i have tried and saved but cant seem to actiate it ...help me ...i want this for a website

Unknown author (2012-08-25 22:25:46):

Kkkk os kra tudo ingreis .l. ^_^ .l.

Unknown author (2012-09-01 22:58:25):

I've had this program for a little while now. Something must've went wrong or something, cause now everytime I exit the program, an alert pops up that says:
"A critical error occurred in the application. Try restarting Windows, reinstalling the application, or contact the authors at support@rw-designer.com"
I've done everything. I've restarted, reinstalled, repaired, etc. again and again, but nothing worked. What's wrong?


Vlasta (2012-09-01 23:29:53):

Well, you can also try resetting the configuration, but it seems unlikely that it will help. It is hard to tell what may be causing the error. Is there anything that has changed on your computer lately?

Unknown author (2012-09-02 22:59:52):

No, I don't think so.
Thanks for the help, ^.^ I'll try that.:]

I tried it! It worked. :-D Thank you so much!!

Merf (2012-09-10 02:21:50):

Hi, i made my cursor but can't figure out how to make it my cursor

Unknown author (2012-09-15 21:34:07):

I can't figure out how to download it???

Malt (2012-09-28 23:25:43):

The editor is really amazing but... HOW DO YOU MAKE A SET??? I can't even figure out how to upload them to the internet :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2012-10-20 23:36:06):

How could you create icons in 3D? 8-)

NO ACCOUNT (2012-11-03 19:13:32):

at first i was like :-o then i made a cursor and now im like |-)

Unknown author (2012-11-08 20:14:05):

que ago cundo ya ise el puntero

Unknown author (2012-11-11 23:32:25):

Needing more help! D:
I'm making an animation, but here's the problem:
1. I open it to edit
2. I make the changes
3. I save it.
4. I open (Windows Picture & Fax Viewer) to view it. The changes weren't saved.

It was acting normal, liek how it usually saves, but when I view it, it's like it didn't really save and the changes weren't made/saved. :-(
I did the configuration (that you mentioned to me when I previously had a problem.), but it still didn't work :-(
I restarted my computer, but nothing changed and that didn't help ether, I just a got ome kind of alert-something to do with registry recovery.

I really hope I'm making sense to you!! It's ujst a little hard to explain.

Vlasta (2012-11-11 23:35:08):

I guess, I'll need more info. What kind of file are you working with? .ani, .gif, something else? Does it occur with one particular file or with any animation?

Unknown author (2012-11-16 20:58:56):

How do I set it as my cursor?

Unknown author (2012-11-21 23:26:08):

I made an animation and in the preview there a two pictures, one of my animation and the other of the basic mouse. When I save it and apply it, it shows the basic mouse. :-o what do I do :-(

Vlasta (2012-11-22 10:06:30):

If you see 2 pictures, you have chosen a Windows 7 cursor, which has 2 pictures in different sizes. You need to modify both. Or don't start with a Windows 7 cursor. Eventually use the "Change size" command in the "Cursor" menu to remove the other picture.

Unknown author (2012-11-28 05:20:47):

how you download??? :-(

Unknown author (2012-12-02 02:08:36):

It's a .gif file, and it only does it on this particular file/animation I'm working on.
It does the same thing if I copy all the frames and paste it onto a new [program/RWCE] window.

It doesn't do it if I only put 18 frames.
And other times it's the opposite end of the image that's not working right.

I know it's hard to understand, so here's an explanation, I hope this helps a little.

The animation has 32 frames, and a transparent BG.
There is animation on both sides. (It's an animation of a horse. I'ts head is moving one time, and then it's tail moves.) The horse it facing the left. i'm having no trouble on the left, though. On the right side of it (when it moves it's tail), At a certain place, the pixels won't move, they just stay there even though I selected them, moved them, and saved the image.
I mean, when I save it on RWCE, haven't closed the program yet, and I'm viewing it in the 'animation' box, it's fine. It's when I close it and and then view it (with either RWCE or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer) that it shows the pixels didn't move.

I really hope you can understand this! I't just so hard to explain. :-(

Sorry for the delay in the reply! D:

Vlasta (2012-12-02 10:32:55):

So, if I understood you correctly, when saving certain file as .gif, part of it is not saved correctly. Are the changes saved when you use save it as .rli? If yes and if you then open the .rli and save as .gif - is it right or wrong. And could you send the problematic file to info@rw-designer.com so that I can analyze the problem?

Unknown author (2013-01-02 22:43:08):

how do you use the files and cursors

Unknown author (2013-01-05 21:34:28):

how do i make the checkboard pattern like when i click so it can have like waves around

Unknown author (2013-01-13 18:29:05):

all I want is a new cursor. I have windows 8 and I don't know much about computers. help please

Unknown author (2013-01-15 21:10:52):

I have done my drawn cursor but how do i get it to be my real cursor??? :-(

I have drawn it but i dont know how to get it to be my real cursor. Plzzzzzz help me!! :-(

Archterria (2013-01-25 19:01:43):

How Do you download and use??? :-(

Unknown author (2013-02-15 12:10:43):

How to install the damn things pls tell me,i can find the install application...

Factual (2013-02-16 23:23:24):

Firefox is so difficult to download things on...

Other than "Extract Files", what might make it work? Or am I using Extract wrong.

Vlasta (2013-02-16 23:30:40):

If you have problems with the .zip, why not download the installer?

Unknown author (2013-02-20 17:46:20):

how to increase the circle size

Unknown author (2013-02-21 16:56:41):

i dont know how to do this sooo will some one plz help meee ???? :-( ;-)

Unknown author (2013-02-23 21:34:42):

For example say using the shuriken curser and if you keep its name and file name what part of the code do you have to change for it to work? please can you answer this. 8-) 8-) :-o :-o :-D :-D

pizza2000 (2013-02-25 07:08:37):

how do i get the code of my cursor? :-( please help!!! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( thank you! :-)

Unknown author (2013-03-05 19:09:17):

the program says i have no layout installed :-( what am i supposed to do?

Vlasta (2013-03-05 19:10:07):

reset configuration

Unknown author (2013-03-06 02:17:29):

How many images can one cursor file hold. I'm thinking of icons where one file can hold many images. Is that true of .cur files 1)in general and 2) with your program?


Vlasta (2013-03-06 08:15:32):

Yes, .cur (or .ani) is very similar to .ico and can hold multiple images, but usually does not - you may want to read this.

Unknown author (2013-03-14 06:18:31):

it wont download for me! |-)

Unknown author (2013-04-09 08:51:36):

I will help evryone for downloading

;-) 8-)

Unknown author (2013-05-06 02:37:50):

how do u make it your cursor |-)

Rhindle (2013-05-06 22:02:00):

Anonymous, you click and drag it to your desktop, then you go to cursors page and click browse, click browse on desktop, then walla. you have it.

AHMED (2013-05-12 20:40:33):

jak stworzyć ten kursor? -_-?

Unknown author (2013-05-29 10:08:32):

how do I enlarge the cursor image? I have an cursor that has a small image. I want to enlarge the image -- not the whole cursor but the image so that it takes up more of the cursor. I do not see a way to select the image and make it bigger.

Vlasta (2013-05-29 10:10:19):

Use the Transform tool

LPSKittenzVideos (2013-06-04 00:30:32):

how do i put set it as My Cursor?

Unknown author (2013-06-05 20:28:14):

How do i set it as my cursor do i click C |-) ursor From Image

Unknown author (2013-06-14 02:08:00):

how can I save a gif as cur? I have a gif i want to turn into a cursor... please help! I opend it in "realWorld Cursor Editor" added a shadow and wantet to save it as cur. but it does not exist as an option in "save under"!

Vlasta (2013-06-14 08:46:44):

Look for "Create mouse cursor" in the "Create" menu

Unknown author (2013-06-14 10:15:05):

You are a genius! :-) I bow before you! |-) Thank You a thousand times and more! :-)

I'm Iman from the last help-call :-D Thanks again!

"The Heist" (2013-06-15 21:56:40):

How do you upload :-(

Unknown author (2013-06-19 05:39:08):

How do you upload

Vlasta (2013-06-19 07:33:32):

upload here

Unknown author (2013-06-21 20:17:20):

I have followed the directions and everything is fine until I get to the control panel, change theme. There I apply the changes and nothing happens. I have Win 7 and a Logitech Marble Mouse. Any known issues? Thanks

Unknown author (2013-06-24 08:35:11):

How do you make your mouse (Windows default) System Scheme) mouse smaller or larger!! Please help!
:-( :-( :-(

CursorMaker554 (2013-06-24 17:44:32):

How do you make changes to a set that has already been made? Please help!

Vlasta (2013-06-24 17:46:50):

Go to the page with the set and click on a green Modify link.

Unknown author (2013-06-25 18:23:52):

I have followed the directions and everything is fine until I get to the control panel, change theme. There I apply the changes and nothing happens. I have Win 7 and a Logitech Marble Mouse. Any known issues? Thanks

Unknown author (2013-07-01 04:57:27):

Oh please help! How do you invert the cursors? Like so it changes colors over different colors? Like the diffult Arrow_i.cur(the inverted arrow name for my computers diffult name). I want to know how to do stuff like that? Any response would be great ;-)

Vlasta (2013-07-01 09:27:37):

Use 1 bit color depth when creating a cursor and then draw with white, fully transparent pencil.

Unknown author (2013-07-01 19:40:39):

Where do you find the ' Transparent Pencil ' ? I located the 1bit color Depth. But the pencil... I can't seem to find it.

Oh I understand what you meant by that... I found it and everything! Thank you so much! And btw..... Your Cursors are super awesome! Thanks! :-D :-D :-D

Vlasta (2013-07-01 19:40:40):

The color window: White color, fully transparent.

Joe (2013-07-10 01:29:10):

how do i use a pointer i have created or touched up on?

Vlasta (2013-07-10 08:24:26):

Save it and go to Cursor menu, then Use current for...

Unknown author (2013-07-13 03:44:47):

i made the crusor but how do I use it!?

Unknown author (2013-07-19 15:42:16):

how do I apply the mouse/cursor

Unknown author (2013-07-25 22:01:38):

:-D i love this

Unknown author (2013-07-30 21:20:07):

I tried saving a cursor that is 40x40 pixels but when i made it my cursor it became distorted. Please help?
It is animated and has some translucent pixels. (I don't know if thats relevant or not but I just though I should mention it)

Vlasta (2013-07-30 21:25:17):

Cursor sizes in Windows are fixed. More here: mouse cursors.

Unknown author (2013-08-22 12:04:37):

how to use it???????????

Unknown author (2013-08-31 21:04:05):

How do I change the milliseconds its in from 10 [s/60] to 50 [s/60]?

Vlasta (2013-08-31 23:20:23):

Simply select a frame and start typing a number.

Unknown author (2013-09-02 00:05:12):

the Drawing Tool Toolbar isn't showing :-( Help!

Unknown author (2013-10-10 11:44:17):

how to save it? :-D

Unknown author (2013-10-12 15:18:00):

How do you change cursors such as the ones that appear when you press the middle mouse button to scroll, etc.?

emers123 (2013-10-25 03:23:16):

how do you use this

Unknown author (2013-10-27 15:18:08):

how do you use your cursor

Unknown author (2013-10-28 21:38:24):

why when my cursor was saved, it turned transparent?

Unknown author (2013-10-29 00:58:15):

How am I supposed to use cursors that other people make? Please Help!

Unknown author (2013-10-30 21:51:11):

to use cursors got to start>controll panel>mouse>pointers>doubble click pointer then find the download and click ok

Unknown author (2013-11-02 04:28:36):

How do you get color for the cursor

Vlasta (2013-11-02 09:33:42):

The color picker appears when it is needed.

flynnieboy (2013-11-14 18:10:36):

:-D cool, love this app! 8-)

Unknown author (2013-11-18 18:51:44):


Shizutama (2013-11-21 01:48:01):

I am trying to figure out how to package and upload my Cursor set to the site, to share it with everyone and not sure where to go.

Vlasta (2013-11-21 09:59:06):

You upload the cursors one by one from the editor or from here and then create a set here.

Unknown author (2013-11-22 00:58:37):

:-( it won't let me open it. I have a mac and I downloaded :-( and i cant open it ;o;

Vlasta (2013-11-22 08:50:07):

It says on the download page that it is Windows only. It partially works under Wine on Linux. There is not going to be a Mac version.

Unknown author (2013-11-28 21:49:44):

I don't find the download in the pointers

Unknown author (2013-12-04 20:38:40):

how can i make a Mac Cursor

Unknown author (2013-12-12 14:10:50):

mine wont even down load what is up with this

Unknown author (2013-12-13 15:30:39):

Whenever I create a cursor it when I go into the cursor changer on my windows 7 it always comes up that the cursor is blank and when I click on it, it actually is blank but if I open the cursor file it still has my previous work

Vlasta (2013-12-13 16:38:54):

You have probably created a Windows 7 cursor with two images of different size and left one of the images blank - you need to draw both. Or do not create a Windows 7 cursor and use a standard one with a single image.

Unknown author (2013-12-19 22:50:07):

How do i use my cursor now?

Unknown author (2013-12-20 23:59:02):

the colors will not show up with i try to make my mouse wut do i do to get it back -_-"????

how to save the mouse???

Unknown author (2013-12-21 11:59:39):

can anyone tell me, how to all the time after clickning it blue on the mouse?

Unknown author (2013-12-31 15:20:45):

When you have downloaded a cursor, how do you use it? :-o

Unknown author (2014-01-17 22:58:50):

How do I set a transparent back ground?

Unknown author (2014-01-18 03:51:34):

how do i change the cursor on a mac

Unknown author (2014-01-25 20:32:56):

Hmm.. why is this happening?


File can't be saved :/

Vlasta (2014-01-25 20:44:05):

Hard to say without more info (do you have latest version?).

Unknown author (2014-01-25 20:53:29):

I'll upgrade and see.. Already saved the file as .rli :P

Still the same :/

Vlasta (2014-01-25 21:02:32):

So it fails when saving as .gif?

Unknown author (2014-01-25 21:11:18):


Is it because I have many frames? (171)

Vlasta (2014-01-25 21:12:49):

That may be the case, but please send me the .rli to info@rw-designer.com and I'll see what is happening.

Unknown author (2014-01-25 21:20:01):

Confirmed! That was the problem..Tried with 6 frames and it was saved successfully.

BTW when I save the gif,its frames are pilling,(the last frame is not disappearing and the gif ends up messed up..How can I solve this problem? Maybe add more time between the frame change? :P [*] )

[*] Eg: http://imgur.com/60CHc.gif

Vlasta (2014-01-25 21:43:20):

If the animation looked OK in the editor and then became messed up when saved as gif, then there may be a problem with the gif exporter, maybe related to the previous one. Having the .rli will be useful in this case too. I have never really tried with large gifs with lots of frames, the editor is mainly for cursors, so there may be a hidden bug.

Unknown author (2014-01-25 23:09:29):


When a frame is empty(aka transparent) it can't save the file.However if I place any object (image/text/polygon etc) it gets saved..

Now.. how could I solve this problem? (http://imgur.com/lcL8In1) :P

Vlasta (2014-01-25 23:29:45):

At least the bug with empty frames should be already fixed in RWPaint. (I'll update the cursor editor tomorrow.) I am unsure how to replicate the other bug - or is it the same?

Unknown author (2014-01-25 23:46:53):

Well I have tried compiling the gif with online tools too.I get the same result :/ I have read in Adobe Forums that in PS you can configure if you would like to keep the previous frame or delete it,so as the new frame gets showed up correctly.

The fact is that I can't afford to buy any Adobe Product.. :P

Vlasta (2014-01-25 23:52:00):

In RW tools, the frame handling should be automatic and for my test files, it works fine. But, yeah, there may be bug that I have overlooked. Uploading a working .rli that I can save as .gif myself and see where it is going wrong would be the fastest way for me to fix it.

Unknown author (2014-01-26 00:44:09):

Downloaded a fresh new copy of RWPaint, tried opening the rli file and I was able to save it as gif :-)

Also created a new .rli with 150 frames and RWPaint saved it successfully! :-)

So the RWCE was the problem :3 Anyway..

However the glitched gif effect is still on the result..

Here is a test rli that I am working on: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g436f2ccf1300afb599944882196b1a8e2cbf37c80

[*] NOTE: The file will be deleted after 14 days :P
Sorry that's what the website says :P

Vlasta (2014-01-26 08:31:30):

I see the bug now, I should be able to fix it today in both programs.

Unknown author (2014-01-26 13:38:28):


Vlasta (2014-01-26 18:27:34):

It should be working now. I hope I did not break anything...

Unknown author (2014-01-26 19:40:08):

lol I will try it :-)

Unknown author (2014-01-27 13:39:24):

How do you make my drawn image my actual cursor???
:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2014-02-02 04:49:09):

how do i make one ??? :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2014-02-02 23:59:20):

ho do idownload the cursor

Yosh (2014-03-03 17:46:20):

:-( How do you put the icon on your website and use it on your computer? I'm on Windows 7, I think. :-(

Nicolli (2014-03-25 20:41:00):

Não Consigo Modar A linguagem Do meu !!! Tem Como Vcs Me Ajudarem ?????

Vlasta (2014-03-25 21:28:07):

Just click on the Spanish language on the Online page.

Unknown author (2014-03-28 20:37:11):

how do u do create a cursor ? :-(

Unknown author (2014-04-10 02:49:35):

can you guys tell me how to equip my cursor once its saved on the desktop??!!

Unknown author (2014-05-13 17:00:01):

how do i make wone

fanatgian (2014-05-15 00:09:35):

I forgot how to make a cursor set. :-( Can someone please tell me how to make one?

Unknown author (2014-05-21 01:23:05):

How do I install the cursors?

Unknown author (2014-05-30 18:00:29):

how the heck do I change the elipse to yellow

Unknown author (2014-06-03 23:38:55):

you need to go on control panel and prees mouse go on pointeres and choose any then go on top and change it to documents and press downloads youll see it there 8-) ;-) :-)

arlene11 (2014-06-08 22:05:30):

I did that and they are not there?????

Unknown author (2014-06-09 22:12:28):

what do i do to make one because i need one for meh game. ;-) 8-) :-) :-D

fificat (2014-06-14 03:53:55):

how do I make an animated cursor?you see im new

Unknown author (2014-06-14 04:52:20):

How do you make your editing platform larger?

K so I loaded an old animated cursor and made some changes to it. But in the preview box it still shows the previous cursor I loaded with no changes made to it. How do I apply the changes I've made to the cursor?

Vlasta (2014-06-14 08:38:36):

Here is a tutorial for animated cursors.

Changing the size of the cursor canvas is not a good idea. Computers only show cursors of certain size (which may depend on your Windows version and settings). One cursor may have different sizes inside it, so changing only one may not be visible on the preview (because your computer is showing the other one). You need to change all sizes.

Unknown author (2014-07-16 03:15:27):

How do I use my mouse cursor now that im done?

Vlasta (2014-07-16 07:52:15):

Save it as .cur or .ani and then activate it in Mouse Control Panel or from the Cursor menu in the editor or from the Customize tab in the editor.

Melody Chan (2014-07-20 04:02:37):

Thanks for ALL of the help. :-D

Unknown author (2014-07-24 20:29:52):

hey when you dowlond a cursor how do you open it

Unknown author (2014-08-14 22:57:20):

How do i use ALL the cursors :-(

guiabaete (2014-08-21 23:17:16):

como eu publi9co cursores?

Unknown author (2014-08-27 16:23:28):

I draw a zoom in/out cursor in photoshop and it looks perfect in photoshop... but when I open the png (exported from photoshop) it looks terrible with jagged edges... what is the best export set up so my photoshop drawings look as perfect as they were in photoshop?

Vlasta (2014-08-27 17:17:29):

Make sure "Alpha channels" is set and that your image actually has an alpha channel.

Unknown author (2014-09-05 03:35:10):

is there any way to make a batch prossesing? i have the models for over 200 cursors and i dont want to create one by one
thanks for your time!

Vlasta (2014-09-08 11:31:48):

No batch processing in the current version and there probably won't be in the future as it seems to me that each cursor would still need some manual adjustments, like setting hotspot.

Unknown author (2014-09-10 00:56:07):

is there any way to "zoom" the hotspot selection it is hard for me to see where its the exact center.

Vlasta (2014-09-10 07:30:39):

You can switch to the hotspot tool and you'll see in on the main canvas.

Mark (2014-09-12 13:22:51):

Would like to import a pic, duplicate it 10 times (to have 10 layers) then add a different pic to each layer to make an animated cursor. Can this be done?

Vlasta (2014-09-12 13:25:49):

You should open it as an animation (which is the default in RWCE), duplicate the frame 10 times and then add a later to each frame with this different pic. Then convert it to a cursor. In RWCE a frame is a frame and a layer is a layer. No need to pretend that a layer is a frame.

Unknown author (2014-09-30 08:38:18):

Hi Vlasta. What an excellent tool. I'm searching for a way to save all frames (each in their own file) in one go. What I'm trying is to select all the frames and then use "Save selected frame..." but even if I've selected all frames it seems to only save the first frame, not all of them. I was hoping that there would be some feature where it would do this in one operation, with file names suffixed with the frame no.

Vlasta (2014-09-30 11:47:54):

As you have found out, the program does not do what you need (as it is not its goal). The easiest way to add is via a scripted operation. Do you know JavaScript?

Stick Mejia (2014-10-05 01:44:44):

Hello you can make the cursor changes appearance when you click
thank you ;-)

J (2014-10-10 14:56:02):

Can anyone tell me how to upload a cursor set?

Vlasta (2014-10-10 18:13:14):

upload individual cursors here or from the editor and then create a set

fanatgian (2014-10-18 01:52:15):

Can anyone please tell me how I can delete my cursor set? Edit: nevermind I found the answer

Unknown author (2014-10-19 05:29:45):

I have created a cursor in Realworld Cursor Editor. Is it possible to use the created cursor in Excel? I have tried with no luck.

Vlasta (2014-10-19 07:59:57):

That would depend on Excel, but I doubt it.

Unknown author (2014-11-07 20:48:01):

When I make a picture cursor, it's super small. How can I make it bigger without it getting all pixelated?

Unknown author (2014-11-19 10:26:24):

Could anyone help me how can I use (open) the created cursor in Linux? Or can I use this app (RealWorld Cursor Editor) on Linux?

Unknown author (2014-11-19 23:18:36):

I need help a lot 8-) |-) :-o :-( :-D ;-) :-)

Unknown author (2014-11-26 18:51:27):

how do I set my downloaded coursor

Unknown author (2014-11-27 09:01:26):

When I try to download RealWorld Cursor Editor it won't let me download it :-(

Unknown author (2014-11-27 20:09:49):

how do we use our cursor after downloading it!

Unknown author (2014-11-29 17:05:21):

can i get the yellow thing around my cursor :-( :-( :-( :-( please tell me quick

CursorKid (2014-12-02 13:05:43):

How do i make 3D cursor pleaseshow me the video in youtube :-D

Vlasta (2014-12-02 13:07:57):

Currently, you can not make 3D cursors. IT was removed as it was too complicated for most users. You can use some other 3D program to create an image or an animation and then convert it to cursor in RW.

Unknown author (2014-12-03 16:10:36):

How do i duplicate cursor,please help!

Unknown author (2015-01-04 09:23:53):

im just wondering how to make the cursors bigger so i can see them more clearly

niklas (2015-01-30 22:08:24):

i cant make a cursor :-(

felix (2015-02-04 23:04:09):

Yo im new, so this is really confusing

Unknown author (2015-02-16 20:51:09):


Unknown author (2015-02-18 23:17:27):

;-) :-( This is weird can I make a cursor that can be both moody and cool if so can any body give me some ideas? :-)

Varjokani (2015-02-26 11:40:33):

How to make our cursors show of in our profile. All I can see them is from:

Unknown author (2015-03-22 01:53:19):

go to cursor arrow shape choose acpeat\ok go to eclispe press circle on the right choose a color Drag it from the left top corner dont forget to make it light in the middle then the cursor hot spot i hope this helped ;-) :-D

Unknown author (2015-04-06 20:43:35):

Can someone make a Normal purple and black cursor? If not, How can I?

paulhyoink (2015-04-15 00:03:10):

Just use the normal select cursor on the top right (middle-left for online version) ;-) , and fill with purple... simple.

J (2015-04-22 11:02:05):

Does this site have a tutorial on how to make a sword cursor?
I've tried it quite a few times by following these steps.

1) made an rli image
2) used "create cursor from image wizard"

by doing so I lost all the detailing in the cursor and it looks merely like a 4 pixel thick line.

Please Help

Unknown author (2015-04-26 12:47:12):

how i can download it?

Unknown author (2015-05-01 09:21:08):

how do you make the curser |-)


icandyb (2015-05-05 17:29:41):

I'm wondering how to make a set. do I save individual cursors on my computer first ?? 8-)

Unknown author (2015-05-10 11:46:50):

:-( ;-)i cant doit help

GLaDOGE7838 (2015-05-25 13:57:31):

PLease check out my new RainbowCorgi ones! :-D

Unknown author (2015-06-16 22:50:42):

how do i undo cursor my kids made and remove

Vlasta (2015-06-17 00:48:52):

you can change cursors for example in the Mouse Control Panel

Arty (2015-06-21 15:07:39):

I try to upload a cursor but it keeps saying invalid and stuff

Unknown author (2015-06-27 05:23:07):

can I make a cursor that changes when loading, clicking etc.

luischr6 (2015-08-20 20:18:55):

Is there a way to increase the size of all frames in an
animated cursor at the same time ??

Vlasta (2015-08-20 22:47:22):

yes, look in the Cursor menu

Unknown author (2015-09-01 16:57:54):

My cursor disappears randomly on a webpage and it only comes back on certain areas of the page. Frankly it's annoying but I don't know how to fix it. How do I?

Animega (2015-09-27 02:58:23):

How do u get the test area to come back? for some reason mine disappeared.

Vlasta (2015-09-27 10:09:57):

click on its heading?

Unknown author (2015-12-13 01:39:50):

how do u rotate the image?

Unknown author (2015-12-14 13:43:16):

is it fun 8-)

Unknown author (2015-12-16 18:45:57):

How do I activate it???

Unknown author (2015-12-26 03:09:29):

I dont hvae the windows aero (large) (system scheme) on mine :-o

Unknown author (2016-01-05 05:01:20):

can you help me, I have made a custom curser and ever so often my curer disappears from my screen

xxoklar (2016-01-09 13:54:50):

how publish cursor in the realworld.com

Unknown author (2016-01-23 21:23:21):

can someone help me :-(:-(


Unknown author (2016-01-23 21:48:38):

Where is Colors??

Unknown author (2016-02-12 03:26:59):

hi site manager Vlasta can you please write back telling me how to set the cursor after turning my picture into a cursor please thanks

hey its me don't worry I have figured it out

Unknown author (2016-02-19 18:32:44):

how do i stop cursor flashing

Unknown author (2016-02-29 00:23:03):

how do u download cursors on macs


Unknown author (2016-03-05 21:19:50):


Gemaker (2016-03-12 02:09:11):

How do I flip things?

Unknown author (2016-03-23 13:55:59):

How I make the loading cursor ?

Unknown author (2016-04-01 03:27:32):

Hi, thanks for the great cursor editor.
I am looking to do the inverted by pixel type of cursor but could not figure out how.

Windows have a special set of inverted cursor but I wish to do my own design with that system, any help to do that?

Vlasta (2016-04-01 09:11:56):

look here

Unknown author (2016-04-17 02:41:33):

this program is broken and confusing af 0/10

Unknown author (2016-05-08 01:24:53):

how bigger the circle?

Unknown author (2016-05-26 10:06:01):

how do i set mouse pointer as my current mouse pointer

Unknown author (2016-06-18 07:12:57):

How do you download the softwear to get the cursors

Unknown author (2016-06-30 16:22:49):


Unknown author (2016-07-04 19:19:38):

how do i make the canvas bigger?

Unknown author (2016-07-09 20:30:20):

how do I install cursors and run them? :-o

Unknown author (2016-07-13 17:40:56):

how do i make the cursors bigger where the image is bigger when i use it??

RarityJane (2016-07-16 11:07:18):

How could I publish my cursors

cutiekitty121 (2016-07-31 02:40:46):

how do u move it? :O

yaslillyslays (2016-08-02 00:25:07):

:-( im confused on how to MAKE one

Unknown author (2016-08-03 02:35:20):

how do I make the canvas larger? :-(

Unknown author (2016-08-03 19:31:33):

how do I duplicate selected parts

Unknown author (2016-08-03 19:51:44):

how do i use the cursor

siabob007 (2016-08-18 16:58:04):

You cannot make the canvas larger.

Unknown author (2016-08-27 15:15:07):

how do i apply a mouse pointer on my pc

Unknown author (2016-08-29 03:12:14):

where is the color picker? can't find anywhere...

Dream*Dust (2016-09-06 08:57:57):

Where do I make the cursor? Im not kidding. Wasn't there a link in the site where you could quickly create one, not having to download the RW Curosr editor? :-(

Unknown author (2016-09-06 23:41:09):

:-o how to change cursor??

The Derpy Girl (2016-09-15 23:38:12):

Yes, you can. Just follow these easy directions. Go to the Formats tab on the browser on the right side of the canvas. Click on the + button and choose a size that fits your satisfactory.
icon-image/8400-32x32x32.png image

Unknown author (2016-09-30 00:08:43):

how do u get it to be your cursor after download? like where do u go???

The Derpy Girl (2016-10-11 19:48:21):


Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2016-10-16 22:20:03):

I'm using windows 10, do downloaded cursors work on that? If so, How do I work it? :-(

Unknown author (2016-10-17 18:43:03):

hi i am so sorry to bother you but can you tell me how to set your cursor : 8-)

Unknown author (2016-10-20 01:57:33):

it wont give the cursor to me and i tried a million things and downloaded it like 40 times.Helppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2016-10-20 07:32:18):

hola como ago para que se me ponga el puntero editado? diganme plis :-(

KacaOkiM (2016-10-26 11:13:55):

Be so kind and explaining to me : How to install cursor bec I can't find (when I open zip- I cant' see (.inf)
file by name >> (.inf) set up information....I found only on X-steel (BLUE)..as for other cursors I could not find...
Wanna to know problem !!! 8-) ;-) 8-)
In any way thanks for your answer to me
greetings and best wishes from me ....Miki from Europa...

Unknown author (2016-10-30 21:37:40):

i can't launch cursor app somebody help me plz :-(

Vlasta (2016-10-31 15:24:27):

it may help to reinstall or to reset configuration

Unknown author (2016-11-01 21:55:27):

This checkered pattern background is giving me a headache. How do I change it?

Unknown author (2016-11-08 20:27:39):

I do not seem to have the panel on the right hand side that allows me to change colors. I'm on Windows 7, using the download for Windows 7. What am I missing?

Vlasta (2016-11-09 08:54:43):

First, select a tool that needs a color, the panel is only visible when needed.

Unknown author (2016-12-07 16:54:17):

i cant select the cursor.

Unknown author (2016-12-20 04:31:26):

i would like to know hoiw to set my cursor

Unknown author (2017-01-06 22:34:42):

I made a custom cursor and applied it but my cursor didn't change. Why?

(Something tells me I have to restart the computer.)

Unknown author (2017-01-07 10:39:04):

¿Hay algún tutorial completo del uso de herramientas en español o inglés?

Ben1701A (2017-01-09 17:52:54):

Anoymous (the guy right over me) said:
Is there a complete tutorial on using tools in Spanish or English?
¿Hay algún tutorial completo del uso de herramientas en español o inglés?

Unknown author (2017-01-11 08:15:17):

Where can layer styles be downloaded? Ty.

Vlasta (2017-01-12 09:00:40):

Some basic styles can be downloaded on the Media tab from the Online page in the editor.

Unknown author (2017-01-17 18:24:01):

animation is missing

Unknown author (2017-01-23 17:12:43):

How do I set it to my computer

TalynnaP (2017-01-28 04:22:40):

Can you upload cursor's you have made?

Vlasta (2017-01-28 13:20:06):

Yes, go to Gallery->Cursors->Upload

Pierre (2017-02-27 00:41:16):

how can i make cursor sets?

Unknown author (2017-03-11 20:03:14):

:-( My file keeps on denying when I try to unzip it! :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2017-03-15 19:48:26):

I successfully downloaded and installed a cursor from your gallery. I was very happy as this particular cursor was easy to see and colorful.

Unfortunately, maybe, after 5 minutes or so, the cursor disappeared and when after moving my mouse around several times to get it back, all I got was a teeny tiny circle or spot that kept disappearing and when I did get the tiny spot to reappear, temporarily, it was hard to see and manipulate. I never did get my gallery cursor back.

So, I redownloaded and reinstalled it and although it appeared, this time it disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Has this issue been reported before?


Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 bit (Most current version)

Lenovo notebook (Laptop) G500s

FireFox Web browser (Most current version)

Vlasta (2017-03-17 09:18:13):

Never heard of it, did you try different cursor?

Unknown author (2017-03-24 07:50:10):

Can anti-alias be shut off? Thank you.

Unknown author (2017-03-24 11:59:18):

When I resize the frame - the colors are missing and when i custom resize the image becomes low quality for some reason.. :-(

Unknown author (2017-03-28 09:39:13):

I've run into the click-n-drag-lost-color error before, but I don't even know a workaround for it. Here's a more experienced person's explanation (description & comments-)

Unknown author (2017-05-12 02:35:09):

Mine also disappeared and it was really not very likeable. Is it because it is animated or does this huge bug happen normally? :-( Please tell this to the owner(s) and please tell them to try to fix

Unknown author (2017-05-23 00:52:06):

Lol ya'll r stupid :-D

Unknown author (2017-06-08 21:58:19):

Can you add text to a cursor

Unknown author (2017-06-10 07:22:23):

How do you do this on mac? How do you draw it?

how do u post it?

Unknown author (2017-06-13 19:23:30):

When i try to select a diffrent frame in the cursor editor, the program freezes, Then crashes. This happens with icon editor and paint.

Please help!! :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit (Most current version)

Lenovo Yoga 11e (Lenovo Education Series)

Chrome browser (Most current version)

Unknown author (2017-08-07 03:41:59):

how do i down load the curser to my PC

trentytoo (2017-09-02 01:27:20):


Unknown author (2017-09-12 06:24:43):

my mouse pointer disappears please help

Hanif Nick (2017-09-23 10:27:04):

everything is fine for me... when i donwloaded Undertale Genocide and Sans The Skeleton Cursor ... is fine! it didnt give me any virus yet and nothing is wrong with my cursor... you Anonymous are lies to the others you just disgust me idiot

RIDDLER (2018-01-24 08:27:32):

I create a test cursor set. Now I want to delete my cursor set. How can I delete my cursors set? Please help me.
:-( :-o

RIDDLER (2018-01-25 05:27:20):

How can I edit the cursor modifier?

Vlasta (2018-01-25 10:01:34):

What do you mean by "cursor modifier"?

trk (2018-01-30 12:44:02):

ı can'T make active the cursor

Unknown author (2018-02-12 08:50:20):

how do i search a cursor

Unknown author (2018-04-03 02:05:56):

how do I activate the cursor

RIDDLER (2018-04-10 23:22:09):

How can I make the canvas rectangular?

Unknown author (2018-05-06 03:56:03):

How do I save my cursor as the 48x48 type instead of the 32x32? Every time I save it, it saves as the same size. :-o But I want mine bigger. I don't know how to do it, though. :-(

Vlasta (2018-05-06 15:33:51):

learn about cursors in Windows

Abandoned Account (2018-06-23 00:07:35):

How Do I Upload Custom Cursors? (Sorry, I am New...)

Unknown author (2018-06-29 19:12:04):

how to use cursor sets could anyone pls tell me i am new

Unknown author (2018-07-03 14:37:31):

Any way to generate cursor schemes with INF file?

Unknown author (2018-07-12 01:31:02):

How do you make cursors? Sorry, im just new t this site.

Unknown author (2018-07-29 21:42:19):

I just want to change the colour of my Windows cursor.

Unknown author (2018-08-30 03:54:39):

I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I have installed Real World Cursor Editor. After I turn off the PC, and turn it on the next day, how do I turn it on again??

Unknown author (2018-09-10 00:24:21):

how do i bring up my cursor on Apple

BonnieTheWolf (2018-09-20 02:13:16):

How I upload cursors? I'm new here

Vlasta (2018-09-20 10:42:19):

Gallery -> Cursors -> Upload

BurninLitt14 (2018-10-11 22:17:58):


BurninLitt14 (2018-11-03 14:20:35):

how do i delete cursors

BurninLitt14 (2018-12-05 03:11:29):

how do i make inverted color cursor

Unknown author (2018-12-08 03:27:24):

how do you make it so your custom cursor appears when you click?

Unknown author (2018-12-09 11:12:00):

how to use the cursor
i just keep my default one and want to change it

marble-san (2018-12-11 17:52:37):

Wasn't the cursor creator simply an online page before? Why do I have to download it now? I only have mac anyways so I can't. I made one before and did not have to download anything.

Unknown author (2018-12-11 19:15:52):

how to set up cursors

LionIB IB (2018-12-20 18:15:08):

How can i create cursor packs?

Unknown author (2018-12-27 10:02:33):

How does one set a hotspot for the cursor in the new version, I do not know how. The place where it was before is now a "dropper". :-(

Vlasta (2018-12-27 14:33:59):

should be right next to it, but there are alternatives - you can drag and drop in the preview window or set it manually in the frame properties panel

ONEOLDDAME (2019-02-03 06:05:18):

how do you get the halo effect around cursors

Unknown author (2019-02-14 01:29:26):

Is there such a thing as a PNG compressed icon?

Unknown author (2019-03-05 06:13:41):

how do you enable the cursor after downloading it?

The Derpy Girl (2019-03-14 16:47:09):

Can you please add two new roles that are now in Windows?

  • Location Select
  • Person Select
Unknown author (2019-03-23 20:19:04):

Hey there. Windows 10 user here. I saved my .ani file(a recolored version of the default cursor) in my images folder. When I click browse though, the file shows up but it's blank. :-(

Vlasta (2019-03-24 14:16:59):

not enough info to help you

S.M.A.N (2019-04-03 10:15:39):

how upload into zip?

Unknown author (2019-04-04 23:30:33):

what app do i have to dowload for me to get a cursor

LilyDaguz (2019-04-26 02:25:08):

How do I set a round highlighter on the cursor

Unknown author (2019-05-08 15:44:18):

it will glitch up

Unknown author (2019-05-10 15:40:43):

great website (no im not a bot -_- )

Unknown author (2019-05-20 16:38:30):

oh my god is that your car

Unknown author (2019-05-27 17:18:48):

:-( i cant figure out how to publish a cursor!!!

Unknown author (2019-06-16 08:31:25):

Hello, does it work on linux?

Gamer929 (2019-06-22 19:54:32):

how to get cursor for computer

Mikro (2019-07-19 05:08:31):

how do I erase one of my cursors?

Xrenyn the Mage (2019-08-27 19:31:36):

@LilyDaguz you can set a round highlighter on your cursor by drawing a round highlighter around your cursor, ideally on a background layer - if that's what you meant.

But does the RW Cursor Editor support Mirror Axes for drawing?

Unknown author (2019-09-09 09:52:54):

I still can't change in to my cursor :-(sad times

Unknown author (2019-09-23 22:35:06):

how do i seet my curser

Unknown author (2019-10-03 18:50:04):


Unknown author (2019-11-02 21:14:23):

shut up :-)

Unknown author (2019-11-19 19:52:41):

how do i get it on my cursor?!?!?

Unknown author (2020-01-08 14:04:01):

Is it really impossible for this thing to perform the most basic operation of all? Putting lines or individual dots in a single solid color? Without blurring, antialising, color transposition whatosever?

I found an AmigaOS 2.x pointer set online. Nice, but simply too small for my FullHD resolution. Okay, grab the image as a brush, double the size and... WTF!? Not matter what I attempt, RWCE messes with colors and what used to be sharp, visible pixels becomes a blurry mess. Oh well, the colors did not match the original exactly anyway, so I tried to recreate it in double size from scratch. But again, all drawing tools enforce some antialiasing. No way to get rid of this, really? :-(

Unknown author (2020-01-31 19:07:40):

My cursor works, BUT I have to reset the cursor every time I restart the computer.

Unknown author (2020-02-09 22:48:50):


Unknown author (2020-02-21 08:06:29):

Hey, a dragged one of my side bars too far and now i can't drag it back which means i can't see what I'm drawing
Hope to hear from you soon :-)

Unknown author (2020-02-25 02:44:01):

:-( Lousy program. NO instructions. Can't figure out how to change colors. Sometimes it does something. Sometimes it doesn't. I can't the color I want. Many of the buttons don't seem to do anything.

:-( :-( :-( Where is the index? Where are the help files? :-( This NOT an editor. It is a frustationer.

Unknown author (2020-02-26 19:51:41):

why are websites like this they say they will help you but they don't its not people operating it is robots my friend is showing me how to download it and it works she will show me in a little bit i promise step by step :-D 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

it is a simple easy way to do she said i am a computer person but when it comes to it not working i go to my friend her youtube channel is lonewolf something dont know............................................................................................. i dont know who your are and i am a stranger or i might know you but i have this problem to...

Unknown author (2020-03-13 14:40:47):

how do do cursor onto computer

Unknown author (2020-03-18 05:31:06):

How do I actually use the mouse icons? I downloaded them but don't know what to do now :I

Unknown author (2020-03-29 04:34:48):

aaaaawwwwwwwssommmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D ;-) :-) 8-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

poison (2020-04-12 09:51:53):

dfoguhnvjdghn jjhzxvgb gchxjgh
http://www.rw-designer.com/sml/sleep.gif ;-) :-) 8-) :-o :-D

Unknown author (2020-04-24 05:49:50):

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2020-05-06 01:49:55):

how tf do i make it into my cursor? helpppppp

Unknown author (2020-05-06 10:12:08):

How do you use the cursors you download ?

Unknown author (2020-05-14 01:20:41):

you can use the cursors you download by getting an extension, "Cool Cursors For Chrome", make a cursor in the real world cursor maker. And then once you download a cursor, you can open the extension cool cursors, and then click, "Upload Cursor", and then click add new. then, it has a little blue plus sign and click it. then, your files should come up. then, click, "Downloads". Then, navigate to the cursor you made and it should say, "My-mouse-pointer.cur"or if you named the cursor, it should say the name. click it, and you have the cursor you made. Then, open the Extension, Cool Cursors, and the at the top left of the extension, you should see, My Collection. then click that, and then you should see your cursor you made, and then click your Custom Cursor.

that works in chrome

Unknown author (2020-05-14 02:04:18):


Unknown author (2020-05-14 22:19:39):

how do i use the cursor

Unknown author (2020-05-15 00:27:36):

I told you how!

the one that has lots of words, that is the one that tells you how to



Unknown author (2020-05-15 19:45:09):

how do i make an ANIMATED Cursor? Pls help me Vlasta!

Unknown author (2020-05-19 19:29:45):

i dont "now"

:-( :-( :-(

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

AnonymousPizza (2020-06-14 16:07:58):

Basically, there are frames in which you put your cursor. you can add, copy, or delete frames on the bottom tab. Just put a cursor on one frame, and nothing on the other frame. You should have a blinking cursor!

To use a cursor, go to settings>personalization>themes>mouse cursors. That's how you do it on win 10, on win 7 it is a little different.

Unknown author (2020-06-16 00:10:26):

It helpeed me

you youu Y-yyou!!!!

Unknown author (2020-07-03 09:29:59):

does it work on windows 10

Unknown author (2020-07-14 14:42:37):

how do i make the coordinates change

Unknown author (2020-07-27 14:45:49):

:-) :-D :-o 8-) |-) :-) ;-)

GRÂCE à la maison est très belle journée à la maison de retraite de mon père est décédé

Unknown author (2020-08-10 03:14:14):

eae galera bão?

Unknown author (2020-08-13 07:56:48):

how to draga adrawn cursor

abdillahindo (2020-08-15 09:13:27):

how to make Transparency crusor?

pls tell me, i didnt know how :-(

Iwan (2020-08-15 11:03:49):

how to upload your cursor i got cool oned with animations? :-o

abdillahindo (2020-08-15 13:02:59):

This is a link to "how to make animated crusor"

abdillahindo (2020-08-16 03:50:21):

this is a link to upload your crusor

Unknown author (2020-09-10 17:51:13):

como ago cursores con mivimirnto :-(


como se hacen cursores con movimiento

Unknown author (2020-09-12 11:12:58):


nao gosto de pau na minha boca

Unknown author (2020-09-21 21:08:24):

naoda certo isso e uma potcaria mn q raiva gastei meu tempo de jogar pra ta temtando essa merda aff


Unknown author (2020-09-21 21:45:42):

How do you enable a cursor? I made it and all, but I have the old cursor still. I've looked everywhere, please help me!

Unknown author (2020-09-25 15:48:54):

hi do you know how to equip cursors

Unknown author (2020-09-29 11:37:06):

i am not getting circle shape getting only ellipse shape

Unknown author (2020-10-14 20:02:54):

Yo se como hacer un cursor animado pero no como ver mi gif. Alguien me ayuda??? :-( :-( :-(

Cole (2020-10-18 02:00:55):

:-D Hi

Anonymous Me (2020-10-25 17:42:03):

Does anyone know how you can change the order of cursors in a cursor set?

Whenever I add cursors to a set, they are in the order in which they were created, but that is not necessarily the order I want them in.

Unknown author (2020-10-26 20:56:29):

Guys The reason your cursor dosent work is cause It for windows 10 if someone finds a way to fix that problem we will be fine :-D

Unknown author (2020-10-28 10:28:39):

How do you use it in Excel, the Halo disappears into the white cross in Excel. I need to use the Halo Cursor for a Video Tutorial.

Unknown author (2020-10-31 15:54:02):

How can i use my own Hotkeys?

Unknown author (2020-11-06 19:19:09):

equip cursers is easy

search for advanced config mouse
and choose pointers or cursers


Unknown author (2020-11-17 15:03:35):


Unknown author (2020-11-27 12:49:38):

equip cursers is easy

search for advanced config mouse
and choose pointers or cursers

:-D where

Unknown author (2020-11-29 21:54:14):

how do you use it because i downloaded it and i cant get it to work :-(

Unknown author (2020-11-30 02:28:48):

i tring to downloases it but it said it wont work

phillip (2020-12-02 13:01:31):

how do I upload a cursor?

Proo_KILLERzYT (2020-12-08 14:55:09):

Uploading cursors from RealWorld Cursor Editor
Cursors can be uploaded to the gallery either through web or directly from the RW cursor editor. To upload from the editor, open a cursor and go to Cursor->Add to online library in the main menu. In order to upload a cursor, an account on this web site is needed.

Unknown author (2020-12-08 18:54:15):

how i change size of the cursor?

Unknown author (2020-12-21 03:22:58):

how do get youtube to chromebook school go chrome web stor and type sphero edu downd sinup dont

ElCapitanYT (2021-01-04 23:42:14):


Unknown author (2021-01-06 23:34:54):

How do I add it lol |-)

Unknown author (2021-01-08 21:24:46):

I am still not sure how to offset cursor icon to pointer location :-o ;-)

Braken (2021-01-15 23:21:20):

When I outline an object in my cursor, no matter what color or opacity I use, there is an inconsistent black line on the outside or inside of the outline, and it doesn't go away unless I fill the space where the line is with any color. The black line is not visible in the creator, only on the preview or when in use. Any way to fix this?

Unknown author (2021-01-17 08:50:51):

h o w ◑︿◐

.cur_guy/maker (2021-01-19 20:36:27):

hi guys how do you upload cursors with a chrome laptop?

cause i made an among us one and i wanna post it

Unknown author (2021-01-20 18:52:45):

How do i change my mouse on a chromebook to the 1 i downloaded

Filzzy (2021-01-26 18:48:11):

I have a PC but I can help u if u do me a favor...

Unknown author (2021-02-03 19:51:43):

I want to find hallo cursers

Unknown author (2021-02-04 20:26:03):


:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-) :-) :-) ;-) 8-) :-o 8-) |-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

kyky (2021-02-05 22:30:20):

i am so confused

Unknown author (2021-02-10 02:41:43):

yea i watch zvx gamer and he said it over here but cant find it so idk what he means

Unknown author (2021-02-10 17:37:41):


Unknown author (2021-02-11 11:15:38):

how do you create an mouse pointer

;-) ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-D :-( :-( :-( :-o ;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2021-02-11 14:49:34):

how do i uplode it

Unknown author (2021-02-12 16:45:11):

how do I dowload

Unknown author (2021-02-16 03:01:48):

how do i put the imagine down or work it because my cursor is normal.

Unknown author (2021-02-18 11:21:28):

;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2021-02-18 18:42:39):

i cant figure ths owt!! :-o :-( :-D :-)

Unknown author (2021-02-22 17:17:00):


Unknown author (2021-02-23 18:28:21):

same i want to find out how to show my musty cursor

i think i got it you need to hack your pc or com because i did and it is now musty flag

Unknown author (2021-02-25 16:47:35):

hey lol

Unknown author (2021-02-26 16:50:00):

u h g g g ggg :-o 8-)

Noah (2021-02-26 20:28:51):

I'm confused how to upload a cursor set. :-(

Unknown author (2021-02-27 22:06:55):


Unknown author (2021-03-01 03:41:05):


Unknown author (2021-03-02 16:19:25):


Unknown author (2021-03-02 23:03:57):

am only 9 but I can't figer out how to get it.U_U

Unknown author (2021-03-04 04:14:46):


Unknown author (2021-03-06 20:21:19):


Unknown author (2021-03-07 09:52:54):

no works

Unknown author (2021-03-09 04:44:09):

i downloaded this thing but i wont get the mouse..

Unknown author (2021-03-09 09:34:16):

how u make it show???
:-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-09 13:43:54):


please set sex

Unknown author (2021-03-09 17:22:14):


Unknown author (2021-03-11 02:10:06):

its not working on my windows

Unknown author (2021-03-13 17:37:26):





shity site its boring :-D

Unknown author (2021-03-14 08:49:32):

why am I on this old ass website

Unknown author (2021-03-15 02:40:35):


Unknown author (2021-03-15 17:14:56):

how do download it

Unknown author (2021-03-15 18:40:03):

how do you make a mouse cursor |-)

Unknown author (2021-03-18 22:44:24):

how do i get this thing to come up

Unknown author (2021-03-20 06:29:34):



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Unknown author (2021-03-21 14:55:09):

como e que se meche nisto?

Unknown author (2021-03-22 18:17:35):

i dont speak fukin spanish

Unknown author (2021-03-23 20:30:58):

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)


Jupiter (2021-03-27 16:25:19):

how do I move my creation to my pc as a cursor file

Unknown author (2021-03-28 13:28:30):


Unknown author (2021-03-30 19:55:41):

I don't know how to make a cursor :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-03 21:46:59):

how do I make a cell transparent ?

Unknown author (2021-04-07 01:35:37):

please tell me how to open up my food cursors

har (2021-04-10 18:54:06):

I am new so I don't know :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

pianist // miyuki (2021-04-14 13:24:12):


Unknown author (2021-04-16 08:32:44):

how do you add .ani too mousescape on MacOS?

._. (2021-04-20 20:34:03):

:-) :-D

im using mac os x yosemite 10.10.5

why i say this BRUH

Unknown author (2021-04-21 04:04:39):


Unknown author (2021-05-03 03:10:46):


prozim_ip (2021-05-04 12:52:52):












Unknown author (2021-05-05 00:36:08):

how do I insert one

Unknown author (2021-05-05 08:46:27):

how i insert the cursor

Unknown author (2021-05-17 18:38:56):

how do i insert it i'm new

TieDyeDoge (2021-05-19 01:50:13):


Zackz epic cursors (2021-05-19 19:58:55):

ASS.exe crashed.

Unknown author (2021-05-24 19:48:55):

how do i use a cursor

Unknown author (2021-05-27 18:58:29):

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-) ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2021-06-02 23:49:26):



Akira Artz (2021-06-10 14:55:48):

I've seen larger canvases, is there a way to resize the canvas?

Unknown author (2021-06-24 06:39:09):

how do i change the cusor

Aarnav_12 (2021-07-22 04:36:19):

how to upload??

‍‍‍‍‍Chrome User (2021-07-27 17:15:05):

how do i insert it i'm new :-o

Unknown author (2021-08-06 15:49:57):


Unknown author (2021-08-07 03:44:21):

i want to make cursor

Unknown author (2021-08-07 17:20:10):

ME:HE'S DYING CALL 911 rw-designer.com/cursor-editor:WHAT'S THE NUBER??!! EVRYONE WHO HAS USED THIS WEB SIDE: realy niga what's the number!

Unknown author (2021-08-12 07:37:03):

Not clear how to get started. All I want to do is have a cursor that highlights. I really don't want to have to create one.

Unknown author (2021-09-04 15:56:36):

how do i make one put a picture and upload :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-09-09 08:31:30):

why is my cursor moving in the animation?

Unknown author (2021-09-17 21:08:36):

how do you put it on ?

Unknown author (2021-09-22 21:22:41):

im on chromebook

how do i put it???????????????/

Unknown author (2021-09-23 20:27:43):


=( (thers another way how to do it and it's hard )

Unknown author (2021-09-23 22:35:31):

this is soooooooooooooooooooo stupid i hate u

✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2021-09-24 17:27:30):

En realidad, lo unico dificil es como hacer que nuestros cursores echos podamos encontrarlo en el buscador de rw

Window (2021-09-29 02:59:49):


Unknown author (2021-10-01 05:16:42):

I can not put the cursor


✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2021-10-01 17:11:45):

Ahora que soy casi experta haciendo cursores, ta' re facil hacer cursores y subirlo a la galeria :3

Unknown author (2021-10-02 07:34:00):

wow i like it ;-)

Unknown author (2021-10-02 19:45:24):

for some reason the folders is all not oppening I even try to put AMOGUS for nothing I saw it works on windows 11 so you cant get it exept on it |-)

and I am anoying ;-;

Unknown author (2021-10-06 04:04:33):

how do put it on

Unknown author (2021-10-08 00:06:04):

how do you put it on

Unknown author (2021-10-08 16:26:08):

ai hướng dẫn mình cài với,tải rồi

Unknown author (2021-10-14 17:58:35):

how do you put it on


Unknown author (2021-10-28 04:09:31):

It dose not allow you to put it on on chrome yall ;-)

Unknown author (2021-10-30 20:58:07):

yea i know how to make more cursors

Charrkk (2021-11-06 04:40:34):

Hey, I'm trying to upload my own cursor ( .cur files) to the site but it says that the file I'm uploading is missing/invalid. I've tried changing the size of the image and that didn't work either. Any ideas?

Unknown author (2021-11-08 18:40:02):

how to equip it

Unknown author (2021-11-09 18:29:04):

How do i equip the cursor

✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2021-11-09 19:45:04):

Como publicar muchos cursores en uno

Unknown author (2021-11-11 04:54:43):


Unknown author (2021-11-17 17:01:45):

is there an option to replace a specific color in the icon with other colors?

ie. if I need to change all the pink colors in an icon to a specific color, is there any option

Unknown author (2021-11-21 03:20:31):

how ddo you create mouse :-(

cod3breaker12 (2021-11-22 19:35:01):

Guys, guys. If you're on a Chromebook or Mac, I don't think it's possible.
If you're on Windows, however, you can equip your cursors this way:

Hit the Windows key, search 'Mouse Settings,' and click 'Additional mouse options'. Click 'Pointers' and double click the cursors you want to change. You will be lead to a directory. Find the cursors you made which, if made on the website, is in Downloads. (Go to My PC > Downloads > my-cursor). Link select (the click pointer) is at the bottom, and other cursors can be found if needed.

Unknown author (2021-12-06 13:51:18):

settings ,devices, mouse ,additional mouse options,pointers,browse,this pc,choose the pointer you want,open,apply,

how to equip a pointer :-D

Unknown author (2021-12-13 12:59:36):

hi there creater if reakworld grapic umm do you have face book so i can foloow you in it and reddit thank you
:-) :-) :-) :-)

real world i mean

Unknown author (2021-12-17 20:04:33):

i do not

Unknown author (2021-12-24 23:26:47):

how do i paste transparent image into editor

..in other words, is it possible? Image loses transparency upon paste. Pls advise.

Unknown author (2022-01-02 02:33:14):

How do i turn off My custom cursor? I don't really know how to turn it off. :-(

Unknown author (2022-01-02 14:56:09):

i need a tiky corsor

Unknown author (2022-01-11 04:43:42):

how do you install a zip pack :-(

Unknown author (2022-01-12 18:12:43):

how do you create your own cursor? |-)

Unknown author (2022-01-17 01:25:09):

como ativa o cursos

Unknown author (2022-01-18 02:21:13):

how do you publish cursors so the real-world can see them

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

8-) 8)

Unknown author (2022-01-19 23:43:41):


Unknown author (2022-01-24 21:23:55):

how to equip need to know :-(

Unknown author (2022-01-25 11:19:09):

how to equip the cursor?

Not Tubular9 (2022-02-01 02:59:02):

how do thing?????? :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( 8-)

Unknown author (2022-02-02 18:14:09):

aradim imleci nasıl bulabilrim

cursorfactory (2022-02-06 11:18:46):

to equip an cursor go to control panel and to download an zip file click download and bring the files to your desktop sincerly cursorfactory. ;-)

Unknown author (2022-02-07 02:28:06):

well it didnt work

and im going to another cursor downloader

Unknown author (2022-02-11 21:03:35):

It does work, just go to control panel and search MOUSE, then go to your downloads where the dowloaded Mouse texture is, and just apply it.

★ Glitch.KRM BG ★ (2022-02-12 06:35:15):

Yea It does work!

If you need more help ask " Mazin Pro " which I know more and " Derpy Girl " or ask me cause Ik a lot to!


Unknown author (2022-02-14 07:36:00):

its not working

L0n3l7 (2022-02-15 04:28:46):

how to see the comments on your own cursor creations or enable them?

Unknown author (2022-02-15 19:57:46):

shit damit

Aadvik (2022-02-17 09:50:19):

after that how to publish them?

only from rw cursor editor


Unknown author (2022-02-17 18:53:48):

I caint figure out how to use it

Unknown author (2022-02-23 05:45:49):

it still my default

do i have to use the default to use it because i equip a pre made cursor in windows 10

Unknown author (2022-03-24 12:18:05):

where it says "type here to search", click that and type "mouse". Then click additional mouse options then pointers. You should see your active cursors. click on them then click browse and find the cursor pack you downloaded and click on it to install it. Do this for all cursor sprites and then click apply then okay. You should see your downloaded cursor. PS this only works on windows computers.

Unknown author (2022-03-30 20:42:48):


Unknown author (2022-04-20 10:55:35):


:-o :-o :-o :-o i hate nuts only deez nuts hahah damn daniel 8-) 8-) 8-) :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2022-04-20 15:29:11):

nao comsigo fazer um cursor

Unknown author (2022-04-20 19:36:24):

i want a big cursor god damit

Unknown author (2022-04-25 14:54:53):

i dont know wherw to go can you help?

Unknown author (2022-04-27 02:37:14):

these cursor ideas are stupid, no one wants any one these :-(

Unknown author (2022-05-10 23:13:52):

how do i even make it?

coolguy620s (2022-05-11 16:56:42):

to me its easy it really works

Unknown author (2022-05-16 20:22:15):


Unknown author (2022-05-20 14:41:02):


Unknown author (2022-05-24 23:17:33):

Why wont the changes (simple gradient fills) I'm making to a regular white cursor save so I can use them? It appears it's saving only in certain resolutions, but regardless, when I choose the file in the Windows dialog for cursor customization, I get a plain white cursor.. every time. Very frustrating.

LePurr (2022-07-23 08:51:25):

HELP can't remember the size to make a canvas where name clip art animates on its own. Thought this was so cool when i did it for the first time, now i forgot the size of the canvas. Anybody know??

RIDDLER (2022-08-11 21:58:27):

We need an updated version of RealWorld Cursor Editor with all the missing cursor wizards. The software needs a total of 17 cursor wizards.

Unknown author (2022-08-16 07:16:49):

i want a worlds amazing cursor for my pc so please provide it for me and name it like amazing cursors

i hope you will do that

Unknown author (2022-08-29 05:06:17):


Unknown author (2022-08-30 15:58:56):

I created an animated curor and downloaded it but it's not showing

Unknown author (2022-09-15 18:16:45):

how do i equip??

nonon (2022-09-20 15:42:16):

how do i move something please HELPP

Unknown author (2022-09-22 00:56:19):

meu pau
<button>meu pau</button>

Unknown author (2022-09-26 17:47:29):

how can i create an own one

Unknown author (2022-09-26 23:15:51):

how do i download a cursor

Account not found (2022-10-11 19:53:05):

How do i make help select? When i draw the: "?" Sign it looks very ugly

Unknown author (2022-10-12 17:50:04):

not teen x
so not opium

Unknown author (2022-10-18 20:12:55):

:-D hi

Unknown author (2022-10-20 22:53:14):

como hago para instalarlos. sin instalador?

Unknown author (2022-10-25 11:36:46):

help me equip the cursor please

Unknown author (2022-10-28 19:32:02):


i need help

Unknown author (2022-11-06 14:25:26):

how do you geta cursor on your mouse

Unknown author (2022-11-14 23:54:37):


Unknown author (2022-11-28 01:12:14):

you guys are all idiots :-D

Unknown author (2022-12-02 07:19:06):

can I zoom in on the cursor? ;-)

Unknown author (2022-12-05 18:25:43):


Unknown author (2022-12-06 15:19:50):

we need more privacy.

Unknown author (2022-12-06 16:39:17):

how to put on my new cursor?? :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-12-06 21:08:23):

suck my peniss

Unknown author (2022-12-08 05:26:57):


Sun_l1ght (2022-12-10 06:56:13):

1- how do i make a cursor pack?
2- some of these comments are..

Unknown author (2022-12-15 11:22:39):

rawr :-D

Unknown author (2022-12-20 20:25:00):

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2022-12-27 13:48:59):

Hello, Rix here. :-D The only question is, how do I make a circle?

Unknown author (2022-12-28 23:10:10):

what the heck... penis sex?

yumbee (2023-01-27 08:21:35):

:-o aw no.... not those comments

Unknown author (2023-02-02 10:11:25):

anyone know how to turn on the mouse cursor? :-(

Unknown author (2023-02-04 11:51:09):

how can i move the clock?

Unknown author (2023-02-07 05:43:27):


Unknown author (2023-02-12 04:24:08):

guy s how do i turn on the comoter mous help
:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o ;-)


ooprs sorry

Unknown author (2023-02-12 06:11:02):

yall r faggots

Unknown author (2023-02-22 18:50:44):



Unknown author (2023-02-24 21:00:31):

:-D :-D

Unknown author (2023-02-25 23:15:37):

yes 8-)

Unknown author (2023-03-02 23:54:12):

how do i change the cursor

Unknown author (2023-03-15 11:50:28):

how do you apply it?

Unknown author (2023-03-17 01:19:33):

i like big c=============3

Unknown author (2023-03-22 23:37:19):


anyone know of any more modern cursor design software

Unknown author (2023-03-23 22:49:32):

how to get my pointer cursor back

Unknown author (2023-03-25 13:04:30):


Unknown author (2023-03-29 11:25:33):




vargbooty2 (2023-04-01 09:22:23):

;-) ;-) ;-)

GrayisBlack (2023-04-06 21:44:08):

helped ig

-) 8-) :-o :-( :-D :-) ;-)

i want to suck on some cock

like this c====3


Unknown author (2023-04-10 00:23:28):

monkeys 8-)

Unknown author (2023-04-12 09:22:09):

coo :-o

coo :-o :-o :-( :-o 8-)

Unknown author (2023-04-13 19:12:58):

how to apply it hhmmmmmm ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2023-04-14 21:09:56):

nah why yall so sus

Unknown author (2023-04-15 09:49:42):


Patak (2023-04-15 13:09:19):

I need help with creating a link select cursor to complete my "epic dot" set
Someone please help

Unknown author (2023-04-20 19:27:32):

hey bitchesssss

Unknown author (2023-04-25 20:49:13):


Unknown author (2023-05-10 06:50:14):

how can I upload my own cursor pack

dreammaayan (2023-05-12 10:14:15):


Unknown author (2023-05-22 20:25:24):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

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