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Green Wedgit TeaserGreen Wedgit Cursors
by oneloneman3557A Green Widgit cursor set. If you like it please rate it. Thank you.
USA TeaserUSA Cursors
by oneloneman5372A set of Patriotic cursors. If you like it please rate it. Thank you.
Need For Speed Most Wanted TeaserNeed For Speed Most Wanted Cursors
by sixλxis1168i got the idea from a game.
Yellow Set TeaserYellow Set Cursors
by sixλxis915just yellow cursors.
Blue Wedgie Too TeaserBlue Wedgie Too Cursors
by oneloneman1806A variation on the Blue Wedgie cursor set. If you like it please rat...
All That Gliters TeaserAll That Gliters Cursors
by oneloneman2180All that Gliters is Gold. If you like it please rate it. Thank you.
Spinning brick TeaserSpinning brick Cursors
by sixλxis398A building brick that spins. Every frame was drawn manually.
Glitter Blue TeaserGlitter Blue Cursors
by oneloneman2243A Blue Glitter set of cursors. If you like it please rate it. Thank...
Portal TeaserPortal Cursors
by sixλxis5529Outdated. Get the new ones Here.
New Mini Blue Wedgie TeaserNew Mini Blue Wedgie Cursors
by oneloneman991A New Version of my Mini Blue Wedgie set. If you like it please rate...
Halloween 08 TeaserHalloween 08 Cursors
by SalemKnight31328Some cursors I made to celebrate Halloween when I had nothing to do. ...
See through leaves TeaserSee through leaves Cursors
by thenick15131176Maximum awesomeness
Dilbert And Gang TeaserDilbert And Gang Cursors
by Daniel W.742Dilbert cursors for everybody!
Edited Dragonball Z Characters TeaserEdited Dragonball Z Characters Cursors
by aza21111013edited dragonball z characters
Colorful TeaserColorful Cursors
by aza2111276colorful cursors
Swords TeaserSwords Cursors
by kenbokill534some of my first cursors, but their pretty good.
Turquoise Spike TeaserTurquoise Spike Cursors
by oneloneman654A Turquoise Spike
Horses TeaserHorses Cursors
by Chris Kid2112These are all made from horse photos.
Half Life Set TeaserHalf Life Set Cursors
by sixλxis881A bunch of cursors from Half Life
Portal theme updated TeaserPortal theme updated Cursors
by sixλxis867I do what i must because i can.
WoW Blades TeaserWoW Blades Cursors
by kenbokill2861some awsome swords from WoW
Cocktail TeaserCocktail Cursors
by Anny826just enjoy a cold drink of tropic fruits and relax...
Pyro TeaserPyro Cursors
by zip1ziltch2zero3383everything pyro about it
inverted_1 Teaserinverted_1 Cursors
by zaqovt367there are only 3 cursors, the insides of them invert the pixels on yo...
RuneScape Dragon Series (mrajbones) TeaserRuneScape Dragon Series (mrajbones) Cursors
by mrajbones885Every single dragon themed item in RuneScape, besides the drinks. Enjoy!
Corky TeaserCorky Cursors
by Chris Kid730These are all pink and purple corky cursors.
Cool Red TeaserCool Red Cursors
by Daniel W.3868You might also like "Cool Blue." Just back one page.
flame Teaserflame Cursors
by joel6115ki made on the cool program
UltraTiny TeaserUltraTiny Cursors
by sixλxis1440*VERY* tiny cursors PLZ COMMENT AND RATE!!!
ShinySquares TeaserShinySquares Cursors
by sixλxis179Translucent squares with an "LCD" look PLZ COMMENT AND RATE!!!
Selector TeaserSelector Cursors
by sixλxis2454-tool selector. Rotates to link, text and wait since they are used m...
Slider TeaserSlider Cursors
by sixλxis1078Regular arrow with symbols that "slide into place" PLZ COMMENT AND RA...
Yoshi TeaserYoshi Cursors
by nrox65313kI completed this set around September, but I didn't really bother to ...
Simple Set TeaserSimple Set Cursors
by sixλxis1856A bunch of Orange-red gradient coloured default windows theme cursors...
by polikosaurio745green animated circles
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