Cursor Set - 2015

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2015 Cursors

  • Published on June 27th 2015 by Troy.
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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these are cursors i made in 2015 in order from when i made them


by Troy

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user icon Anonymous on February 1st

yo its skeppy i love skeppy do yuo love skeppy i love his videos altthough you only said derp i think you knw its sekppy wait this was in 2015 so skeppy like didnt exist right idk but its kinda cool yaknow did skeppy have a channel in 2015 1 sec oh he did have a cahnnel in 2015 called like skeppyplays you can clearyl tell im bored ok bye and love skeppy #potatos

i agree :-D :-( :-( 8- |-) ;-) :-( :-) ;-) :-) :-o

i think i broke it lol dont know if this works



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its going pretty slowly but thats fine

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user icon snickerdoodle registered user on February 20th

5 out of 5 stars.

I love the dropping water animation. I feel like you could make the water in droplets as well instead of only in the waves/ripples/whatever they are right now. great set

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