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Highlight Rainbow 10 Cursors

Highlight Rainbow 10
  • Published on May 14th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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Here is the last cursor set in the Highlight 10 series. This Highlight Rainbow 10 cursor set took me a long time to make. The strategy that I have used was to first download a color wheel from Google with 36 colors. Each of the colors of the color wheel were animated by spinning the background wheel one notch of color forward, from left to right, similarly like in the Wheel of Fortune game.

Wheel of Fortune - wheel images:

This background wheel was used as the first layer for the rainbow background. Below is the exact image that I have resized and removed the background to make this Highlight Rainbow 10 cursor set:

The color wheel that I have downloaded from Google does not have any text of image watermarks on the thumbnail preview. This color wheel has a total of 36 colors sorted in proper rainbow order.

Then, after resizing and importing the color wheel to the RealWorld Cursor Editor, I made the first layer background semi-transparent by selecting each of the 36 frames individually and setting the transparency level to 50% to achieve a proper Highlight halo circle background.

After that, I have copied and pasted each cursor animation frame to a new raster layer on top of the color wheel backgrounds. One by one, I have copied all the animation frames of all the cursors onto their respective frames. For the pre-animated cursors like the Working In Background and Busy cursors roles, which has 18 frames, I was required to copy the animation twice so that it fully completed the single revolution of the spinning wheel background. That is it. This is how I have created this Highlight Rainbow 10 cursor set. It took me a few hours to accomplish this, but in the end, I have succeeded once again.

More details about this "Highlight Rainbow 10" animated cursor set:

There are 17 cursor roles in this cursor set. All the cursor roles in this full set are animated. There are two blue spinning wheel cursors with blue spinners. They all have a frame time of 3 seconds just like the animated wheel background.

This cursor set was created for the Windows 10 operating system. That is the reason why I have added and included the Location Select and Person Select cursor roles. Please be aware that your build of Windows 10 must be beyond the Redstone builds. That is build 19H1 or above to get a good working experience with this cursor set, as well as being able to properly utilize the two extra cursor roles named Location Select and Person Select cursor roles. Those are a hand cursor with a pointing pin and a person user icon beside the hand cursor on the right hand side of those cursors.

Viewing the cursor animation online:

To be able to view the cursor animation online, before downloading, you need to make sure that you use the latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The animation effects will not be playable in the legacy version of Microsoft Edge because this old web browser is too old and lacks the necessary code to run JavaScripts and animation frames of animated cursor files. Internet Explorer 11 also lacks this ability to display cursor animations as well. To get the best viewing experience of the cursor animations for this cursor set, please make sure to update to the new Chromium Edge browser and the latest version of Google Chrome. It is also recommended to use the latest possible public build of Windows 10 as well.

About some of my good cursor tastes:

This Highlight Rainbow 10 cursor set is extremely beautiful. I am a content creator and casual computer user geek who is a great fan of rainbow cursors sets like this one. I have numerous rainbow cursor sets on my RIDDLER profile here on the RealWorld website, so do not forget to check those out as well. You will like those too.

This Highlight Rainbow 10 cursor set feels like having to mix several colored highlighter pens inks together to make a collage mix of colors. All of the cursors in this rainbow highlighted cursor set as white, apart from the spinners which are blue, as mentioned in paragraph six.

Enjoy this thrilling rainbow cursor set with a super-dazzlingly cool rainbow spinning effect.

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