Cursor Set - Peach

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Peach Cursors

  • Published on November 3rd 2019 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
4.8 out of 5 stars. (2 reviews) Log-in to add your review.

I knew that I forgot to add a new color. This is the peach cursor set. This cursor set is created from scratch by me and has all the 15 cursor roles for the peach set. If you want a peach cursor set, then, there you have it. You came to the right place. Don't get confused with the peach fruit! Enjoy!

Tags: Triangular



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Recent reviews and comments

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 3rd 2019

This peach set is mostly triangular. Enjoy!

user icon Vlazteron registered user on November 8th 2019

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Good job! But can you make the text select cursor a bit natural? Keep the good work!

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 10th 2019

I wanted to make the text select fully straight and even to make it look like a capital "I" letter. There are no Serif bits sticking out of the shape. The text select is natural in its native form. I will not change it because I like the way it is. It is original and different from all my other text select cursors from all my other cursor collections. You can also explore my latest set "Magnolia".

user icon Vlazteron registered user on November 10th 2019

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Oh, ok. Thanks for telling me why. :-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 11th 2019

You're welcome!

user icon jessicatgirl12 registered user on November 24th 2019

5 out of 5 stars.

This pink is a very nice color! I like that they're all the same color, but a variety of different shapes that are sort of similar (wonder if that makes sense lol). The cursors are all very high quality and all the hotspots are in the right place! I can tell you spent a lot of time and effort making this set! My favorite one is the diagonal resize because I like how smooth the triangles are and I like that shape! I've noticed that you group sets very well, also. All your sets are consistent and great. Keep making cursors :-)

user icon RIDDLER registered user on November 25th 2019

This color is not totally pink, but it has the same shade of light pink-red color that peaches have. I mean the peach fruit. This cursor set is supposed to be in all the same color. All my cursor sets are made to be in the same color because to have a set it needs to be in the same style, look and color.

I don't like cursors of different shapes because they don't look and feel right for Windows users. I always keep my cursors in proper Windows shaped cursors so that they can be easy to use and distinguish between cursor types.

I always make high quality cursors, and I always make sure that the hotspots are always in the right place. I did spend a lot of time and effort to create this cursor set. Yes, that's true. I always take my time to achieve the very best quality cursors possible.

I always make cursors are smooth as possible. My smoothest cursor set is the "Maximum Size 256x256 pixels because there are 256x256 pixels which gives the highest possible resolution for smoothing the look of cursors. The more pixels each cursor set has, the smoother it appears.

I will always do my very best to keep up the good work on making future cursors. I always try to think of new colors and styles that blends in together, keeping all my cursors in the proper shape for Windows, Linux and Mac users alike.

user icon Anonymous on May 17th 2021

I really like the cursor. But what I don't like is that they're too big. So, if you can, can you make a smaller version of this cursor or can you make a new cursor that is small because I like small cursors and big cursors don't suit me you could say. So, I think you might have some tiny cursors, can you just send me the link.


user icon RIDDLER registered user on May 18th 2021

I do have some small cursors. Browse my profile to find them.

user icon Anonymous