Cursor Set - Trans Flag Themed

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Trans Flag Themed Cursors

Trans Flag Themed
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Trans pride flag themed cursors!
Stay safe this pride month!
(these cursors can be a good way to affirm yourself if you have unsupportive people around you)

Trans orgullo bandera temática cursores!
Manténgase segura este mes de orgullo!

Tags: ■ Pink ■ Blue □ White □ Multicolored Simple Symbol □ Transparent Culture


by Paradise Murderer

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user icon Luke IAmTMafiaboy registered user on June 17th

5 out of 5 stars.

thank you for that

user icon Anonymous on July 13th


user icon AcousticallyAutistic registered user on July 13th

5 out of 5 stars.

this is a good cursor set. good job.

user icon Anonymous on August 8th


user icon Anonymous on August 9th

stefu greoomers u just mad cuz u have a fuceking plastic sausage roll for a dieck
and ur ballsack is non existnt u stupd ass fuecks
kill ureself cuz god dont like you stupid faegs

user icon Anonymous on August 15th


user icon Anonymous on August 17th

you can tell someone is a bigot just by their awful spelling ;-)

user icon Anonymous on September 7th

no wonder why people dont like your crap cult
you go like "can you validate us?"
and if we say no you get so mad you go on a fricking power trip and call us a million buzzwords

user icon Anonymous on September 18th

You know you're fragile and have way to much time on your hands when you actively go under a trans cursor page just to be a bigot. You people are truly pathetic and mentally ill. Seek help. In all my time, I never thought I would see something like this and I've seen a lot but this one takes the cake. It takes a real snowflake to whine and curse under a cursor page just because it has stuff for trans people. You need help. Seek mental help. Seriously. Seek therapy.

user icon Anonymous on September 20th

telling me to seek mental help and therapy seems a bit hypocritical coming from you cuz ur the one that should be doing it thinking cutting off your johnson automatically makes you another gender

user icon Anonymous