Cursor Set - Rarity

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Rarity Cursors

  • Published on December 22nd 2013 by .
  • Released under the Attribution+NonCommercial (CC by-nc) license.
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Perhaps the most glamorous of the cursor sets that I have done, this one has plenty of gems. Of course, Tom is also here.

Tags: Girly Animal Character TV series ■ Purple □ White


by Sullindir

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user icon Sullindir registered user on February 20th 2014

";-)Very nice. I usually run into graphics that are not so good but you have done an excellent job. Thanx"

Certainly, and thank you! I am glad that you feel that these are of a greater quality than most. I do hope you continue to enjoy them!

user icon Anonymous on May 10th 2014

nice :-)

user icon Sullindir registered user on May 10th 2014

"nice :-)"

Thank you! ^_^

user icon Anonymous on January 9th 2015

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مرة روعة انا لون الاب وردي والخلفية وردي وكل شي بناتي والمؤشر وردي حبيت اغير 8-)

user icon Anonymous on July 24th 2015

Rarity is best pony and best cursor! thank you for making this wonderfull cursor set so I can now show off my pegasister customised laptop cursor!

user icon LillieBell registered user on September 20th 2015

5 out of 5 stars.

i love these so much i was on a different on with sucky graphics and then i clicked yours and i give it a five out of five because i downloaded them grate job ;-) :-) :-D 8-) |-) great job blushes while trying to beat shyness

user icon Anonymous on August 14th 2016

how do you make the cursors? I have tried some people use iconart.

user icon мутнι¢αℓ✧ registered user on May 15th 2017

4 out of 5 stars.

I hate My Little Pony.. But my sister would probably love these. I/m rating 4 stars because of my sister likes these. :3 Hope you make more sets.

user icon Anonymous on July 5th 2020

i love it :-D :-D

;-) ;-)

user icon Anonymous on March 23rd

;-)love it 8-)

user icon Anonymous