Cursor Set - Derpy Hooves

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Derpy Hooves Cursors

Derpy Hooves
  • Published on December 23rd 2013 by .
  • Released under the Attribution+NonCommercial (CC by-nc) license.
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This set is based on the affectionately-named Derpy, and contains all the mail and muffins you could hope for. She is the first MLP:FIM set that I have made after finishing the Mane 6, making this set the point where the pony cursor project took to being an ongoing project.

Tags: ■ Silver Animal Character Girly TV series


by Sullindir

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user icon Anonymous on October 25th 2014

awesome can you please make a doctor hooves :-D :-D :-D :-D :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

user icon Sullindir registered user on October 28th 2014

"It was absolutely wonderful...Can you make Lyra?"
"awesome can you please make a doctor hooves"

I'm glad you both are enjoying. I am sorry to say, however, that I have had very little time for spriting for a few months now.

user icon Anonymous on December 6th 2014

oh if you are free can you make fluttershy? :-) they are really good the derpy ones you made. :-)

user icon Anonymous on February 13th 2015

8- )Cool as derps

user icon Anonymous on May 29th 2015



user icon Anonymous on September 6th 2015

"I just don't know what went wrong!"

user icon Anonymous on May 18th 2016


user icon Anonymous on September 13th 2016

This will be the second pony cursor i get.

user icon Anonymous on March 20th 2019

so cute!

user icon 11 registered user on July 17th 2022


user icon Anonymous