Cursor Set - RealWorld Simple (Dark)

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RealWorld Simple (Dark) Cursors

RealWorld Simple (Dark)
  • Published on April 23rd 2023 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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This set is a remix of the RealWorld Simple Cursor Set but is for any dark theme. It also required me to do a bit of tweaking in the template config to match the size and style of the lighter cursor set. Uses the built-in templates.

Tips when using the templates:

  • If you are making a Working in Background cursor with the Clock, Dots and Wheel templates, make your pointer in one frame, then make a new empty frame. In the new empty frame, use one of those templates, then add each frame onto the pointer frame, making sure they are aligned. Lastly, select all the frames using the bottom toolbar, and change all the hotspots in all of the frames to 0,0, or wherever you want the hotspot of the cursor to be in.
  • You can also omit moving the loading animations entirely, and just use a pointer frame to put the template on, then change the hotspot in all frames to be 0,0
  • For symbols, use the alignment feature in the template editor to position where you want the symbol to be instead of just moving it manually.
  • Alternate select cursors can be an arrow pointing up, up-right or be a vertical resize cursor template with the bottom part being replaced by the extended shaft holding the top arrow head.
  • If you are making left-handed cursors, use the up-right choice for the arrow pointer as normal select, and pointing to the right (not up) for alternate select.
  • And lastly, if you are on Windows 7, you don't have to use Location Select and Person Select since those roles haven't been made until one of the Windows 10 updates rolled out in 2020. It's recommended that you make them anyways if you are publishing your own sets as a Windows 7 user.

To equip/use these cursors:

  • Copy and paste the downloaded cursor set into a new folder in C:\Windows\Cursors. Make sure you click Continue if it requires admin privilages.
  • Go to the start menu, and search for main.cpl, then hit Enter. Regardless of what version of Windows you use, the search function works the same.
  • Go to the Pointers tab.
  • Select the role cursor, find the matching cursor in said folder, and set it.
  • Repeat for the other 16 roles.
  • Save the cursor theme by clicking Save As... and name it whatever you wish.
  • Click OK or Apply and you're done!

Tags: Computer ■ Black □ White Windows 10 Windows 11 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows XP Symbol Simple


by nibbler

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon ʎppnᙠ ǝsuǝsuoN registered user on April 23rd 2023

5 out of 5 stars.

Pretty simple and pretty neat, the design is very good and stylish in my opinion,great job and keep going! :-)

user icon nibbler forum moderator on April 23rd 2023

thx, Nonsense Buddy! icon-image/24318-16x16x32.png image

user icon RIDDLER registered user on April 25th 2023

5 out of 5 stars.

Black cursors are nice but I would like to see more white cursors for a change. Users are requesting white cursors as well.

user icon Mik ike registered user on April 26th 2023

5 out of 5 stars.

nice cursors

user icon Anonymous on April 28th 2023

You are pro cursour maker, cool, simple and easy to locate.

user icon Anonymous on April 28th 2023

Nice simple cursor man i use it now

user icon Anonymous on April 28th 2023

gg ez

user icon Anonymous on May 3rd 2023

look like macOS 9

user icon Anonymous on June 18th 2023

Cool cursor man

user icon Anonymous