Cursor Set - The Guntry collection 1

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The Guntry collection 1 Cursors

The Guntry collection 1
  • Published on January 12th 2012 by MACE1.
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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My guns of glory

Tags: Weapon


by MACE1

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user icon Anonymous on January 27th 2012

any chance to turn these the other way?

user icon Anonymous on February 1st 2012

Boy it's simple: mirror them all

user icon Spy registered user on February 1st 2012

4 out of 5 stars.

Nice... I like your cursors. It is hard to tell which cursor is which. Maybe in the description, you can name all of the types.

user icon Anonymous on February 10th 2012




user icon Matias0211 registered user on March 16th 2012

3 out of 5 stars.

Guns guns guns, i like guns!!

Me gusta la de las cadenas jajajaja muy buen trabajo! :-)

user icon Anonymous on December 8th 2012

Spy, any non animated gun is the default, the animated guns is the link select and but the chain snake is working in progress, the molotov, and the tomahwak is the busy 8-)


user icon daniC registered user on February 26th 2014

esto esta chulisimo ;-)

soys los mejores

user icon Anonymous on November 14th 2017

I love your butt

user icon Anonymous on December 25th 2019

Part 1:

I thinked I killed this user....

  • Bullet 29397575869827021778365865672038745693: missed.
  • Bullet 29397575869827021778365865672038745694: hit.


  • Bullet 29397575869827021778365865672038745695: hit.
  • Bullet 29397575869827021778365865672038745696: hit.
  • Bullet 29397575869827021778365865672038745697: hit.

29397575869827021778365865672038745698, 29397575869827021778365865672038745699...

  • Bullet 283568724675613995639471939471395976193749613591346176426576137491647617359813984983659139891736957872489698729867957387394698468427793569826894291639856764591639846179364981367175713694: hit.
  • Bullet 283568724675613995639471939471395976193749613591346176426576137491647617359813984983659139891736957872489698729867957387394698468427793569826894291639856764591639846179364981367175713695: hit.
  • Bullet 283568724675613995639471939471395976193749613591346176426576137491647617359813984983659139891736957872489698729867957387394698468427793569826894291639856764591639846179364981367175713696: finally killed target.


FINALLT, AFTER 9489756482639879284698728378749813759792848971398158924659238472936592469852984918369857984986724092389984269857892365823975648967296492386597298378946923598264975689263759624969629792656926524695623495948975648263987928469872837874981375979284897139815892465923847293659246985298491836985798498672409238998426985789236582397564896729649238659729837894692359826497568926375962496962979265692652469562349594897564826398792846987283787498137597928489713981589246592384729365924698529849183698579849867240923899842698578923658239756489672964923865972983789469235982649756892637596249696297926569265246956234959489756482639879284698728378749813759792848971398158924659238472936592469852984918369857984986724092389984269857892365823975648967296492386597298378946923598264975689263759624969629792656926524695623495 years...


user icon nplays registered user on December 8th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

nice I love Glock 36 20 mags

user icon Anonymous