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Pink like teenage girl's dreams. Pink like a sun glow. Or pink like a pig.

Zune Cursor Theme TeaserZune Cursor Theme Cursors
by sixλxis2925I got an 8GB zune two christmases ago and i love it so much so i made...
Tools of Beauty TeaserTools of Beauty Icons
by Sirea2051Beauty tool for everyone :] Beauty icons for me.
Creepy Eyeballs TeaserCreepy Eyeballs Cursors
by TheMaddBuddha725A full set of blinking, staring and wandering eyes. My first set made...
Pink Pointers TeaserPink Pointers Cursors
by margie112865My first cursor set! They are all made from scratch, no sources. And ...
Aero Pink TeaserAero Pink Cursors
by ToukanLab1559Modified version of "Aero" Cursors! Check "Aero Red" and "Aero Shadow...
Pink Se7en cursors TeaserPink Se7en cursors Cursors
by JDDellGuy3184A pink version of my Se7en cursors set.
brick Teaserbrick Cursors
by guno23106bick of tetris game
by bouderbabari1280
Umbrella TeaserUmbrella Cursors
by Vlasta3524A pinkish umbrella. I started making this set in autumn, but finished...
kirby Teaserkirby Cursors
by t_anders2151a set of kirby sprite cursors.
Cute Baby TeaserCute Baby Icons
by Sirea671Cute baby icons in pink-grey style. Icon set includes 6 original icons.
SweetTreats™ TeaserSweetTreats™ Cursors
by PixelPerfect2687Cute, sweet and sugary cursors! From cakes to cookies and candy :3 ENJOY
Fluttershy TeaserFluttershy Cursors
by Sullindir2200The second of the Mane 6, I had Winter Wrap-Up in mind for most of th...
Nyan Cat TeaserNyan Cat Icons
by Sirea3089Nyan Cat from one of most popular viral videos. See also Nyan Cat cur...
Flor Rosa TeaserFlor Rosa Cursors
by Matias0211866Una simple florcita para tu puntero. Pleace download or comment :) Po...
Nyan Cat TeaserNyan Cat Cursors
by Sirea3092Complete cursor set inspired by Nyan Cat video. See also Nyan Cat icons.
Cute Marshmallows TeaserCute Marshmallows Cursors
by Carly3411This is a "Cute Marshmallow Cursor Set" who's idea came from the mars...
BandCochon TeaserBandCochon Icons
by cdl707This set of Band Cochon icons remains the property of BandCochon, htt...
Pink TeaserPink Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.214Enjoy! Red:
Pink Circle TeaserPink Circle Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.1295In blue http...
Pink Square TeaserPink Square Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.103
Cute Pink TeaserCute Pink Cursors
by Vampire Beby980Enjoy my creation :D other
Comix Pink TeaserComix Pink Cursors
by panshycustomize FAN1150
Droplet Mini Pink TeaserDroplet Mini Pink Cursors
by panshycustomize FAN1570
Nyan Piggy TeaserNyan Piggy Cursors
by thekittyperson2460Nyan Piggies! Yay!
Biscochito (cupcake) TeaserBiscochito (cupcake) Cursors
by Little Girl Li409
Sylveon TeaserSylveon Cursors
by aoi1044An original pixel sylveon cursor for personal use and on my blog.
Pinkie Pie TeaserPinkie Pie Cursors
by Sullindir2450My first MLP cursor set. This one started as just a pointer for my gi...
Cat-In-A-Box TeaserCat-In-A-Box Cursors
by TwistedZombie4232A set of all animated cat cursors. I made all of these by scratch, an...
The Mew Collection!! <3 TeaserThe Mew Collection!! <3 Cursors
by Folfie2271A whole buncha Mew cursors!! -Description tells whether its animated ...
Strawberry (Fresa) TeaserStrawberry (Fresa) Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.404Enjoy my set Strawberry (Fresa). Thanks for download and review. http...
Rosado con brillos (Pink with sparkles) TeaserRosado con brillos (Pink with sparkles) Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.3017Enjoy my set Rosado con brillos (Pink with sparkles). Thanks for down...
Cupcake's Princess TeaserCupcake's Princess Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.1901Enjoy my set Cupcake's Princess. Thanks for download and review. http...
Relieve Rosado TeaserRelieve Rosado Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.453Enjoy my set Relieve Rosado. Thanks for download and review. http://m...
Strawberry (Fresita) TeaserStrawberry (Fresita) Cursors
by .:๓เ๓เ๔єรtเภ๏:.2946Enjoy my set Strawberry (Fresita). Thanks for download and review. ht...
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