Cursor Set - Windows XP On Fire

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Windows XP On Fire Cursors

Windows XP On Fire
  • Published on December 18th 2021 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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Hello Cursor fans! This time I released new cursor set about Windows XP with fire animations! Include all cursors!It's Prototype idea to be executed! All cursors are 16bit and have 16bit fire animations!Have Fun & Enjoy!
Credits to Microsoft!

Tags: Windows XP Fire


by GeorgiosNexus

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on December 19th 2021

5 out of 5 stars.

SO many cursors! i kinda like this :-D
But some frames are not fire...
still rating 5 stars! 8-)

user icon Anonymous on December 20th 2021

These are cool but how long were you working on this these are so cool :-)

user icon TonyLikeCur :> registered user on December 20th 2021

5 out of 5 stars.

Woah, that's like more than 50 cursors on it! rating 5 stars i appriciated it ;-)

user icon GeorgiosNexus registered user on December 20th 2021

yes. This cursor set is huge with more cursors than ever! I do this hard work to add fire animations about 5-6 days to complete set and changed the speed to going fast than normal! I already download the original version of windows xp cursors at first ,but works perfectly on windows 10 and over! :-) These cursors have 16 bits and fire is not to few cursors dont have some orange fire and autochanged to monochrome colors [are old style].

user icon Frangel ッ registered user on December 20th 2021

5 out of 5 stars.

Wtf? what is this, is cool 8-)

user icon The Derpy Girl contributing user on December 21st 2021

3 out of 5 stars.

Pretty neat concept, but here's something you need to know:

  • Make sure you change the color depth from 4-bit to 32-bit, otherwise, the flame may not show up properly.
  • To make an hourglass on fire or any animated cursor on fire, make an empty cursor and put a flame on it. Make it last as long as the hourglass or animated cursor does. And duplicate the frames of the hourglass based off the shortest frame tick (the shortest time an animation frame displays), and put each animation frame of the fire onto each hourglass frame. For example:
Let's say your hourglass cursor has these frames:
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 14[s/60]
- 40[s/60]
- 5[s/60]
- 5[s/60]
- 5[s/60]
What you want to do is change the color depth (the icon that shows three paint
buckets on the bottom toolbar, where the animation frames are) to 32-bits. 4-bits is
only 16 colors, and a flame has even more than that, plus transparency, which is why
you need to switch to 32-bit instead of 24-bit.

Divide all frames, except the ones that last 5[s/60], by 5. The answer should be around
3 for the frames that last 14[s/60] and 8 for the one frame that lasts 40[s/60].
Duplicate these frames those number of times. You should have 42 frames. Put this
animated cursor aside and work on the fire cursor.

Add a fire animation, as usual, and make it last 42 frames. Copy the first frame of the
fire and paste it on the first frame of the hourglass. Then do the second frame of the
fire on the second frame of the hourglass, third frame of the fire on the third frame of
the hourglass, AND SO ON.

Here is what the hourglass looks like plain:
cursor-view/171931.png image

Here is the cursor I reproduced what you made:
cursor-view/171932.png image

Here is the cursor in 24 bits:
cursor-view/171935.png image

Here is the cursor in 32 bits:
cursor-view/171933.png image

Here is the final cursor:
cursor-view/171934.png image

Better yet, you can make a fire animation for each frame, then delete any unnecessary frames. Repeat this for every frame, so that there are 42 5[s/60]-long frames with fire.

cursor-view/171936.png image

A great trick to try!

rsrc/derpy.png image

user icon GeorgiosNexus registered user on December 21st 2021

and will work??

user icon Anonymous on December 23rd 2021

this is a cool

user icon The Derpy Girl contributing user on December 23rd 2021

3 out of 5 stars.

@GeorgiousNexus who wrote:

and will work??

It does work well! 4-bits, which is the color depth of these cursors are, is only 16 colors. 32 bit is 16777216 + Transparency, in other words, 32-bit with transparency is 4,261,412,864, which is more than the colors on your flame. My flame trick should work well with your cursors. Just don't overlay the new flame on these cursors. Use the original Windows XP cursors and do the flame trick.

rsrc/derpy.png image

user icon Anonymous on December 31st 2021

mano, sao muito top slk :-)

user icon Anonymous