Cursor Set - Zamorak Godsword by KT6

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Zamorak Godsword by KT6 Cursors

Zamorak Godsword by KT6
  • Published on August 29th 2010 by .
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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The beautiful and deadly ZGS as a cursor.
It was finally time to upload a new set :-D. I got a few more, I will upload em soon.

Tags: RuneScape Sword ■ Silver


by Teddy

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon Teddy registered user on August 29th 2010

I hope you like it guys!

user icon Anonymous on August 30th 2010


user icon Anonymous on October 3rd 2010

can u please make some right-handed fishing cursors? the best ive seen so far is a blurry fishing skill cape. I would love to see some new ones like a fly rod or harpoon or swordfish things like that

user icon Teddy registered user on October 4th 2010

okay I'll make some

user icon JDDellGuy contributing user on January 4th 2011

Sword cursors are cool but there are SO MANY of them all over. Nice work still!

user icon Teddy registered user on January 4th 2011

thanks :-) well these aren't any swords theyre from runescape and that gives them a sense ;-)
and thank you

user icon Teddy registered user on March 24th 2011

I know I should do something EPIC (heheh . . . ?) But I'm like lazy and busy at the same time. Do you remember that I wanted to create a snowflake cursor? I didn't start till now and something that felt like some kind of great idea just flew away . . .
Sad isnt it ^^

user icon Anonymous on September 30th 2011


user icon Anonymous