Display configuration operation

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Display configuration operation

This document operation contains an internal operation. A dialog with configuration of the internal operation is displayed when this operation is executed.

The configuration dialog can contain a preview window using any view. In case of batch operations or operations applied to multiple items, the dialog is displayed for the first item only.


GUID: 606E9B33-4E63-4585-A639-1A271914576D

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
CfgOperationGUIDB6E57DA2-3A4E-459E-ACA4-DEFF6979C626ID of an operationdefault operation does nothing
Captionstring"[0409]Configure Operation[0405]Konfigurovat operaci"localized stringshown in window caption
IconIDGUID00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000default value means no icon in caption
PreviewGUID190BF8BB-9F37-4410-AB3C-62E5486F9F9CID of a viewif non-default value is used, dialog contains preview window using the set view
AutoUpdateboolfalserefresh preview automatically
HelpTopicstring""localized stringdisplayed in lower part of the window, can contain links
DisplayModeint10 - original, 1 - processed, 2 - both
DlgSizeXint0x80000000pixelsdefault value = undefined size
Parameterstring ID of parameterif set, a single slider control is used instead of the configuration dialog of the operation
ParLowerfloat1.0used if Parameter is not empty string
ParUpperfloat1.0used if Parameter is not empty string
ParScaleint00 - linear, 1 - logarithmicused if Parameter is not empty string

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