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No change really

Published by on April 10th 2013.

We live in an age, where information rules. There is a lot of useful bits of info out there, but there is even more noise. is much smaller than the whole world, but it may still be difficult to not miss any of the useful bits and not be distracted by the noise. The problem is of course in the definition of useful and noise as every person has their own interests.

News on rw-designer

To help you stay in touch with the things you consider important, rw-designer offers a more or less functional system of Subscribe buttons scattered all over the web. If you click one of these buttons, the associated news source is marked as interesting to you (you can of course click it again to unsubscribe). Later, when you visit your profile, you can see most recent news items from all news sources (to which you are subscribed). Being subscribed to the right news sources can save you time when you visit rw-designer looking for news, because all the interesting things are in one place.

You can subscribe to these kinds of news sources:

  • comments on virtually any page,
  • forum sections or concrete forum topics,
  • and users.

This way, you will instantly know when anyone commented/reviewed your cursor set or blog post.

You can also opt in to receive news notifications by email.

The describes system has been working like this for several years, but I admit that it is not very transparent and the Subscribe buttons are a bit scary.

Is there anything new or is this just noise?

Anyway, I made a small update today, which lets you manage your current subscriptions. Visit your profile and find the Alerts section. Next to the word Alerts, you'll see a Manage link, which will take you to a page where you can see you current news sources and enable or disable email notification.

Alternate ways to stay in touch

The Twitter and Facebook accounts list some of the news. But of course, you cannot customize those.

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user icon cdl contributing user on April 14th 2013

Thanks for the post Vlasta.

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