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Google+ authorship

Published by on April 26th 2013.

As many of you know, there are 3 contact fields on your profile pages. They allow you to connect your rw-designer profile with your other profiles on the internet. If you have a Google+ profile, connecting it correctly may have an additional advantage for you.

If you ever wanted to have your name or photograph displayed when people are searching for things you have written or designed, you can. It may look for example like this:

rsrc/search-authorship.png image

Google will show your name or photo only if it is reasonable sure that you are author of the particular web page. In order to prove your authorship to Google, there are 4 things that must be done:

  1. The web page in question must contain a special link that leads to your profile (this condition is already met for all your blog posts and icon and cursor sets on rw-designer).
  2. Your public profile on rw-designer (or other webs) must be public and must contain a special link to your Google+ profile.
  3. Your Google+ profile must contain a special link back to your rw-designer profile. Special in this case means that you have to have that link in your Contributor to section.
  4. You must have a trustworthy Google+ profile. It may take a while before Google considers your profile trustworthy. It probably won't happen if you are not using your real name and real photograph or if there is no activity on your G+ profile.

#1 works fine. #2, #3 will be explained shortly and #4 depends solely on you (here are some hints from Google).

How to connect rw-designer and Google+

Open your Google+ account and click on the Profile icon in the left corner.

Look at the address bar in your web browser. In my case, it contains<a_very_very_long_number_here>/posts

Copy that address or only the long number into clipboard. We will need it shortly.

Click on the About tab under your profile photo. Scroll down and find a Links panel. Click on Edit link and then in the Contributor to section, click on Add custom link and fill in the two fields. The first one is a name and you should set it to rw-designer or something like that and the second must be the link to your profile. Something like:<xxxx>

Replace the <xxxx> with your actual user identifier - it will be a number, or if you have customized it, a short text. If you are not sure, click on your name in the upper right corner of this page and you will see the address in your web browser address bar.

rsrc/google-contributor.png image

Now, when your Google+ profile is finished, you only need to set up your rw-designer profile.

Click on your nick in the upper right corner to go to your rw-designer profile. In one of the contact fields, select Google+ and in the box to the right of it, paste the Google+ address or just the number you have placed on clipboard a while ago. Click save. If the text turns red, something is wrong.

Now, verify that your rw-designer profile is accessible by everyone. Click on Account in the line under People tab. Make sure that the Profile: setting is not set to Private - if it is, change it and click Save.

BTW, I have noticed that virtually everybody has their contact information not filled-in correctly. Although, the profile guidelines have instructions on what to put in each box, it seems that nobody reads them. And so, I have added a new link to your profile that allows you to see your profile as others see it - there you can click on your contacts and check if they work.

If you are not sure that you have filled all field correctly and want me to check them, just leave a comment below.

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