Two small tweaks

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Two small tweaks

Published by on July 15th 2011.

I did two small changes to the web today. Nothing spectacular...

Google profile in contacts

Google realized search is not enough and they try to catch Facebook by adding social aspects to their services. And so, I have added an option to add your Google profile to your account on rw-designer. Just select "Google profile" in one of the Contact fields, put the long ugly number of your profile into the box and click Save.

Google experiments with profile photos in search results, but it only applies to a couple of well known authors right now. That may change in the future.

If you fill in your Google profile, it may may happen that people will see your photo on Google when searching for icons or cursors. This will only work if there are two links:

  • one from your rw-designer profile to your Google profile (adding the Google profile to your account takes care of this one),
  • one from the Google profile back to your rw-designer account (you'll need to add the link to your rw-designer account into your Google profile).

BTW who would want to use a word instead of a number for your user profile and blog? Let me know...

A bit of statistics

Just a bit. Really. But more may come later. ATM, there is just one graph with number of sets added each week of the last year.

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