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One step closer

Published by on August 28th 2011.

It's about picture brush. Photoshop and some other image editors have it and now the time has come for RealWorld tools to join this club.

Picture brush works like normal brush, but instead of drawing a continuous stroke, it places copies of a selected picture along the way. Here is a simple example:

rsrc/stony-smiley.png image

A picture brush often allows selecting multiple pictures, which are then randomly used when drawing. My picture above uses a brush made of pebbles.

The new brush tool configuration panel will look like this:

rsrc/image-brush-tool.png image

The small button marked with (1) is used to select the pictures for the brush. Any image format supported by the application can be used.

When picture brush is active, the controls by the bottom edge of the window (2) are enabled. They control the placement of the images. They may be randomly rotated, resized or scattered around the drawn curve.

The flow parameter of the classic brush works a bit differently. It controls how often is the picture placed on the canvas. Lower flow means there will be larger gaps between the pictures.

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user icon Erik registered user on August 29th 2011

Sounds usefull :-)

user icon jojois74 registered user on September 2nd 2011

Sounds useful to me, too!

user icon Anonymous on September 30th 2011

sounds really usefull to me and that is one thing that i did not know welldone :-)

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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