Vlasta's blog archive for August 2011

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Paint's public secret thumbnail

Paint's public secret

It's animation! The next version of RealWorld Paint will allow you to create and edit simple animated images. Nothing too fancy, just the very basic animation-related features will be there. Animated GIFs will be supported out of the box, other formats may come later.

One step closer thumbnail

One step closer

It's about picture brush. Photoshop and some other image editors have it and now the time has come for RealWorld tools to join this club.

Download.com turns evil (adware scam)

It is a sad fate to watch the free internet being destroyed by commertial interests and greed. CNet's Download.com used to be one of the better software archives, but their latest move sent them to the bottom of that list. Instead of the actual software, they now feed adware to their visitors...

Painless way to learn JavaScript

Folks over at http://www.codecademy.com/ have build an neat interactive web site that explains all the basic concepts used in JavaScript. JavaScript is the dominant language on the internet and as computers are getting faster, JavaScript is being used in more an more places - among others, it can be used to create custom filters for RealWorld apps.

Some like it in writing thumbnail

Some like it in writing

It is the year 2011 and the brand new RW Paint is going to get a command line interface. Excited? No? Too bad. Anyway, this magic command line will allow you to be more precise when using drawing tools and it will help you when you need to repeatedly draw the same or similar objects.

The right way to settle disputes

Markus Persson (notch), the author of Minecraft, a popular building game (get some fan-made Minecraft icons or Minecraft cursors), is working on a new title called Scrolls.

In the right place at the right time thumbnail

In the right place at the right time

When you click on the "New raster image" wizard in Paint.COM 2009.1, a nasty window pops up asking you all kinds of useless questions. Why should you care about transparency mode, layers, or the .rli format? WTF? Your rage is justified, I am to blame for this. The situation has been improving during the last two years as seen in other RW apps and I am close to a satisfactory solution.

The evolution of Open and Save thumbnail

The evolution of Open and Save

This is not my typical post. While it is loosely tied to RealWorld software, it addresses a possible evolution of the document opening and saving architecture (or, if you prefer, importing and exporting) in any complex software of the "editor" kind.

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