RealWorld Cursor Editor Pro?

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RealWorld Cursor Editor Pro?

Published by on October 21st 2006.

The freeware RW Cursor Editor is becoming quite popular. In the near future (end of 2007), it will get a new sibling - a more powerful shareware app. The Pro version will integrate the 3D subsystem currently present in RW Icon Editor and will make the creation of animated 3D cursors easy.

Planned features

  • Parameterized 3D models - while parameterized 3D models are already available in current version of Icon Editor, there will be a couple of improvements that will make things smoother and simpler.
  • Multiple frames in one R3I file - each frame will use its own lights, camera, 3D model, or parameters. This will allow making simple animations from parameterized 3D models easy.
  • Image to cursor - an improved version will be able to create an animated cursor from a multi-frame image.

Creating frames in for animated cursor

The screenshot of the in-development R3I window layout demonstrates the upcoming features. Note the list of layers (frames) in upper left corner and the 3D models parameters of the selected layer (frame) by the right side of the window. The hourglass models has four parameters: case color, sand color, the amount of sand in the lower part and a flipping angle. The animation is created by using different parameters in each frame. This R3I document can be rendered directly to animated cursor, where the author can adjust frame times and sequence and optionally apply image filters.

The name of the application is not fixed yet. Should we call it RW Cursor Maker, RW Cursor Creator, RW Cursor Designer, or RW Cursor Studio. Let me know what you think.

Recent comments

user icon Anonymous on July 21st 2007

definetely name it RW 3D Cursor Studio.

user icon The Sword of the Heart registered user on August 3rd 2007

I think the original name, RealWorld Cursor Editor Pro,” is the best. “Maker” and “Creator” are sort of redundant to the freeware version, “Designer” just doesn’t sound right, and “Studio” is overused.

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