New cursor set most likely unreleased

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New cursor set most likely unreleased

Published by on September 9th.

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the inactivity on RW. I had to return the computer that I used the website and software on. Anyway, I wanted to release a "Troll Win10 Cursor" set. It's a recreation of the Windows 10 Aero cursors, but with moved hotspots, opposite cursor categories, etc. However, due to issues, I might not be able to release them. I uploaded some of them, but they look identical to the original, so don't mind them.

Thanks for the support on my cursor sets! I promise to release more soon, if I get ideas!

- Animelove_1105

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user icon VistaMovies264 registered user on September 10th

Ur back?

user icon Anonymous on September 10th


user icon Animelove_1105 registered user on September 30th

Yes i am back.

user icon Anonymous
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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?