HusenPo: Pixel Artist & Animated Cursor Designer

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HusenPo: Pixel Artist & Animated Cursor Designer

Published by on June 30th.

Hello! I'm HusenPo, a pixel artist specializing in creating unique and captivating animated cursor designs. With high creativity and attention to detail, I have crafted various cursor sets that have become popular among users.

You can find my works on various social media platforms:

Instagram: @farhan.nulkarim
LinkedIn: Farhan Nulkarim S.Ds
Facebook: Farhan Nulkarim
Fiverr: Farhan N

I am very proud of the achievements I have reached, including the award for the "Pikachu Set Cursors" as the most downloaded file. Additionally, several of my other cursor sets are often favorites and receive high ratings due to their exceptional download numbers.

All the works displayed on this site are available for free. If you enjoy my work and want to support me, please consider making a donation. Your financial support means a lot to me, helping me stay motivated and creative in crafting cursor designs tailored to your preferences or custom choices.

Let's make your screen more vibrant with unique and colorful cursor designs!

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user icon nibbler forum moderator on July 1st

icon-image/24325-16x16x32.png image Congrats! You do make great cursor sets!

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
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