Raster Image - Fill

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Raster Image - Fill

The Fill operation is an operation plug-in that works with raster images and fills them using the selected fill style. It can be used as a layer effect to do a gradient overlay. Alternatively, it can be used to fill selected region with pre-configured fill.

rsrc/fill-operation-config.png image

The fill operation has multiple modes of operation:

If the Respect image opacity box is checked, pixels opacity will never be increased and thus the shape of the drawn object will be maintained. If the box is not checked, entire image will be filled.

The Blending box can be set to either Replace or Paint over. The effect of these two modes will be different only if the color used to fill is semi-transparent. In Replace mode, the filling color will overwrite the old color, while in Paint over mode, the filling color will be mixed with the old color.

The Fill style box allows you to select the actual fill style. Some fill styles need primary and secondary colors. You can select these in the upper right corner.

Some fill styles can be further configured by dragging points on the preview area near the left side of the window.

Fill as layer style

The Fill operation is very handy as a layer style. Check out the RWPaint splash tutorial to see some examples of what can be done with the Fill effect.


Since it is possible to use the fill styles from a scripted filter directly, the internal configuration for this filter is skipped.

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Fill is the primary source of filling for cursors and icons.

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