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RealWorld Paint 2011.1 released

now supporting animations
on October 9th 2011

After a more than 2 years, there is new version of RealWorld Paint. There are many new functions and a new name. RealWorld Paint.COM was shortened to just RealWorld Paint.

In the new version, you can:

Download RealWorld Paint from its home page.

on October 10th 2011

This... makes me moist... lol.

I can see hundreds of downloads specifically for the animation and photoshop compatibility parts of the program.

on October 10th 2011

Great! I did used to wonder about the ".com" part of the name. I'm glad it's gone now. What was the reason for that name?

on October 10th 2011

Well, I thought it was funny. It was a parody of
+ RW Paint was built using the COM (Component Object Model) technology.
+ they are both TLDs.

Apparently, many people did not like it...

on May 21st 2012

Next time you compile RealWorld Paint you might want to change the file version along with the product version...the product version is 2011.1, but the file version is still - I believe it should be

Anyway, it confuses version checker software like Sumo which constantly thinks it needs updated.

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