Fixing the hole in the real world

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Fixing the hole in the real world

Published by on April 6th 2011.

I have always tried to design RealWorld software as a set of independent building blocks. Each block performs a single function and the blocks can be combined in any way possible. It is very irritating when I discover that certain blocks do not work together.

The lament

Few months ago, when I was making my Burning cursors, I have created a script that was generating the whole animation on one click. The problem was, the script needed a little tweaking of the software to work (certain building block was only available in the icon editor and not in the cursor editor).

Today, I have decided to turn the Kaleidoscope effect script into a layer style for 10x more fun. The layer style can use any reasonable image effect, right? Well, yes, except... one of the building blocks is missing a piece again. Not a very important piece, but enough to cause problems. The duplication of the document is not working when applying a layer style. Sad.

Anyway, fixing these problems is trivial, but delivering the fixes to the end users is not. Who would like to install a new version each time a tiny and possibly unimportant change occurs?

Installing things is boring.

Waiting a year or two for a new version is not much better.

Clearly, RealWorld needs...

Non-obtrusive updates

Google Chrome has them, Firefox 4 is supposed to have them too. RealWorld needs them too.

I am giving this feature the highest priority. Future versions of RealWorld tools will be able to update themselves without frustrating the end users.

But enough about the future, let's get back to...

The Kaleidoscope layer style

If you want it now, you'll have to download this file: RWDocumentImageRaster.dll and replace the original in the installation folder. It should work with Photos and Icon Editor. Do not use it with Paint.COM 2009.1, there are some incompatible changes.

You'll also need the actual layer style. Here it is: kaleidoscope.rweffect

Download the style, assign it to a layer and start drawing. Use bright colors :-) !

Recent comments

user icon JDDellGuy contributing user on April 7th 2011

YES! This will be great. It's too bad that you probably can't have it work through the Microsoft update tool.

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
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