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Making Backgrounds

How Do I Make Backgrounds?
on April 26th 2012

How Do I Make My Own Background For This Site? Because sixλxis And Erik Did, How Do I?

Lost Girl
on April 27th 2012

I'm not sure. You'll have to ask Valasta about it.

on April 27th 2012

They can make them because they are the Moderators

on April 27th 2012

Umm I DON'T Like Your Reply, Matias0211 HOW CAN I DO THIS????

on April 29th 2012

Anyone can make their own background as long as it's appropriate. You need a header and a body image.


Email them to Vlasta at with the subject 'Website Background' and make sure to include your username so he knows who made it.

Be warned, if it's obvious no effort was spent in making it then it wont be added.

on May 2nd 2012

Thanks sixλxis, You Are SO Nice :-)

on July 28th 2012

What software should you use to make a background?

Insane Games
on February 19th 2021

Yes what software?

on February 22nd 2021


on March 19th 2021

i use rwce LOL

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