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online edditer

The Male Boss
on March 3rd 2015

should the online cursor editor be able to make animated cursors
place your comment either yes or no

on July 16th 2015

NO 3:)

that guy
on October 18th 2015

Just download the full app; it's free...

on May 25th 2016

What's an 'edditer'??

The Derpy Girl
on May 26th 2016


on November 3rd 2016

Why not.

on November 3rd 2016

How about why should it be?
Especially since the full version is free.

The Male Boss
on November 18th 2016

mabye if you where using a copmputer that you borrowed and the owner didn't want you to download any files
there fore you woudn't be abble to make any animated cursors
where if you where able to you could.

on November 19th 2016

Probably not a good enough reason as the majority of people own their computers and are able to download the software freely.

You may want to try one of the other online cursor editors available through a google search.

Try this -

The Male Boss
on November 21st 2016

Fair enough

on April 23rd 2018

Nice info thanks

on April 25th 2018

There is an online cursor editor available through RW.
Animated cursors are not supported.

icon-image/8424-32x32x32.png image

It would be nice to have the ability to create animated cursors in this editor.
Maybe it will be possible someday.

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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