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new cursors! (hurray)
on June 30th 2007

Hi, it's Porsche_Feind73 again. I know, I should be called "Lord_Of_The_Forums";) but I just wanted to tell people about my new cursor set, Turquoise. I made it FOREVER ago, but, thanks to my annoying LinkSYS Router, I couldn't upload them sooner. Oh well, they're here at least! ;-)

P.S. I would really like it if someone could add smiley bitmaps to the comments; I'm getting a little tired of the " ;-) " smiley;) Oops, I just used it again!

on June 30th 2007

A smiley, eh? OK, here you go. Just this one and for logged-in users only.

Nice set, I wonder why it is called Turqoise.
Just kidding, I only wanted to test the smiley myself ;-).

on July 6th 2007

Well, it's called Turquoise because it's that color. You know the bright green-blue. I couldn't figure out what else to call it, because there's nothing special about it except it's supposed to look 3-D. Oh, oops I forgot to log in. Bye.

on July 25th 2007

P.S. Did I REALLY forget the 'U' in 'TurqUoise'? If so sorry I was typing fast (force of habit ;-)

P.S. Thanks so much for the smiley!

The Sword of the Heart
on July 31st 2007

Problem SOLVED!
Here's a smiley: [img]http://www.maj.com/gallery/kwk-jaga/emotcons/wink.gif[/img]
As for the cursors, they're a little too close to the standard for my liking, but gradients were used well and it's creative enough. KUTGW! (Keep up the good work!)

on July 26th 2008

The turquiose one is wicked, but is there anyway to change the colour?

on January 26th 2009

No, sorry, you can't change color. Jeez, I made this so long ago. Haven't been here in over a year. How's business, Vlasta?
(I've been sucked in to the NFS HS modding community)

on January 26th 2009

Not bad, cursors are being added ;-) so I am happy.

Original HS is still alive after so much time? It was probably the best in the series (maybe even better than Porsche ;-) ) Or is there a new version?

on October 12th 2009

no, new version of HS. You can still race online, it's an unofficial racing community. Pretty amazing what they've been able to do.


on February 25th 2010

High Stakes? i had that once... think i still do...

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