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How to make a cursor from and image on the screen...

People have wanted to know this, so I'm posting it...
The Sword of the Heart
on July 30th 2007

Making a cursor from an image on the screen is quite simple - you really only need two programs: RealWorld Cursor editor (or other cursor editor, but I reccomend RealWorld), and MSpaint.

First, take a screenshot of the program you're using. Press Alt+Print Scrn.

Paste the screenshot into Paint (ctrl+V).

Use the select tool to copy an image the size of the cursor you're making and paste it into RealWorld. Make the parts you want transparent, transparent.

If you want to copy a cursor you're using but don't really have, like one from CursorMania:

Open Windows Magnifier. (Start Menu >> Accesories >> Accesability >> Magnifier). Set the magnificatoin level to 2.

Press Print Scrn.

Paste the screenshot into Paint. The image of the cursor in Magnifier should be twice as big as usual, so select it, resize it to 50%, and copy it. Paste into Realworld Cursor Editor. Make the parts that should be transparent, transparent.

Hope that helps.


on July 30th 2007

Useful post ;-).

Though you actually do not need Paint. You can use the "Image from Clipboard" wizard on the "Create New" start page and then copy the needed region from there.

on December 26th 2007

how so u make areas transparent?

on December 26th 2007

fill them with transparent (chequered) color (A = 0)

on April 5th 2008

This is really helpful, but who doesn't have paint? alot of the time it's installed when u get your computer

on July 19th 2020

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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