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Picture Resizer archive

Picture Resizer 1.0
by pennhaven
updated on July 28th 2006
32 posts
Drag/Drop max # of images
Is there a max # of images you can use?
by SilverBullet
updated on August 7th 2008
4 posts
Centering images in batch
updated on November 14th 2005
5 posts
Generating HMTL when resizing images
updated on November 29th 2006
4 posts
Picture Resizer for PNGs, GIFs, BMPs,...
updated on July 25th 2021
19 posts
GUI for PhotoResizer?
by Domoy
updated on April 14th 2007
5 posts
A feature request for Picture Resizer
"Resize by total pixel amount"
by neokoo
updated on August 15th 2006
3 posts
Picture Resizer and B & W Images
by Jeremy
updated on June 12th 2007
6 posts
Resize and Copy
by donbwalker
updated on November 6th 2006
2 posts
Renaming of files with Folder name
maybe a feature request?
by ChrisL
updated on November 13th 2006
3 posts
Request: PAL and NTSC
Copy a picture collection optomized for display on a TV
by Anonymous
updated on April 2nd 2007
4 posts
Picture Resize Folder
by Anonymous
updated on December 30th 2006
5 posts
Picture Resize - Multiple resize
Multiple resize @ one time
by oufti
updated on January 11th 2007
5 posts
Resize Options
DPI and Size
by pixelman
updated on July 12th 2007
5 posts
Sharpen for Picture Resizer
by CW
updated on July 23rd 2007
2 posts
updated on October 8th 2007
9 posts
Picture Resizer 2.0
Resize the folders and Copy
by Shirley
updated on September 26th 2007
7 posts
PhotoResize multi-core compatible?
I have a quad-core and its a shame it only uses one processor. :
updated on April 15th 2008
8 posts
Target Directory
Resize to other Directory
by PeterJZ
updated on April 25th 2008
3 posts
Bug Overwrite image
by Roms
updated on July 8th 2008
2 posts
DPI Revisited
Feature failure or user error?
by DaveB
updated on September 17th 2008
3 posts
resize to another folder with same filename
by Anonymous
updated on August 31st 2008
7 posts
Recursive resize of specific images
by Greg
updated on September 3rd 2008
3 posts
Picture Resizer and space
by Anonymous
updated on September 16th 2008
9 posts
resize by shortest side?
by Anonymous
updated on October 13th 2008
3 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
What about ICL files?