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Picture Resizer archive

feature request
by McJe
updated on January 15th 2009
5 posts
Complete List Of Picture Resizer Codes
by Poznekio
updated on December 7th 2008
1 posts
Can't get -u flag to work
updated on September 4th 2009
3 posts
New idea: an addition to the -u flag
by McJe
updated on February 12th 2009
2 posts
Picture Resizer
by Aleksi
updated on March 9th 2009
2 posts
Photoresize by date?
by Al
updated on April 27th 2009
3 posts
Photo Resizer - Multiple PC processing?
updated on July 18th 2009
5 posts
Picture Resizer Exit codes
Does picture resizer use exit codes?
by uncltom
updated on June 22nd 2009
2 posts
Batch resize command line
by Anonymous
updated on September 12th 2009
3 posts
Customizing destination folder and file name
can't get it to work!
by Anonymous
updated on July 2nd 2020
34 posts
How the command line works
by Rider
updated on October 27th 2009
7 posts
error occured while processing...
by addamiap
updated on November 11th 2009
4 posts
Context does not appear
by gelat
updated on July 12th 2011
6 posts
u flag problem
similar to earlier reported problem
by davidm_uk
updated on January 6th 2010
7 posts
Changing "canvas size", or Letterboxing
by Packy
updated on June 7th 2011
7 posts
Parameter does not appear to be a jpg image or folder: 1
by DannaSoft
updated on January 29th 2010
3 posts
How change DPI and keep original size?
Change to 72DPI a JPG 440x266 150DPI
by pprdt
updated on January 31st 2010
4 posts
Resize and rename in same folder
by PeterJZ
updated on February 15th 2010
11 posts
Daily resize update
by RadioActiveLamb
updated on July 7th 2011
9 posts
How i can preserve ratio?
by basta63
updated on April 29th 2010
2 posts
Command line switch for DPI without touching the pixels?
by spidey
updated on June 9th 2010
3 posts
Images turn "pink"
When batched, some images turn "pink"
by Ole
updated on June 11th 2010
7 posts
Rename old files and replacing with new resized ones.
by Anijake
updated on August 30th 2010
3 posts
how about photorotate[c][c].exe?
updated on September 7th 2010
3 posts
Suggestion: Allow to select what area to crop
by Alexander.Pavlov.rus@gmail.com
updated on December 19th 2011
3 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background
What about ICL files?