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Scrabble Tiles - Lime Green Icons

Scrabble Tiles - Lime Green
  • Published on December 13th 2020 by .
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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I have a huge fan of vivid and glowing colors with superb effects like with this set of lime green scrabble tiles. This lime green gradient is made with the following RGB values:

Red: 155
Green: 255
Blue: 0

There is no blue at all so the lime green color is a 100% pure lime green color. This lime green color reminds me of green marker pens which have this glowing effect when highlighting text.

Amazon has a lime green set of 100 scrabble tiles. This set consists of the usual letter distribution that you usually get in a game of scrabble. Here is the link:


The major difference of the Amazon set of scrabble tiles is that the letters are painted in white on lime green tiles. My version consists of black letters on lime green tiles which makes the appearance of the letters better and easier for the eyes. White letters on lime green tiles have some obscurity appearances to some users with impaired vision.

All the scrabble letter tiles in this set are printable just like all my other scrabble tiles sets. You can print out the letters in your preferred letter distribution and use them for your own personal projects or use them to create your own custom game of scrabble.

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

Lime green is such an exciting color.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

This is the color of lime fruits.

user icon Bobcat registered user on December 13th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

I love limes and bright colors so that means I LOOOOVE lime color. Be careful though - there are many more colors to make! It is gonna take a very long time bro.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

I do like lime colors as well. I am patient with colors. Don't worry. I have all the time in the world to make colors. Please tell me what color should I make next?

user icon Bobcat registered user on December 13th 2020

5 out of 5 stars.

You should make white, black, aquamarine and light blue (I forgot if you did them already or not).

user icon RIDDLER registered user on December 13th 2020

I have made a white set already. Aquamarine and light blue are too similar, so I will not make them.

My last color for me to make is black.

user icon Anonymous