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Stylized letters or numbers and icon art containing pieces of text.

English Alphabet Black TeaserEnglish Alphabet Black Icons
by Zero13kStylized letters of the english alphabet in black.
Numbers Black TeaserNumbers Black Icons
by Zero6224Stylized black numbers 0-9.
Gold Numerals TeaserGold Numerals Icons
by Doc1771If you have multiple versions of the same application, why strain you...
Silver Numerals TeaserSilver Numerals Icons
by Doc1116Assign applications colors and make the icon the version....or the or...
Drive Letters Color TeaserDrive Letters Color Icons
by Doc3139Tired of all your drives looking the same dull gray and having to str...
A Lot of Letters TeaserA Lot of Letters Icons
by Erik3302All letters in the alphabet.
Blue Letters TeaserBlue Letters Icons
by Erik2281You can use them in forums or comments to write a text.
Metallic Text TeaserMetallic Text Icons
by Erik1608Thats my new icon set, it is finished for a while, but more icons are...
Silhouette Letter TeaserSilhouette Letter Icons
by absterninja773I was inspired for these icons by an art project where you water colo...
Garry's Mod Letters TeaserGarry's Mod Letters Icons
by Davez1557This is a letter set I created before I had the Icon editor. I made i...
Blue App Style Letter TeaserBlue App Style Letter Icons
by absterninja560These icons are designed to look like the app icons for the iPod Touc...
Nicknames TeaserNicknames Cursors
by Lost Girl150Place a comment after seeing the sample nicknames I provided. State y...
ABC Unown TeaserABC Unown Icons
by Matias02111012ABC pokemons unowns Matías 0211 [[icon:7001]][[icon:6988]][[icon:700...
Friends TeaserFriends Cursors
by emeraldhardison417I HAVE NO FRIENDS.
Internet Explorer Letters TeaserInternet Explorer Letters Icons
by Virum641487rsrc/madeinfrance.png Letters, figures and some other icons with a Wi...
Mine Only TeaserMine Only Cursors
by Lilia401I ♥ Taro
Wierd TeaserWierd Cursors
by Mosher68Well its like my 4th or 5th set its complete and stuff no need for ba...
alphabet Teaseralphabet Cursors
by Jason562enjoy my lovly alphabet cursors. :~) M-extra is my favorite, but O-ex...
Shadow Alphabet TeaserShadow Alphabet Cursors
by Jason536these are letters consisting of only the shadow as if you drew a lett...
Diggley Alphabet TeaserDiggley Alphabet Cursors
by Jason712"Diggley" is a combination of "Dot" and "Squiggley" which make the ma...
A TeaserA Cursors
by Ari Hanan241For a human that his name start with the letter "A".
The Blue Pencil TeaserThe Blue Pencil Cursors
by Ludwig1906Here are all my blue pencils together. They all are 32bit, most of th...
Thanks TeaserThanks Icons
by cdl173Say "Thanks!" in a stylish way with text icons. Several languages are...
Text Me TeaserText Me Icons
by cdl455Various expressions in metallic and matte finishes with plenty of hig...
Crocs TeaserCrocs Cursors
by Dakantra754A full set of Crocs-inspired cursors. I made the whole set in about o...
Minimalistic Glass TeaserMinimalistic Glass Cursors
by SimpleGen991Full set with cute non-chamative cursors.
Big Arrows and Triangles TeaserBig Arrows and Triangles Cursors
by StickyChannel92190Usᴇᴅ Cᴜʀsᴏʀ Eᴅɪᴛᴏʀ. Usᴇᴅ ʙɪɢ ᴛʀɪᴀɴɢ...
Undertale Sans TeaserUndertale Sans Cursors
by Someone Else1583Undertale Sans cursors, now with 100% more bones, blue attacks, and C...
Bernds Version 2 TeaserBernds Version 2 Cursors
by Bernd_L285Lime / light green is by far my favourite colour. This set is useful,...
OMG! TeaserOMG! Icons
by cdl159OMGosh! Someone had to do it so I did! This set of colorful three dim...
Pac-Man Collection TeaserPac-Man Collection Cursors
by TheKalebFish189
Alphabet XXL Green TeaserAlphabet XXL Green Cursors
by RIDDLER82Most of my cursors contains cursors for Windows operating systems. Th...
Spring Fever TeaserSpring Fever Cursors
by adrenochromedream316a feverish mix of flashy & fun cursors
Superheroes TeaserSuperheroes Cursors
by adrenochromedream1939Superheroes mainly plus some villains.
More Colors Text Select Pack TeaserMore Colors Text Select Pack Cursors
by Paradise Murderer38ENGLISH: Made by me with RealWorld Cursor Editor, this pack is for th...
Fun & Games TeaserFun & Games Cursors
by adrenochromedream1142a ginormous mix of fun cursors
Xmas TeaserXmas Cursors
by adrenochromedream2112a huge lot of Xmas related cursors
5×7 Dot Matrix Character Teaser5×7 Dot Matrix Character Icons
by StickyChannel9288These are like what you see on a calculator or any other device with ...
That's So Random TeaserThat's So Random Cursors
by adrenochromedream1886a robust lot of random cursors
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