Managing Custom Icons

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Managing Custom Icons

RealWorld Designer applications are extensible and since menus, toolbars and other user interface elements are customizable and use icons, there must be a way for users to add their own icons and later use them with customized commands.

Custom icons can be registered with the application in the Manage Custom Icons dialog. This dialog is activated by the menu item Tools->Custom icons...

rsrc/custom-icons.jpg image

To add new custom icons, drag them from your file manager and drop them on this dialog. To remove custom icons, select them and click Remove button. The size switcher by the right side only controls the preview size in this dialog. Once the icons are added in this dialog, they can be used in the user interface of the application, for example in toolbars using the layout configuration window or the tool presets window.

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user icon Say on registered user on August 11th 2012

I at first create the icon and use the app. Web Shortcut. ....
It gains success i save it as .ico file
the computer accepts these icons but the Custom Icon Feature is not taking those

Can you explain WHY?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????

user icon Say on registered user on August 11th 2012

Ohh I have managed to do so thank you

user icon Anonymous on May 10th 2022


user icon Anonymous
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